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Domain names starting at 31,76 €

A domain name at Gandi comes with complete and free services:
2 email mailboxes, 5GB of storage for your documents, 1 SSL certificate offered.

Gather all your web projects under a single interface

Your website

Need web hosting for your site? Install your website, blog, showcase, or online store in just one click. Starting at only  7,26 €  3,63 € incl. VAT/month.

-50% on your first order

Personalized emails

Valorize your online identity with secure and accessible email that is based on your domain name.

2 email mailboxes free with your domain name

Your SSL certificates

Improve your credibility, security and search engine ranking of your site by easily managing your certificates.

Unlimited with web hosting, or free for 1 year with a domain name

Your VPS servers

Keep control over the hosting of your web projects thanks to our VPS offer. Starting at 6,05 € incl. VAT/month.


The user experience is at the heart of our development, your feedback are a source of product improvement.

Easily launch your project with Gandi

We accompany you step-by-step as you start your professional web projects.

Start step-by-step

Benefit from robust and reliable services for your web project and those of your customers.

Public API

Automatize your products' management with our API.

Available for all our products

Infra-as-Code to pilot your servers

Deploy your servers and control your cloud infrastructure thanks to Terraform's stateful management. Starting at 6,05 € incl. VAT/month.

WordPress, Prestashop and other open-source solutions

Gain time for your web hosting: deploy well-known open-source solutions in just a few clicks.

Anycast DNS, DNSSEC, anti-DDoS solutions

Ensure the security of your users and be sure that your website remains available everywhere in the world, thanks to advanced DNS features.

Protected emails

Prevent unauthorized connections to your email mailboxes, thanks to two-factor authentication.

Extended validation, multi-domain SAN, wildcard

Cover your services using several domain names with SSL/TLS multi-domain and wildcard certificates, or protect your commercial transactions with a Business certificate.

Spike in traffic, pirating, technical outage, environmental incident...so many unexpected events for which we do everything possible to guarantee the service continuity of your projects.

Key accounts: protect your online identity with a personalized service

Our service dedicated to the protection of your trademarks online. 20-years of experience by experts who are dedicated and available every day.

  • Protect and accompany

    Benefit from the legal and technical expertise of your dedicated account agent.

  • Monitor and defend

    Automatically monitor your trademark on the internet and block fraudulent websites.

  • Secure

    Access your account, configure your domains, DNSSEC, profit from our security options at all levels.

See our business services

Your guarantees with Gandi

  • Choice

    A catalog of over 800 extensions is available, and a them-based suggestion search engine to help guide you in finding the ideal domain name.

  • Ease of use

    Securely centralize domain names, hosting, CMS, and email. As a team, you can share roles and permissions with third parties.

  • Confidentiality

    Your website is hosted in France or in Luxembourg. The protection and respect of your privacy and that of your customers is at the heart of our projects.

Need help? Here are all the ways that you can contact us.

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Customer support assistance 24/7
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We read all your mails, and will always reply.

An expert support, in constant contact with the developers

Customer support is exclusively handled internally, by employees located on 3 continents at our regional offices. You get:

  • Expert agents who know the products like the back of their hands
  • Available 24/7 in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Japanese
  • Traceability. Our support replies, emails, and social media replies are signed by name

You recommend us, we give you something in return

You are the builders of Gandi's reputation. The satisfaction and confidence of our users have been the guiding principles of our growth for over 20 years.

Get exclusive advantages thanks to our "Refer a friend" loyalty program.

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Promises kept for over 20 years

Gandi manages over 2.5 million domain names, 720,000 email addresses, 55,000 SSL certificates, and hosts over 200,000 websites/applications. With more than 350,000 active users, 8,000 resellers, and 500 key clients, since December 2000, the web has been our passion, but just that: we go one step farther by keeping our promises to you.

Transparency and Integrity

  1. Quality service at the best price: our rates are calculated fairly and clearly, without any billing surprises
  2. Nothing hidden: technical incidents are communicated immediately. Responsibility is taken in the event of failures or bad choices.
  3. Respect of your privacy: secure internet presence for everyone and non-disclosure of personal data.
  4. Reciprocity: products and services that we would like to use ourselves, and that live up to your expectations.

We defend a web that is open to everyone

  • Web pioneers: Gandi was born out of the desire to oppose and stand up to the large monopolies, so that domain names, and later cloud hosting, would be accessible to as many as possible.
  • For net neutrality: We believe that net neutrality is a founding principle, and becuse of this, we are against any idea of an Internet of several speeds.
  • Open source: Gandi gives preference to open-source solutions that bring transparency and greater liberty to the entire web.
  • Supported projects: Gandi has a mission of providing the necessary tools needed, and shining a spotlight on initiatives that share our values.
  • Listen to you: From the community manager to the president, and all the product, legal, and of course the support teams, we have an open dialogue with you to build and improve our products.
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