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An interface that centers around you and your needs

Manage your entire customer portfolio and product range from a single interface. We developed its simple and scalable design to best meet the specific needs of our resellers.

Product management: Improve your productivity by combining individualized control with bulk editing

Access each domain name from our interface for precision management while still benefitting from the advantages of bulk domain name administration: duplicate configurations and use filters and tags to complete actions in batches — There are plenty of opportunities to increase efficiency.

Customer management: Efficiently manage your list of customers and their product portfolios.

Within your dedicated interface, each customer is associated with their list of products. Precision management is available for a single organization, making billing easy.

Rights management: Secure and promote teamwork thanks to collaborative management.

Personalize your associates' access rights with our rights delegation system. Everyone can contribute within the scope of their work, for collaborative, controlled, and secure product management. And to provide greater autonomy, you can even assign specific rights management profiles to your customers.

Custom billing: A wide range of payment options to meet your specific needs.

Monthly invoicing, a prepaid account, various payment methods (credit card, check, wire transfer ...), payment in your local currency (30 currencies available), and additional, deferred payment options (30, 45 days)... you have a wide selection of choices available to meet your specific needs.

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A comprehensive API for implementation under your own brand

Maximize customer engagement with a complete service package under your own brand name.

Our API lets you completely and transparently integrate with Gandi's services, fully customized, on your own platform.

Supplement your product catalogue so that you can offer a complete ecosystem under your own brand name and guarantee your customers' loyalty:

Do you offer hosting solutions?

Give your customers the opportunity to link to a domain name in a single order.

Are you in charge of managing your customers' products?

Quickly place orders essential to the life of a domain name: creation, renewal, transfer, contact creation, DNS and name server management... 

Are your customers independent?

Invite them to configure their domain names directly from your website.

Increased revenue thanks to a complete service package

Complete your domain name resale business with our additional products and services: email mailboxes, SSL certificates, and hosting. Your customers will enjoy a full service package and you'll benefit from lower rates the higher your sales volume.

Domain names

Each domain name includes unlimited aliases and email forwarding, a free SSL certificate for the first year, and our LiveDNS DNS service (Anycast and DNSSEC).

SSL Certificates

Included with the purchase of a domain name, Gandi SSL certificates can be resold as additional products to enhance your product offering and maximize your revenue.


Designed to meet your customers' needs, our Mail offering is flexible with no commitment. Add an email mailbox on the domain name you want, when you want it.

Web hosting

Ideal for hosting your customers' websites, you can administer our hosting solutions from the same interface for easy management of all of your products.

Marketplace Services

Add-on services are available for free for each domain name so that you can provide a range of additional features to your customers (blog creation tools, social media forwarding, cloud solutions...)

Dedicated customer support

All our resellers enjoy free, preferential access to our customer support services, available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with priority handling of requests via:


A specific email address where dedicated experts reply to your questions


A phone support line exclusively for resellers


An online support chat available on our website

Account Manager

A dedicated account manager available on request

A reseller account is free and without commitment

Gandi has been the international specialist in domain names since 2000

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    offices in San Francisco, Paris, Luxembourg, Taipei

  • 150

    team members

  • 3.4

    billion emails per year

  • 2.5

    million domain names managed

  • 350000

    customers in 190 countries

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