Gandi 云平台 (OpenStack)

Reliable VPS virtual servers for Professionals, since 2008
State-of-the-art VPS virtual servers to host all your applications.

Choose the VPS server configuration that suits you


Test or host a simple site
  • 1 CPU / 1 GB RAM
  • 25 GB storage, can be increased up to 1TB
  • 1 IPv4/v6 included
  • 3TB transfer included


Deploy a lightweight application
  • 1 CPU / 2 GB RAM
  • 25 GB storage, can be increased up to 1TB
  • 1 IPv4/v6 included
  • 3TB transfer included


Host an online service / e-commerce site
  • 2 CPU / 4 GB RAM
  • 25 GB storage, can be increased up to 1TB
  • 1 IPv4/v6 included
  • 3TB transfer included


Deploy an enterprise application
  • 4 CPU / 8 GB RAM
  • 25 GB storage, can be increased up to 1TB
  • 1 IPv4/v6 included
  • 3TB transfer included
价格选项 地区:中国,税率:excluded,货币:¥ (CNY)

Why choose Gandi as your cloud VPS provider?

  • Reliable VPS virtual servers and service

    Our VPS virtual servers are hosted in France, with a 99.95% monthly availability rate. Benefit from our expertise in customer support for over 20 years.

  • 弹性与透明的价格

    Automatic creation of your virtual servers in just 2 minutes. We offer clear pricing to guarantee the best visibility of your consumption rates.

  • 100% open VPS cloud infrastructure

    Our cloud is based on Openstack and provides public APIs for managing your VPS virtual servers. Deploy and configure your cloud VPS server with your own Infra-as-code tools (Terraform, Ansible, ..)


Gandi's VPS interface gives you quick access to all the primary controls for efficiently managing your VPS server. Carry out maintenance operations on your VPS virtual servers and monitor the status of your VPS server infrastructure.

In just a few clicks you can:

  • Change the RAM/CPU settings of your VPS server to adapt it to your application's requirements.
  • Increase the size of the storage (volume) associated with your VPS server, or even create new virtual servers.
  • Activate and access your console to troubleshoot any problems on our VPS server.

Save time managing your VPS with the Openstack CLI (Command Line Interface)

If you prefer a command line interface (CLI) to manage your VPS server, no problem! In just a few seconds, configure your public API access and create and manage VPS virtual servers directly from the CLI.

For more advanced use cases, we chose to base our new VPS platform on Openstack, and to provide you access to the public API. That way, as a system administrator, you can use your own VPS deployment tools like Ansible, Terraform, and Chef, and connect them with the public API (Openstack API) that we provide for your VPS virtual servers.

Monthly and flexible billing for your VPS server

Our objective is not to provide "cheap virtual servers," but VPS servers at a price that enables us to ensure high-quality service and support. Generally, on a VPS server, your flexibility is more limited than on a public Cloud. Our GandiCloud VPS virtual servers are flexible and you can use them for uses that demand greater flexibility: testing, hosting applications, or websites that experience significant spikes in traffic. You can change your VPS server configuration in just a few seconds, and adjusting the CPU or RAM allocated to your VPS server up or down is quick and easy.

You also have complete flexibility in the management of your VPS server's disk storage. We decided to offer a 25 GB disk with each VPS server. This disk can be increased up to 1 TB, according to your VPS server's needs. You can also choose to associate several disks to your VPS server in order to further increase its storage capacity.

Technical Specifications

价格选项 地区:中国,税率:excluded,货币:¥ (CNY)

Gandi VPS and Cloud hosting provider since 2008

For almost 15 years, Gandi has offered VPS virtual servers to our customers. Whether that's in the form of flexible Cloud VPS billed by the hour, or VPS virtual servers billed monthly, we aim to remain an alternative VPS server hosting provider for SMEs and internet professionals. All of this comes from Gandi's core values for more than 20 years: we're building a free, alternative, ethical internet for the common good.

Gandi is completely independent. For our VPS, we own our own physical servers in datacenters that we entirely administer ourselves: from managing the equipment to supervising the infrastructure network and the interconnection with other hosting providers.

Our VPS virtual servers are known for being extremely reliable, and are based on the latest generation of servers available. At Gandi, VPS virtual servers are not thought of as a "low-cost" Cloud solution.

Like all of Gandi's services, we aim to remain a transparent and open VPS server provider when it comes to our pricing as well as their uses, by offering a public API that allows for the use of Cloud deployment tools for VPS (Terraform, Ansible, Cloud-init).

Finally, our technical support is a major part of what Gandi has to offer, and is at the core of our service. Our team of experts is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week to answer your questions or help solve whatever problems you may encounter deploying your VPS server or your Cloud infrastructure.

Launch your project ⛵️

Virtual servers for professional uses

Deploy a web application on a VPS server


Don't waste time! Once your account is activated on the GandiCloud platform, you can create a VPS server in less than 2 minutes! Connect to your VPS virtual servers via SSH to deploy your application on your VPS server or use an existing Ansible playbook.

Host containers on VPS

Do you want to deploy a micro-service infrastructure via containers on VPS?

Configure the Terraform connector on the OpenStack public API to easily deploy your container infrastructure to one or more GandiCloud VPS virtual servers. Learn more about Terraform and GandiCloud VPS.

Deploy a high traffic e-commerce site on your VPS server

Are you looking for a flexible VPS server option to host your e-commerce site?

GandiCloud VPS virtual servers are intended for professional use and perfectly suited to hosting a high-performance e-commerce site. Adjust VPS server power according to the load on your site, and use the OpenStack public API to automate configuration changes to your VPS virtual servers.

Launch an online SaaS on a VPS server

Want to launch your SaaS online using VPS?

Build on Gandi's experience as a web host. Technical support is included, available by email 6 days a week, 8 am-midnight. Our team is ready to help with your VPS virtual servers!

Set up a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) on VPS

You already have VPS virtual servers elsewhere, but do you want to set up a BCP?

Since 2008, Gandi has been an independent cloud VPS player. We have our own data centers in Europe (France) and network infrastructure for managing VPS virtual servers.

常见问题 FAQ

两者皆是提供您虚拟伺服器,Gandi 云主机 (VPS) 是旧的平台,已经提供将近 10 年的虚拟机器,并且能够完全个人化。Gandi 云主机 (VPS) 的功能会逐渐包含在 Gandi 云平台 (OpenStack) 的服务内容中。

IaaS (基础设施即服务) 这类型的服务方案主要是能自动建立系统资源,因此,无论您何时建立 Gandi 云平台 (OpenStack),只要您的预付帐户中还有余额,系统就会自动开始建立伺服器,完全不需人工操作,大约只需要 2 分钟,您便可以存取您的伺服器。

Gandi 云平台 (OpenStack) 是每月收费一次,需预先支付费用,为了简化一切程序,您将需使用预付帐户支付,因此,请您务必确认预付帐户中有足够的余额,或是已经设定好可用的信用卡。

目前为止,使用 Gandi 云平台 (OpenStack) 服务,您无法选择伺服器的位置;所有伺服器都在我们的 FR-SD6 资料中心,未来将逐渐开放其他位置。

无论您使用何种方案,只要建立好伺服器,您就拥有管理权限与 root 权限,您便因而能够部署任何应用程式或内容管理系统 (WordPress、Drupal、Magento 等)。

Gandi 的基础设施具有备份机制,以良好保护资料完整性,但是,这无法取代定期和远端备份系统和策略。备份资料是您的责任,虽然快照备份功能即将推出,但仍不能取代远端备份。


目前,Gandi 提供 2 种著名的 Linux 发行版:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian

我们即将推出其他的发行版,也有可能提供其自己的 OS 映像,如此一来,您就能部署 Fedora、FreeBSD 或 CentOS VPS。

如果您目前须要使用 FreeBSD 伺服器CentOS 伺服器,您可以使用我们其他的 Gandi 云主机 (VPS) 服务方案。
目前并不建议在 Gandi 的虚拟专用伺服器上使用 Windows。

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