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  • 能保護您網域的免費SSL憑證
  • Gandi 的 LiveDNS 名稱伺服器支援 Anycast + DNSSEC
  • 10,000 個別名與轉址位址

Why .ski?

A .ski domain name for a site dedicated to the slopes

The .ski domain ending is dedicated to the promotion of winter sports and Alpine tourism. Buying a .ski domain name is especially suited to professionals like:

  • Winter sports resorts
  • Ski schools
  • Specialty shops
  • Sports events or competitions
  • Sports clubs

Gain more visibility with a .ski domain name

The .ski domain ending automatically evokes the image of mountains and winter sports in the minds of internet users. Easy to identify and to remember, the word "ski" is also a very popular search term. By choosing a .ski domain name, you'll have a real asset for boosting your search engine ranking, allowing you to gain greater visibility online.

A .ski domain name is easy to register

Winter sports professionals and amateurs: anyone can register a .ski domain name without any particular conditions or restrictions. You can register a .ski domain name for a period of between 1 and 10 years. These domains are attributed on a "first come, first served" basis. If you already own a .ski domain name, you can transfer it to Gandi and the registration period will be extended by one year.

.ski domain prices



per year
  • From 1 to 10 years



  • 续用域名的最小期间



per year
  • From 1 to 9 years
  • Late renewal (domain suspended): 45 days after the domain's expiration date - $100.49
Pricing Options Prices for 新加坡, taxes excluded, in SGD (SGD)

Other prices and periods


30 days after the late renewal period


the first year, then renewal at normal price

Owner Change



Period before release

Pending Delete

5 days

after the restoration period

Rules and particularities of .ski domain names



Related Contract

View the .ski contract

由 Gandi.net 管理的 .SKI 域名

委任: Gandi 自 2013 年 11 月起獲得 Starting Dot 委任。


Assigning: .SKI domain names are open to anyone
Syntax: from 1 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first, third and fourth, and last place)
IDN (accented domain names): yes
Registration period: 1 to 10 years
Second-level extensions: no


續約: 域名將於到期時被停用,但您仍可於到期日起 45 天內進行續約。
爭議處理機制: 統一快速暫停系統 (URS)統一域名爭議解決政策 (UDRP)
移轉 (變更域名註冊商): 移轉請求需於新的域名註冊商的網站上提出。請確認您有該域名的授權認證碼 (請向原域名註冊商索取)並確認該域名非處於『禁止移轉 (TransferProhibited)』狀態、不會於短期內過期,且已註冊 60 天以上,或過去 60 天內未進行移轉。您需透過電子郵件確認域名移轉請求,該域名的到期日於移轉完成後將展期 1 年。所有權變更: 所有權變更程序可於 Gandi 網站上進行,目前的程序是寄送確認電子郵件給域名的原任及新任域名所有權人雙方進行確認。該域名的到期日於所有權變更完成後並不會改變。
刪除程序: 隔離期 30 天,請參閱 表格

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