.ngo 域名價格



.ngo is a generic extension intended for use by Non Governmental Organizations


  • 能保護您網域的免費SSL憑證
  • Gandi 的 LiveDNS 名稱伺服器支援 Anycast + DNSSEC
  • 10,000 個別名與轉址位址

.ngo 網域名稱的價格



  • 110



  • 續用域名的最小期間
  • 域名註冊後至少 60 天



  • 19
  • 最後續約時間 (已暫停域名):網域名稱到期後 45 天內 — $1,049.00
價格選項 適用臺灣地區的價格 (稅:);幣別:$ (TWD)



最後續約日的 30 天後








5 天


.ngo 網域名稱的規則與細節


July, 2014

Gandi.net之下的 .NGO 域名

Accreditation: Gandi has been accredited for .ngo since January 2015.


Assigning: .ngo domain names are open to NGOs that meet all the following criteria:
1. Focused on acting in the public interest. Whether in support of education or health, the environment or human rights, members of the .ngo community work for the good of humankind and/or the preservation of the planet and do not promote discrimination or bigotry.

2. Non-profit focused entities. While many NGOs engage in commercial activities or generate revenue in support of their missions, members of the .ngo community do not recognize profits or retain earnings.

3. Limited government influence. Recognizing that many NGOs have important interactions with government, not least for reasons of funding (which may include receipt of some government funding in support of their programs), members of the .ngo community decide their own policies, direct their own activities and are independent of direct government or political control..

4. Independent actors. Members of the .ngo community should not be political parties nor should be a part of any government. Participation in the work of a NGO is voluntary..

5. Active Organizations. Members of the .ngo community are actively pursuing their missions on a regular basis.

6. Structured. Members of the .ngo community, whether large or small, operate in a structured manner (e.g., under bylaws, codes of conduct, organizational standards, or other governance structures.).

7. Lawful. Members of the .ngo community act with integrity within the bounds of law.
The Registry may verify your NGO status at any time and request the provision of supporting documents.
The Registry has determined that organizations formed under the laws of China do not meet all these criteria. Accordingly, Chinese organizations are not eligible to the registration of a .NGO and any registration will be subject to deletion by the Registry.
Name Selection: the domain name must correspond to : the name of (entire or portion of) the NGO, its “doing business as” name, an acronym representing the NGO, a name that recognizes or generally describes the NGO, or a name related to the mission or activities of the NGO. Syntax: from 2 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place and third and fourth place).

IDN (accented domain names): Yes.

Registration period: 1 to 10 years.

Second-level extensions: No.


Bundling offer: From May 31th, 2022, Registration of a .ong doesn't include the registration of the corresponding .ngo domain name. This means that by registering a .ONG domain name, you no longer obtain the corresponding .ngo domain name (and vice-versa).

Renewal: Domains are deactivated upon expiration. It is possible to renew up to 45 days following the expiration date.

Disputes: URS, UDRP and RDRP.

Transfer (change of Registrar): The process is started on the new registrar's interface with an auth code. Ensure that your domain does not have a TransferProhibited status, is older than 60 days and has not been transferred in the last 60 days. The effective transfer depends on your validation (by email) and renews the domain name for one year.

Change of Ownership: Available on our interface, the current procedure consists in email confirmation by both former and new domain name owner. The expiration date is unchanged.

Deletion process: Quarantine of 30 days, see this table.

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