GandiCloud Block Storage

Reliable and expandable storage volumes for your servers.

The block storage volumes allow to create and attach additional volumes to your server, and can be extended up to 1 TB.
0,06€ VAT excl / GB / Month

Block storage up to 1TB per volume

It is common for an application's storage requirements to increase over time.
For this, the storage possibilities on GandiCloud Block Storage are highly flexible:

  • You can choose to extend the size of an existing volume,
  • or to add new volumes,
  • up to 1TB per volume,
  • and at the price of 0.06€/GB/Month!

Reliable and flexible block storage

  • Usage-based billing

    GandiCloud volumes are billed post-payment, hourly and per GB, according to the basic monthly price: €0.06 excl. VAT / GB / Month.

  • Additional volumes are detachable

    Easily move your additional volumes from one server to another by detaching and reattaching them without constraint.

  • Management via UI or OpenStack CLI

    Use your methods and tools to manage your storage resources; directly from the web interface, in command line (CLI) or with infra-as-code tools (eg Terraform).

  • Up to 1TB per volume

    Each GandiCloud Volume Block can be extended up to 1TB. However, it is not possible to reduce the size of a volume.

  • ZFS-based storage

    Our storage infrastructure is based on ZFS to guarantee a good level of replication and performance.

  • Snapshots

    For each volume, it is possible to take manual snapshots, or activate the automatic snapshots option to keep previous versions of your data.

Configure your volumes according to your needs

UI. With our user interface

UI. With our user interface

With our interface, you can perform all common operations (create a volume, attach it to a server, extend it, delete it, etc.) very simply in a few seconds.

Access Gandi's interface

CLI. With the command line

CLI. With the command line

If you are used to using a CLI (Command Line Interface), good news! All GandiCloud features and even other advanced actions are available directly with the OpenStack CLI. Quickly create one or more volumes and manage them in CLI.

Access the GandiCloud CLI documentation
# Create a 25 GB volume
openstack volume create --size 25 <volume_name>
# Show list of volumes 
openstack volume list
# Attach a volume to a server
openstack server add volume <server_id> <volume_id>

API. With Infra-as-code tools

API. With Infra-as-code tools

Thanks to the OpenStack public API, you can use your infrastructure management tools for your GandiCloud resources.
For example, if you use Terraform to drive your infrastructure, you can simply create a new volume type resource.

See more about Terraform at Gandi
// creating a 25GB volume
resource "openstack_blockstorage_volume_v3" "volume_1" {
  name        = "volume_1"
  size        = 25

Harness the flexibility of GandiCloud block storage

Take advantage of all the flexibility offered by block storage volumes to increase the capacity of your GandiCloud servers!

Activate your access and create your first server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard policy allows attaching up to 8 volumes per server. It is possible to go beyond this limit on request.

No, it is not necessary to shut down your server to add a volume to it. On the other hand, it will probably be necessary (depending on your OS) to mount the volume for it to be fully usable. See the documentation for more details.

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