.digital, .email, .global, .info, .live, and 25 more are on sale: launch your website for less!

Starting January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022, enjoy a great discount on 30 different domain names! This promotion covers a wide range of industries, so you're bound to find the right one for your website.

Domain names on sale

  • .academy

    Open an .academy?

    Online academies or schools are now a global trend due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Register a .academy domain name for your site by the end of December 2022!

    From to

  • .agency

    What can you do with a .agency?

    Whether you are a manufacturer, tech company or digital service provider, .agency can be a good choice for your website.

    From to

  • .bio

    How about a .bio?

    If you are selling organic products online, you'll need to have a domain to make your site trustworthy.

    From to

  • .boutique

    Here's a great opening: .boutique!

    Are you looking for a special domain name for your online shop?

    .boutique is on sale until the end of 2022!

    From to

  • .consulting

    Share professional info with .consulting

    Are you an expert in a specific field? Are you running a consulting firm that provides advice to corporate clients?

    Then don't miss .consulting! Show your professionalism with this domain extension!

    From to

  • .digital

    Position your .digital marketing strategy

    Over the years, .digital marketing has become more important than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That makes it all the more crucial to have a relevant domain extension to enhance your SEO ranking.

    From to

  • .education

    .education: the perfect domain for e-learning

    The ideal domain extension for universities, schools, training courses, and coaching websites.

    From to

  • .email

    Personalize your .email address?

    Whether you are an email service provider or an enterprise that wants to have a professional online image, .email is the domain ending for you!

    From to

  • .expert

    Are you a .expert?

    The .expert domain can help you stand out from your competitors and boost your professional presence online.

    From to

  • .finance

    Invest your business with .finance

    The .finance domain extension is dedicated to websites with investment banking, financial advice, accountancy, reviews, or money management.

    From to

  • .global

    .global-ize your website

    The truly international broadcasting extension. Any international business, conferences, and events can be promoted with this easy-to-understand domain name — .global.

    From to

  • .immo

    Buy a domain for .immo-vable business

    Are you a real estate agent and want to improve your site's online visibility?

    From to

  • .info

    .info is on sale!

    .info is the best domain extension for sharing news and updates: until December 31, you can have a .info domain for less!

    From to

    1 year
  • .life

    Enjoy your .life!

    You can use this domain extension for your personal blog to share your life with others.

    From to

  • .live

    .live on the web!

    The .live domain extension can be used for live broadcasts, podcasts or bands, and anything related to "live" performances.

    From to

  • .market

    Target your .market online!

    Promote your business or campaign with a .market domain.

    From to

  • .media

    Position your site with .media

    .media is like the digital signature for the media industry. With this TLD, people can easily find out what you offer.

    The perfect domain for marketers, journalists, or media specialists!

    From to

  • .mobi

    Optimize your web with .mobi

    .mobi is derived from the adjective “mobile.” If your company is dedicated to delivering online services to mobile phones, your target audience can easily find you on the internet with a .mobi domain.

    From to

  • .network

    Build your .network for less!

    Any industry can use .network to create their online community.

    Gather people in the same field and strengthen your network with this extension!

    From to

    1 year
  • .news

    Get the latest .news!

    If you are a journalist or marketer, the .news domain ending is your best bet to use for your webpage about the dynamics of the industry.

    .news domain names are on sale throughout 2022.

    From to

    1 year
  • .pro

    Become a .pro online!

    Create professional online image with .pro.

    From to

  • .rocks

    .rocks your world!

    A new domain extension for precious stone lovers and for everything that needs a shout-out.

    Enjoy a great discount on .rocks domains!

    From to

  • .services

    What .services do you offer?

    Highlight your exclusive services with .services!

    From to

  • .sh

    Register .sh domains today!

    It's the ccTLD of Saint Helena Island but also great for shell scripting aficionados.

    From to

  • .solutions

    Need .solutions?

    The right choice for FAQs, help centers, support sites, and online tutorials.

    From to

  • .studio

    Get your .studio online!

    If you teach art or create art, a .studio domain name is the perfect way to expand your online presence.

    From to

  • .systems

    Get your .systems ready!

    The .systems domain is dedicated to everything related to systems (computing, communication, transportation, economy, etc.).

    From to

    1 year
  • .team

    Join .team Gandi!

    With a .team domain name, you can create an online community for your sports teams or fans of one.

    From to

    1 year
  • .technology

    25% off .technology

    A .technology is an ideal domain for tech retailers and manufacturers, research agencies, schools, or bloggers.

    From to

  • .world

    Websites make the .world go around

    Raise awareness and express yourself to the whole .world!

    From to

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Things you should know

Don't know what a domain name is and don't know why it's important to have one for your site?

  • What is a domain name?

    Domain names can help personalize your online identity and contain all kinds of useful information for your target audience to find you online.

    Gandi offers over 800 domain name extensions, and one of the largest catalogs of new extensions in the world.

    Find the right domain extension for your site today!

    Name your site today?
  • Why is it important to choose the right domain?

    Having a short and memorable name can not only target a niche market, but also improve your SEO ranking.

    Take stock of the ingredients needed to concoct a perfect domain name and choose the best name for your site.

    Discover 7 tips for choosing a winning domain name!
  • What is included with your domain name?

    If you register domain names at Gandi, you can enjoy our value-added services for free:

    • 2 free email mailboxes
    • Aliases and redirects
    • Standard SSL certificate
    • 5 GB free to store

    and all these elements are necessary for your website!

    Check out our domain list!

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It offers the world’s largest portfolio of top-level domains and its categories cover a variety of industries, allowing individual and corporate users to stabilize their digital identities with innovative choices.

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