Why and how should you renew your domain name at Gandi?

Each domain name you own has to be renewed before its expiration date in order to guarantee that it keeps working as intended. Gandi provides you with everything you need to renew your domain names in the simplest way possible to make sure your websites and online services don’t experience even a second of downtime. Note that renewing a domain name is different from purchasing it; you can't reliably buy your domain name again after it expires.

Why should I renew my domain name?

Whenever you acquire a new domain name, it comes with an expiration date, usually a year after the date of purchase. Once a domain’s expiration date is reached, you lose ownership of it and it can now be purchased again by anyone who wishes to. This is why renewal should be done before a domain name’s expiration date, which pushes that date back yet another year and guarantees that it cannot be taken away from you.

Renewing your domain name is usually a simple process, yet forgetting to renew can result in catastrophic consequences. If an established business, whose domain name benefits from excellent referencing on search engines, were to fail to renew their domain, they could have massive, unrecoverable financial losses. Most registrars, including Gandi, thankfully allow you to choose to renew your domain names automatically.

How can I renew my domain name at Gandi?

You can renew your domain via Gandi's control panel. On your control panel, you can see a list of all your domain names with details displayed, including which domains are about to expire.

In order to make the renewal process simpler, and to avoid the risk of you forgetting to manually renew your domain names, Gandi allows you to set up automatic renewal. By enabling automatic renewal from the control panel for each of your domain names, you’re guaranteeing that they will be renewed prior to expiration as long as you have properly set up a payment option or have enough funds in your Gandi prepaid account.

You are only able to set up automatic renewal at Gandi for the domain names purchased on our platform. If you are using one of our services, such as a Simple Hosting instance, with a domain you purchased from another provider, you will need to renew your domain with that provider. When you renew, you will not need to do anything with your DNS redirections, since the renewal process does not reset them. As long you ensure your domains are renewed on time, your services at Gandi will not be affected.

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