A mail service you can tailor to your needs

2 mailboxes with 3GB each are included with your domain, add new ones in one click.

Professional management of your email mailboxes

Server-side rules and filters, real-time synchronization, anti-spam, etc.

Additional tools for you to use

Address book, calendar, out-of-office reply, available in desktop and mobile versions.

Our email hosting solutions - Gandi

We manage over 650,000 email addresses, why not yours?

  • 2 mailboxes included with each domain

    When you buy a domain or transfer one to Gandi, you get 2 free mailboxes!

  • Unlimited aliases and forwarding addresses

    You can create as many email aliases or forwarding addresses as you want, for free.

  • Easy to access

    Our webmail is accessible from any desktop computer or mobile device,and includes shared calendars, to-do lists, and address books. Of course, you can also use your favourite email and calendar applications as well.

  • One-click management

    Our email service is flexible and without commitment: you can add and delete mailboxes in one click.

  • Advanced rules and filters

    We offer server-side management rules (also known as Sieve rules) that let you filter, sort, and perform all sorts of actions on emails you receive directly on our servers, before the emails are downloaded to your email application.