Gandi 邮件代管服务

我们已管理超过 720,000 个电子信箱,您想加入吗?

  • 每个域名包含了 2 个电子邮件信箱
  • 个人化的信箱管理工具
  • 电脑与行动装置皆可支援很多工具


  • 可依照您的需求计价

    每个网域包含 2 个 3GB 的电子邮件信箱, 一键就可增加

  • 用专业的方式管理您的电子邮件信箱


  • 您可以享有其他好用的工具

    通讯录,日曆,自动回覆等, 都可在电脑与行动装置使用


Storage per mailbox
Number of aliases
Filters and antispam
Outlook, Mail, Thunderbid (IMAP / POP / SMTP) synchronization
Included mailboxes
价格 / 其他信箱每月 2.00元每月 14.00元
价格选项 地区:中国,税率:excluded,货币:¥ (CNY)


每个域名包含了 2 个电子邮件信箱

当您注册或是转入域名到 Gandi,您可以享有 2 个免费的电子信箱!




我们的 Webmail 可以支援电脑或是行动装置,并且包含协作日曆,代办清单,与通讯录。当然,您也可以使用自己喜欢的收件软体与日曆。





Don't have a domain yet?

Our email service is only available if you have a domain name at Gandi. You can buy a domain name or transfer a domain name to Gandi

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Frequently asked questions

We provide a wide range of professional email options. Our Gandi Mail service is only available if you have a domain name registered with Gandi. Don't have one yet?

You can:

Choose an email address based on your domain and take advantage of secure email accounts that let you easily manage your emails on any platform. We offer 2 different options to create your mailboxes :

  • Standard email - Storage up to 3Go - 2 included with each domain name
  • Premium email - Storage up to 50Go
  • Unlimited aliases and unlimited email redirections
  • Easy to access via our webmails (Sogo and/or Roundcube)
  • Flexible and without commitment
  • Filters and advanced rules

Get an email address with your domain name and professionalize the look of your email addresses. With Gandi, you can be sure of using a safe and secure online email service to quickly and easily manage your emails from any platform. Our email hosting options are:

  • Standard 3 GB of storage for $0.40 per month (with the first 2 per domain free)
  • Premium 50 GB of storage for $2.00 per month

Everyone can create a personnalized email address !

Why create a personal email ? You might just want to have an email address of your own, and eventually for the members of you family, your group of friends, or the members of the club you created. Creating email addresses on you own domain name at Gandi will make you benefit from all our free services and from our secure mail hosting solutions.

Why create professionnal emails ? As soon as you start a business or any other kind of activity, you are now required to have a neat online presence. Having business email adresses must be part of your digital strategy. Gandi provides a high level of service, and adapts to your needs over time.