Our products on your platform

Our powerful API enables full integration and automation of both your customers' purchasing experience and your own.

Increase your revenue

Reseller price rates are based on the volume of purchases made, and you control your profit margin.

Enjoy dedicated tools

Our reseller offer includes personalized Whois, flexible billing options, dedicated priority phone support, and much more.

Become a Gandi Reseller

Offer our services to your customers as a part of your business

Reseller accounts are available on our classic website

Gandi's website is in the process of being improved, but unfortunately our reseller offer is not yet available on the new version.

Existing Gandi customers, please contact our support team who will be happy to help you access this feature with your existing account.

If you are new to Gandi, and are interested in benefiting from our philosophy and services, you can still go to our classic website to benefit from this offer.

Once the new Gandi interface is ready, everyone will be able to seamlessly switch their account to it.

See our Reseller offer

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