How can I transfer my domain name to Gandi?

There are lots of reasons to transfer your domain to Gandi. And, to make the transfer process as smooth as possible, we have done everything we can to make transferring simple and intuitive, while also fully secure. If you're ready to transfer, there are a few things you need to do first to get ready.

Why should I transfer my domain name to Gandi?

When you transfer your domain name to Gandi, you will benefit from our prices, as well as every one of the perks that come with having a domain name registered with us. If you’re also subscribed to our Simple Hosting solution, having your domain name at Gandi will make setting up your instance and automatically renewing your domain every year a lot simpler.

After you transfer your domain name to Gandi, you will automatically gain access to our free email, which includes two email addresses with 3GB of storage each, and up to 1000 aliases. With an email address at your domain name, such as "," you will be able to help your customers associate you with your website.

Additionally, at Gandi, any new purchase or transfer of a domain name comes with a Standard SSL certificate, free for one year. With an SSL certificate, you will get to have an encrypted connection to your server, an “https” prefix for your domain name, and the lock icon will appear next to the address bar in all modern web browsers. All of this helps prove your website’s trustworthiness to your users.

What are the prerequisites to a successful domain name transfer to Gandi?

While transferring your domain name to Gandi is a simple and intuitive process, you must be aware of a few conditions your domain name needs to fulfill in order to be eligible for a transfer.

Your domain name currently be valid, and its expiration date has to be far enough into the future for your domain name to remain valid throughout the transfer process. An expired domain name, or one that’s about to expire during its transfer to Gandi is thus not eligible. Your domain name must have gone through proper registration, and display the proper contact information in the WHOIS. You should make sure those are correct by looking up your domain name in a WHOIS search engine. The email address associated to your domain name is the one we will contact when you request a transfer, so please make sure it’s properly set up.

Finally, your domain name’s anti-transfer protection must be disabled at the provider with whom it’s currently registered (if applicable to the extension). This protection prevents an unauthorized person from attempting to steal your domain name, but it also prevents legitimate transfer requests from going through.

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