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From VPS cloud server to Cloud hosting infrastructure

Deploy an application

Do you want to deploy a cloud hosting application?

GandiCloud VPS cloud hosting provides you with all the tools needed to rapidly deploy your application on a cheap VPS:

  • Automatic delivery in 2 minutes
  • 4 configurations available depending on the power you need
  • A public API compatible with Terraform, Ansible, and Cloud-init to automate your deployments
  • Starting at €5.00 excl. tax
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Develop an online service

Are you developing an online service?

If you are developing and offering customers an online application (SaaS); go with Gandi's cloud hosting servers. We provide:

  • Flexibility — adapt the power of your best vps hosting server as needed
  • Storage — up to 1 TB per volume
  • Billing depending on usage with no commitment
  • Cloud VPS starting at €5.00 excl. tax
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Deploy a Cloud hosting infrastructure project

Do you have a Cloud hosting infrastructure project?

If you want a cheap vps hosting infrastructure to deploy for a customer, we provide:

  • A public API compatible with infra-as-code tools (Terraform, Ansible, etc.)
  • 4 adaptable cloud VPS configurations
  • A best vps hosting datacenter located in France
  • Starting at €5.00 excl. tax
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Quick start

Get started quickly

Once your account is activated, creating a cloud VPS is simple, and deploying it only takes 2 minutes.

Your cloud VPS will be delivered with the latest versions of the OS you select (Ubuntu, Debian, or Arch Linux), and connection is via SSH key for maximum security.

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Best cloud hosting flexibility

The CPU/RAM configuration of a cloud VPS can be modified at any time in order to adapt to your needs.

The storage volumes on your cloud VPS are also expandable up to 1 TB, and several volumes can be attached to a single cloud VPS.

Finally, post-payment billing allows for the deployment of cloud hosting servers for only a couple hours, in order to meet occasional needs or peaks in load.

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Transparent pricing

Clear and predictable cloud hosting prices

All available cloud hosting resources have a set price per hour. Your monthly cost is easy to calculate and so you can control your cloud hosting prices.

Billing by the hour gives you flexibility, though if your needs are stable, the price will be the same every month.

External bandwidth is not billed, so there are no hidden costs.

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Here are 3 ways to control your cloud hosting resources, depending on your preference, and your usual way of working — alone, or as a team.

UI. With our user interface

UI: With our user interface

The GandiCloud user interface is designed to save you time in your daily operations. Creating cloud hosting resources, monitoring consumption, managing SSH keys, etc.

Our cloud VPS management is accessible to all.

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CLI. With a command line

CLI. With a command line

The command line interface (CLI) may be used to perform any action on your cloud hosting resources.

The GandiCloud cloud hosting platform enables advanced users to make use of the non-modified OpenStack CLI. Once access to the public API has been configured, you can perform any action that you want on your cloud hosting using the OpenStack CLI.

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# Create an SSH Keypair
openstack keypair create --public-key <your_public_key_file> <keypair_name>

# Create a 25 GB volume
openstack volume create --image <image_id> --size 25 <volume_name>

# Create a V-R1 GandiCloud Server
openstack server create --flavor V-R1 --volume <your_volume_id> --key-name <sshkey_name> <server_name>

# Show current GandiCloud Servers 
openstack server list

API. With infra-as-code tools

API. With infra-as-code tools

The public Openstack API is available for you to develop your own best cloud hosting infrastructure management tools, and to use the most popular infra-as-code cloud VPS and best cloud hosting management tools: Terraform, Cloud-init, Ansible, Puppet, ...

Try GandiCloud VPS cloud hosting
// creation of a GandiCloud V-R1
resource "openstack_compute_instance_v2" "gandi-server" {
  name = "My-Gandi-server"
  key_pair = "keypair_name"
  flavor_name = "V-R1"
  security_groups = ["default"]
  power_state = "active"
  network {
    name = "public"
    block_device {
    uuid = "os_image_uuid"
    source_type           = "image"
    volume_size           = 25
    boot_index            = 0
    destination_type      = "volume"
    delete_on_termination = true


  • 20 years of experience

    We know how important quality customer service is, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. For over 20 years we have been providing the best cloud hosting customer service possible to our customers.

  • Emphasis on quality

    Cloud hosting technical support is available 6d/7, with a 24h on-call emergency team, and a targeted monthly uptime of 99.95%.

  • Customer experience is central

    Your feedback has always been a source of improvements to our products and have helped us make our cloud VPS infrastructure the best cloud hosting we can. Have you found something we can improve? Email us at!

"These folks are the best.. they even help you with getting started and any quirks you might have with setting up your OWN host! They do this out of withOUT you paying for any special 'help/support'! ..."

John K. from United States, on

An Infra-as-Code platform

Thanks to the infra-as-code infrastructure, you can define, deploy and manage your cloud hosting servers with the same tools and configuration files as with your other cloud VPS providers. The GandiCloud platform offers an unmodified OpenStack public API that is natively compatible with all major infra-as-cloud tools.


Terraform lets you deploy resources from yaml configuration files and manage a cloud hosting infrastructure's state.


Ansible is the tool of choice for automatically performing a wide range of commands (playbook) on a cloud VPS without connecting to it.


Cloud-init scripts help you personalize the configuration of a cloud VPS during its initial boot, allowing you the liberty to fine-tune the configuration of the cloud hosting servers that you create.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud (or the cloud) refers to the ability to access digital services (software, servers, data storage, networking, etc.) hosted on remote servers. Users connect using a secure internet connection. This type of solution enables users to store data remotely instead of on a local harddisk or physical server. The cloud, then, enables you to streamline the physical and financial costs of your digital infrastructure. It's also notably more flexible. The storage capacity and computing power can be easily adapted according to a customer's needs. The GandiCloud VPS offers you tools to rapidly deploy your applications.

There are three types of cloud:

  • the public cloud — available on the internet
  • the private or business cloud — only available on a private network
  • the hybrid cloud — a mix of public and private clouds

Providing Cloud servers is an important part of Gandi's business since 2008. If you want several servers in the same data center, you can interconnect them using a private network to optimize performances and security. Private networks are also free.
There are 5 steps to choosing your cloud:1. Select the size of your new server2. Select the datacenter location3. Choose your version of Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or FreeBSD, depending on the applications you want to deploy4. Name your server and define a password for your account5. Start to use your new Cloud VPS
For more information, our online Cloud documentation can help!

The idea of a gaming cloud means relegating the need to insert a disk or cartridge to install or play a particular game definitively to the past. Just like Spotify for music or Netflix to video, cloud gaming enables you to play video games on different devices, without them having to be where the majority of the computing takes place.

To determine which gaming cloud to choose, consider the following factors:

- Check your geographic distance. The further a provider's servers, the more data needs to travel long distances between servers and you, causing lags between when you perform an action on your end and the corresponding action in a game. This constraint is progressively going away with the number of data centers increasing as you read these words.

- Verify your internet connection. Multiplayer games need a strong, stable internet connection, with a reliable latency

- Take stock of your equipment. To take full advantage of cloud gaming, you only need an internet connection and a screen on which to play — a computer, a console, a smart TV, a smartphone, or a tablet, to name a few options.

As far as controllers and mouses go, be careful! Certain services, like PlayStation Now or Stadia are only compatible with their own, corresponding controllers.

The three Cloud service models are IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. IaaS (or Infrastructure as a Service) provides you with your own server environment without the need to administer the physical part of the infrastructure (datacenter, climate control, electricity, server room, etc.) With IaaS, businesses benefit from technical resources on virtual machines that can be shut down, stopped, reinstalled, or configured.

PaaS (Platform as a Service) allows you to rent the use of servers and integrated tools. This configuration is extremely useful for being able to quickly have access to a development and testing environment but also to host a website without having to manage the system layers.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is the Cloud service that's most well known by the general public. It enables businesses to use, in the form of a software package, multiple applications available online, generally by subscription. Apps like Google and Office 365 are examples of SaaS. The provider handles the installation, configuration, operations, and maintenance of the environment.

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