Domain renewal

Why and how should you renew your domain name at Gandi?

Each and every domain name has an expiration date and it's important that you renew your domain name before it reaches this expiration date in order to guarantee that it keeps working as intended. Gandi provides you with everything you need to renew your domain name or domain names in the simplest way possible to make sure your websites and online services don’t experience even a second of downtime. Note that domain renewal is not the same as domain registration; you can't reliably buy your domain again after it expires.

Domain renewal at Gandi

Why should I renew my domain name?

Whenever you acquire a new domain, it comes with an expiration date, usually a year after the date of purchase, before which you should be sure to renew your domain name. Once a domain’s expiration date is reached, if you don't submit a domain renewal on time, you lose ownership of it and it can then be purchased again by anyone who wants to. This is why you should renew your domain name before its expiration date. Domain renewal extends the expiration date back yet another year and guarantees that your domain cannot be taken out from under you.

Domain renewal is usually a very simple process, yet forgetting to renew your domain name can result in catastrophic consequences. If an established business, whose domain benefits from great search engine rankings, were to forget their domain renewal, they could end up incurring massive, unrecoverable financial losses. Thankfully, most registrars, including Gandi, allow you to renew domain names using an automatic domain renewal service.

How can I renew my domain name at Gandi?

You can renew your domain name using Gandi's control panel. On your control panel, you can see a list of all your domain names with details displayed, including which domains are about to expire and therefore need domain renewal.

In order to simplify the domain renewal process, and avoid any risk that you might forget to manually renew your domain name, Gandi lets you to set up automatic domain renewal. By enabling automatic domain renewal from your control panel for each of your domain names, you’re guaranteeing that you will renew your domain name or domain names before they expire—as long as you have properly set up a payment option or have enough funds in your Gandi prepaid account to complete the domain renewal order.

You are only able to set up automatic domain renewal at Gandi for domain names purchased on our platform. If you are using one of our services, like Simple Hosting, with a domain you purchased from another provider, you will need to renew your domain name with that provider. When you renew your domain name, you will not need to make any adjustments to your DNS configuration. The domain renewal process does not affect them. So long as you ensure you renew your domain name on time, your services at Gandi will not be impacted by the domain expiration and domain renewal process.

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