You choose your domain name. We do the rest.

Everything starts with your website when you choose your domain name, the most personal step. We simplify your life by including everything that you need to get started quickly. Choose a web hosting plan that meets your needs, and that is all. There are no surprises, hidden fees, or commitment required.

What is included with your domain name

No required technical service fees

We provide to you, without any additional cost, the services that are indispensable for the use of your domain name. DNS Anycast, advanced confidentiality options, and features that are there to make your life easier such as DNS zone file history and restoration, configuration templates, DNSSEC in one click, and web forwarding.

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Certificate included free for one year

SSL certificates certify the identity of a website and secure the online transactions by guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information of your customers. When you register a domain name at Gandi, you benefit from a free standard single-address SSL certificate for one year, or unlimited if you opt for web hosting.

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10,000 aliases and forwarding addresses

It is sometimes preferable to be able to use numerous different email addresses, while having them all arrive in the same mailbox. With your domain name, Gandi offers 10,000 aliases and email forwarding addresses to give you a maximum amount of flexibility (and creativity!).

Choose the perfect domain name and let us guide you

What is included with your web hosting

All-in-one Starter pack provides a reliable and powerful web presence

Data stored in France and 24 hour technical support by email and chat.

Free domain name included

The registration of a free domain name is included with your hosting plan. Choose a domain name for your site from a wide selection of more than 80 domain extensions (.fr, .com, .net, and more).

Free domain names included with your web hosting

An unlimited number of free SSL certificates

When you subscribe to a web hosting offer at Gandi, you can automatically generate as many certificates as you want for the domains linked to your hosting. These certificates are automatically renewed each year, for more security and peace of mind. Secure your communications and reassure your website's visitors.

SSL (TLS) Certificates

Automatic installation for WordPress, PrestaShop, and many others

Our interface enables you to install popular open-source software solutions such as WordPress, Nextcloud, PrestaShop, Grav, and Matomo which you can install on your hosting in just a few clicks. You can maintain control of your data with ease.

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Hosting that adapts to your success

At Gandi, you can increase the power of your web hosting and adapt your costs to meet the traffic that your site generates.

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Choose the web hosting that meets your needs

Get started

Complementary services available for your expert needs

Purchase email mailboxes for your new team members

You can buy as many mailboxes as you need, without commitment, and cancel them when you want. You can also increase the size of your existing mailboxes at any time, in just three clicks on our website.

See our email mailbox offer

Premium DNS to protect your most precious domain names

Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) may put in danger all of your online activity. The Premium DNS service has been designed to help you to mitigate the consequences of the most common attacks that target the DNS.

Discover Gandi's DNS possibilities

Cloud services to generate a complete infrastructure

From the web server to infrastructure containers, you can use our GandiCloud platform to deploy your VPS servers for all of your trade applications. GandiCloud includes the OpenStack,API, which allows you to use your own Infra-as-Code tools (Terraform, Cloud-init, Ansible, etc.) to generate your infrastructure.

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More advanced SSL certificates to secure all types of transactions

Whether it is to maintain a high level of confidence, cover multiple websited, or simplify the installation of your certificates, we offer a large number of options that combine security and practicality.

Discover all our SSL options

Choose a hosting plan, link your domain name to it, and it's ready

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Why choose Gandi?

  • 20 years of experience

    Practice makes perfect, and Gandi has over 20 years of experience to offer you robust and resilient technologies.

  • 24-hour customer service

    Our in-house technical experts are there to help you in 6 languages, from 3 continents, to be by your side when you need assistance.

  • Valorized customer experience

    Your feedback is a constant source of product improvement. Is there something we could be doing better? Write to us!

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Frequently asked questions

Your domain name is the cornerstone of everything that you'll build online and is the foundation on which you will build your website. Essentially, your domain name is your address on the internet. It's with your domain name that your users will be able to find not just your website, but also your email address, and any other similar service that you associate to it. On a technical level, a domain name relates a human-readable name (your domain name) to a computer-readable address (a series of numbers called an IP address). Need help picking a domain name? Our domain suggest tool suggests alternatives that we think will be more relevant for you. And if you're mostly just interested in a good deal on a low-priced domain name, you can find the best deals of the moment on our Promotions page.

You should generally choose a domain name that meets these four criteria:

- Meaningful

- Easy to remember

- No strange spelling or grammar

- Descriptive

The best way to approach choosing a domain name is to think about how you're going to use it. You'll probably share it on social media, tell it to people you know, maybe print it on business cards, or plaster it on billboards. At the same time, people will also find you by searching on search engines. Verify whether your perfect domain name is available with our search tool or verify who owns it using our Whois lookup tool.

Gandi offers several web hosting options — our Simple Hosting PaaS (Platform as a Service) option intended for small- and medium-sized businesses and individuals, and our VPS solution aimed at experts who want to have full control and prefer to implement their own hosting infrastructure. These professional solutions bring together the power of dedicated resources, a large degree of flexibility when it comes to adjusting the size of the server, and optimum data security on a truly innovative network architecture.

  • We offer PaaS Simple Hosting web hosting services of different sizes corresponding to the amount of traffic your website gets
  • Once you have hosting, you'll have an FTP server address (, a user (username), and a password
  • For a site that has one address, you should also buy a domain name

With our VPS servers, build and host your own infrastructure using Gandi's ultra-flexible cloud solutions:

  • Billing per day
  • 2-minute delivery
  • Wide range of configuration options
  • Re-size your server at will
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