Cloud Servers

The most flexible Cloud on the market. With the flexibility of our Cloud servers, you can build a hosting infrastructure that adapts to your needs.

Choose a predefined profile for your server



€4.09 /month excl. tax
  • 1 CPU / 256 MB RAM
  • 5GB (extendable)
  • 1 IPv6 included


€13.13 /month excl. tax
  • 1 CPU / 1 GB RAM
  • 20GB (extendable)
  • 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 included


€22.81 /month excl. tax
  • 2 CPU / 2 GB RAM
  • 50GB (extendable)
  • 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 included

Kick Ass

€198.09 /month excl. tax
  • 16 CPU / 24 GB RAM
  • 1TB (extendable)
  • 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 included
Pricing Options Prices for France, taxes excluded, in € (EUR)

Transparency and Flexibility!

Cloud servers have been an integral part of Gandi's offer since 2008. We strongly believe in the benefits of the flexibility of virtual servers based on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), which lets us provide you with a service that is very flexible in terms of both the configuration of your servers and their resource consumption.

At Gandi, your server is delivered in less than 2 minutes. You can then change its configuration (RAM/CPU) as needed, and add or remove resources (private network, additional IPv4/IPv6, or additional disks).

Finally, the notion of transparency is one of Gandi's core values. It guides us in the conception of Cloud solutions that are easy to understand, both in usage and billing.

Which one is for me ?

Cloud servers for every uses

Individuals, Sysadmin, Dev

Test server

Do you need a server for testing, or for a limited duration?

  • Hourly billing, no commitment
  • Delivery in 2 minutes
  • Many configuration possibilities

Configure a server as needed, to perform tests or for a project, and free it up it once you're done.

I need a XS-v6 server

Web agency / small business

All-purpose Server

Use a server to host a complete online store.

  • Complete flexibility to meet the demands of seasonal peaks in visitors
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99.95% monthly uptime

Flexible, high-quality server to meet your needs.

I need a Medium server



You need to put in place a multi-server infrastructure. Use a Gandi private network to create a resilient multitier infrastructure.

  • Free private networks to mount a secure multitier infrastructure
  • CPU and RAM resources available on demand
  • Move IPs and disks from one server to another

You can build resilient infrastructures with us.

I need a Kick Ass server

Included with all Gandi Cloud Servers

  • Total root access and delivery in 2 minutes

    Create new servers in no time at all on our Cloud platform. Have full control over your server with total root access.

  • Secure and expandable storage

    You can enlarge a disk up to 2TB on the fly and attach up to 8 disks per server. Additionally, our SAN disk infrastructure guarantees rapid operations and a high level of redundancy.

  • Incoming/Outgoing traffic included

    You are not billed for traffic (incoming or outgoing). Incoming traffic is unlimited, and up to 3TB for outgoing is included, after which we may limit the connection.

  • Quality: 99.95% uptime and 24/6 customer support

    We are all about providing you with a high-quality service. Our monthly target uptime is 99.95%. Our customer support is freely accessible 24/6 for critical incidents.

  • Automatic and manual snapshots

    Activate snapshots to save images of your disks, from which you can restore a previous version if necessary. 3 automatic snapshot profiles are possible, and manual snapshots can be performed on the fly, such as when performing an update. Please note that snapshots are not a replacement of a backup solution and policy.

  • Free private networks

    If you have several servers at the same datacenter, you can connect them within a private network in order to maximize performance and security. Private networks are totally free.

  • Flexible & Clear billing

    The strength of Gandi's cloud offer resides in the high degree of flexibility both in the configuration and billing of your servers. No commitment, no surprises, you only pay for what you consume.

  • Popular Linux distributions and FreeBSD

    Choose among recent stable version of Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS or even FreeBSD. You can also manually install any distribution you want with ease.

  • IPv4 / IPv6

    You can attach up to 4 public IP addresses to a server, and move them to another server within the same datacenter. IPv4 are billed as an option, and IPv6 are free.

Why use cloud hosting?

Cloud server

Virtual hosting, or cloud server hosting, is a very flexible and affordable option to host websites and web applications. Cloud hosting allows you to store your data on a remote server instead of using your own hardware such as a hard drive or a physical web server in your possession. Virtual hosting has many advantages, including the ability to adjust the cloud server’s resources (such as storage space) to your current needs.

What is a cloud server?

The word “cloud” in the context of online technologies is often used to refer to ways of storing your files online for them to be accessible from anywhere. Once on the cloud, your files may be accessed from any device that’s connected to the internet by using a username and a password. This allows you to access your files from anywhere and at any time, without ever having to worry about running out of storage space or having to manage your own file servers.

Web hosting on a cloud server has similar advantages, especially when it comes to storage space. One of the main perks that come with cloud hosting is an instance’s capacity to dynamically adapt to your website’s fluctuating needs in terms of resources. Your storage space may be increased in just a few minutes to fulfill your website’s new temporary and permanent needs.

What are the advantages of using a cloud server web hosting solution?

Virtual hosting is designed to be highly flexible and adapt to your online projects in order to match their needs in terms of technology and bandwidth, while also being easier to manage than a physical server. Here are its main attributes:

  • Limitless resources and storage space;
  • Instant setup;
  • Ease of use;
  • No long-term contracts;
  • You only pay for the resources you use;
  • Custom installation and configuration of the instance’s software;
  • The guarantee of a stable and secure server;
  • Very cost-efficient;
  • Root access;
  • Flexibility.

Thus, a cloud server is an interesting product for those who require a web hosting option which can adapt to their projects’ evolving needs.

How to choose a cloud server?

The first step in setting up your new server is selecting its size. For example, let’s say you’re planning on having your users upload their own files onto your cloud server. You’re then probably going to need several hundreds of GB of storage space. Remember that this is just a starting point for your server, which can be upgraded later if needed.

Gandi allows you to pick your cloud server’s geographical location. You will then choose which operating system you wish to use, among the stable versions of Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS or FreeBSD, according to which applications and functionalities you need for your projects. All there is left to do is to name your server and set a password for your administrator account, after which you will have full root access and will be able to dive into your server’s advanced configuration options.

Your new cloud server can be deployed minutes after completing the sign-up process, as it’s deployed very quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Though you are asked to choose a predefined profile at creation, you are free to personalize it once it has been delivered. You can increase its performance, or scale it back if you overestimated your needs.

You can:

  • Increase or decrease the number of CPU cores
  • Increase or decrease the amount of RAM
  • Add additional volumes (disks) to your servers
  • Increase the size of a specific volume (it is not possible, however, to reduce the size of a volume. For this, you must create a smaller one and copy the data to it).
  • Add one or more additional public IP addresses (IPv4/v6 or IPv6 only). You can attach up to 4 IPs to a server.

A Cloud server is a complete virtual machine, whereas a Simple Hosting instance is based on a Linux container. It is your server to which you have root access and one on which you may (and must) configure to meet your needs.

Gandi's cloud infrastructure has replication mechanisms in place to guarantee a high level of protection for your data. Note, however, that this does not substitute for periodic and remote backups, which are your responsibility. Snapshots allow you to restore a disk and its data to a previous state, as some protection against accidental actions that cause a loss of data. We recommend that you activate Snapshots on your server's disks.

One of the benefits of an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution is automatic resource delivery. No matter when you order a Gandi cloud server, the delivery starts instantly, automatically, and without any need of human intervention. The configuration and system boot takes between 1 and 2 minutes, after which you will receive an email informing you when your new server is available.

Yes, during the creation process you can choose which datacenter will house your server. We have 4 datacenters: 3 in France, and 1 in Luxembourg. There is no difference in price between the different locations, though certain options (private networks) and actions (moving an IP address between servers) requires that your servers be located at the same datacenter. We do not manage the transfer of services between datacenters, though you are free to migrate your data if needed.

Both are virtual machines, however when we talk about VPS servers it generally means the configuration is frozen and cannot be modified once the server has been created. On the contrary, with Gandi Cloud Servers you are free to change the configuration whenever you want. You can modify CPU/RAM configuration or add/remove disks and IPs just for hours or days to answer your needs.

Yes, on a cloud server your are admin, you can install any CMS you want: Wordpress, Drupal if you wish to build a complete website, or a CMS specialized in e-commerce like PrestaShop or Magento. However you will need to deploy and configure all the required tools to host your CMS, like your MySQL database and Apache/Nginx Service, and also generate and install your SSL/TLS Certificate by yourself. You will also have to manually enter your DNS record in order to redirect your domain name on your website.

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