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Protect and assist

Our experts master both the technical and legal aspects of domain names, and so are able to assist you in the management and protection of your intellectual property assets on the internet. Portfolio audit, domain name transfer assistance, third-party purchases... our teams are here to offer you advice and help in the management of each step of your global online brand protection strategy.

  • Leverage from the technical and legal know-how of your account manager: monitoring, management, and follow-up of your operations
  • Multilingual team providing support around the clock, around the world
  • Registration of over 750 top level domain names possible, including the most restrictive
  • Assistance in the transfer your domain name portfolio
  • Let us audit your domain name portfolio and provide you with security recommendations that are within your budget and that provide you with your desired level of protection
  • Sunrise period registrations when new gTLDs are released, thanks to Gandi's TMCH accreditation
  • Recovery of domain names that were previously taken or squatted
  • Incognito purchase of domain names where you do not wish to identify yourself as the buyer
  • Defensive registrations, including variations that look similar in other alphabets (homoglyphs)

Monitor and defend

Our tools constantly monitor the internet, in order to detect the use of your brands among domain names and subdomains. Thanks to our TMCH accreditation and the various blocking programs (such as DPML), you benefit from a range of related defensive actions that we can take for you.

  • Sunrise period registrations when new gTLDs are released, thanks to Gandi's TMCH accreditation
  • Automatic notification in the event that a third party registers a domain that is identical to your brand, thanks to Gandi's TMCH accreditation
  • Thanks to our TMCH accreditation, we can notify you when a third-party attempts to register a domain name that corresponds to one of your brands.
  • Daily monitoring of domains and subdomains (a large range of TLDs including ccTLDs, subdomains, typographic and homoglyph variations, IDNs, etc.) for the presence of your brands and protected trade names - advanced monitoring strategy
  • Audit of registered domains that match or include your brand, whether or not they belong to you.
  • Dispute procedures (cease and desist letters, UDRP, URS, etc.) performed in conjunction with our network of specialists (lawyers and intellectual property experts)


With 20 years of experience, our resilient infrastructure guarantees you security and reliability. By registering domain names with Gandi, you benefit from a reliable and redundant high-quality DNS infrastructure. Our SLA offer promises you an optimal level of service for your most critical resources.

  • Robust and reliable DNS infrastructure
  • Very reliable DNS infrastructure with the addition of a redundant third-party operator for your critical domain names, with good SLAs that are backed up with penalties if breached.
  • Securing your DNS zones by DNSSEC
  • Securing access to your account with two-factor authentication, which allows blocking fraudulent access if your password has been compromised.
  • Reinforced security by restricting access to your account to only whitelisted IPs
  • Use of individual access accounts that are personalized for each user so that they can have different sets of permissions over the domains:
  • Locking at the registrar level (ex. transfer protection)
  • Locking at the registry level on all operations on the domain name where supported (registry lock)
  • Maintenance and incident reports available in real time and online
  • Ability of your technical teams to automate and personalize the management of your domain portfolio and its related DNS, thanks to the use of our REST API
  • DNS zone version history
  • Simplified web forwarding personalization (HTTP/HTTPS)

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Why Gandi Corporate Services?


  • Same low domain name prices
  • A la carte service subscriptions: choice of payment terms and type of invoicing
  • Significant cost reduction


  • A robust and secure infrastructure for over 20 years
  • A team of dedicated experts
  • Detailed assistance during domain transfers


  • A dedicated account manager
  • Multilingual service available 24/7
  • Anticipation of your needs

Since 2000, Gandi has been the international specialist in domain names.

  • 4

    offices in San Francisco, Paris, Luxembourg, Taipei

  • 150

    team members

  • 3.4

    billion emails per year

  • 2.5

    million domain names managed

  • 500

    Corporate customers in 190 countries

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