High-performance DNS with high availability

Guarantee the availability of your website and all your online services thanks to our DNS infrastructure and its easy and powerful zone management system.
Benefit from 20 years of experience for the management of the root of your digital services, and protect your domain names.

High-performance and robust DNS thanks to Anycast and LiveDNS technology

Optimized distribution of DNS queries with Anycast

Anycast technology allows us to distribute the DNS queries around the world, and to respond to customers from the closest datacenter. Guaranteed service redundancy in order to ensure resistance to DDoS attacks, as well as the continuity of service in the event of a technical incident at a datacenter. Guaranteed low latency for your DNS traffic, and therefore for your customers, for an optimal online experience.

A record propagation time with LiveDNS

Thanks to LiveDNS, our DNS management service, each modification is propagated in less than 250 ms. Ensured reactivity for the updating of your DNS. The performance of DNS made in Gandi, with points of presence all around the planet.

List of DNS records managed

Do you want to add a layer of additional security to your sensitive domain names?

Thanks to the additional Premium DNS service, you benefit from the Cloudflare infrastructure, in addition to Gandi's, to ensure a better risk management and the continuity of your digital activity. The ally of your sensitive domain names!


Discover Premium DNS

Free DNS included with your domain name

Each domain name registered at Gandi benefits from our technology and advanced features.

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DNS that can be managed how you want

Public API available

Do you want to use our API or develop your own interface in order to manage your domain names or those of your customers? Follow our guide!

Interoperability with popular tools

Do you already have your own routine? Keep your usual way of doing things by using supported Open Source tools such as Terraform and Letsencrypt (acme.sh, etc.).


Our DNS support AXFR (DNS zone transfer), which allows automatically replicating changes made to a primary nameserver to secondary ones. You can therefore also add an external DNS in the network of your choice to strengthen security in the event of a DDoS attack.

Simple management via Gandi's interface

Gandi's interface is optimized to manage all types of domain name portfolios, from the most modest to the most consequential, both for direct customers as well as for resellers. Simply and comfortably manage your DNS via our interface, while also benefiting from our automated management tools!

Choose your domain name, benefit from Gandi's DNS which are updated in a flash.

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Easy-to-use DNS thanks to our automated management tools

No need to worry about configuring your DNS. Our intuitive interface facilitates the management of DNS on one or several domains at a time.

  • Make use of configuration templates

    You can make templates that consist of nameservers, DNS records, email mailboxes and forwarding addresses. You can apply them during domain registration or later, apply them in bulk, and even share them within an organization.

  • Link a DNS zone to one or more domain names

    Do you want to apply the same DNS configuration to multiple domains? You can select multiple domains from your list of domains, and link them to a zone of your choice.

  • Safely manage the modification of your DNS zones

    For more comfort, your DNS zones are saved before each modification. You can also manually make back-ups and restore a previous version whenever you want.

  • Activate DNSSEC in a few clicks

    No more headaches when activating DNSSEC on your domains. On Gandi's LiveDNS, the process is automatic!

You are free to manage your DNS as you wish

Do you prefer to manage your domain names independently? No problem. Gandi provides you with everything that is needed to ensure the management of your domain names in the way that you want.

  • Use external nameservers

    You are free to use your own nameservers with your domain names at Gandi.

  • Use our NS6 secondary nameserver

    Gandi provides a secondary nameserver that supports pre-signed DNSSEC zones for free that can be used on domains registered with Gandi.

  • Manually activate DNSSEC

    Secure your nameservers by activating DNSSEC on them, even if they are external.

  • Create Glue Records

    You can manage the glue records yourself in order to use your domain name for your DNS servers.

Why choose Gandi?

  • 20 years of experience

    Practice makes perfect, and Gandi has over 20 years of experience to offer you robust and resilient technologies.

  • 24-hour customer service

    Our in-house technical experts are there to help you in 6 languages, from 3 continents, to be by your side when you need assistance.

  • Valorized customer experience

    Your feedback is a constant source of product improvement. Is there something we could be doing better? Write to us!

Free and robust DNS with your domain name

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Frequently Asked Questions

A DNS record is a set of information required to "connect" a domain name to a "technical" server hosting a specific service. In order for internet services to work, it's essential to provide correct DNS records. The role of DNS servers is to make these records available. The DNS server, then, is the underlying basic requirement for bringing a website online.

Each domain name registered at Gandi gets access to free DNS servers, linked to our developed technologies and features.

There are many different types of DNS record, according to the way you want to use it. If you use Gandi's LiveDNS, here is the list of DNS registrations that you can add to your domain name:

  • A — Used to point your domain name to a server with a static IPv4 address
  • AAAA — Used to point your domain name to a static IPv6 address
  • Alias — Used to point your bare domain (that is, without 'www' or other subdomain, also called the "Apex") to a webhost, that is, another domain name (and not an IP address)
  • CAA — Used to provide information to a Certificate Authority during the SSL certificate creation process
  • CDS — Used as a copy of a DNS record
  • CNAME — Used to point a subdomain to another web address
  • DNAME — Used to create a domain alias
  • DS — Used to establish a chain of trust to your DNS zone so that DNSSEC will work
  • LOC — Contains geographic data about your domain
  • MX — Used to define a mail server, that is, to link your domain name to an email service
  • NAPTR — Principally used to manage internet telephony sessions
  • NS — Used to designated the authoritative DNS server
  • PTR — Used to verify the IP address an email is sent from
  • TXT — Used to attach information to your domain or subdomain. Very flexible with many uses, like validating ownership of a domain name in the context of attributing an SSL certificate or adding an SPF record, used to authenticate emails
  • SRV — Used to link a "web" service to a host name (i.e. another domain name)
  • SPF — Formerly used record format for preventing email spoofing. Now replaced with a specifically formatted TXT record
  • RP — Used to provide information about a "Responsible Party" for a domain name
  • SSHFP — Used to identify SSH keys associated with a domain name
  • TLSA — Used to specify certificate constraints for services on a particular TCP or UDP port. At least one TLSA record should provide validation for a certificate

All of these DNS records are supported by the Gandi LiveDNS REST API.
To learn more about the different types of DNS records, how they're used, and how to use them at Gandi, please feel free to consult our DNS record documentation.

It's very easy to change DNS records, but be careful:

  • If your domain name is registered with Gandi and you use Gandi LiveDNS, you just need to log in to your customer account to change your DNS records
  • You use a third-party nameserver provider: you should get in contact with them in order to update your records

DNS record changes are immediately visible on your DNS zones but it may take a few hours for all DNS resolvers to register the changes.

DNS is like the internet's phone book. For an internet user, a domain name, that is, a website's address comes in the readable format 'example.com,' which is easier to understand and remember. However, for web browsers, the important part is the IP address, which would be nearly impossible for us to remember. And that's where DNS comes in — DNS translates domain names into IP addresses so that exchanges can take place and make websites accessible via an easy-to-remember domain name.

That's why DNS is essential for a website to be available on the internet. At Gandi, for each domain name registered, you get our high-performance, high-availability LiveDNS servers.

The first step is to verify that the problem is, in fact, a DNS problem and not one related to your domain name registration. For example, forgetting to renew a domain name might look like a DNS problem from the start. It's also possible that your domain name has been suspended or placed in an "onHold" status due to incomplete identity verifications or that your domain name was associated with an email spammer.

Once you can rule out these possibilities, there are two recurrent problems with DNS management to check:

  1. If you recently updated your DNS records, it's possible that the previous version is still saved in a cache, preventing you from seeing the update. In this case, you just need to wait a couple of hours to see if the problem is still there or if it goes away on its own.
  2. Your DNS record contains an error. Most of the time, this will be a missing dot at the end of a CNAME registration (in the "Value" field, that is, the address to which the record points), or you added the entire domain name or web address in the "Name" field (where only the subdomain is required).

If you still can't figure out what the problem is after trying these, feel free to contact our support team.

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