SSL/TLS Certificates

Communication between websites & users must be kept secret. Secure your transactions with Gandi's SSL certificates and enjoy https.

HTTPS for the simplest to the most complex websites

  • A wide selection at competitive prices

    Gandi offers a full suite of certificates, from single address to wildcard, and from standard to full Business EV certificates, all at great prices! Each domain registered at Gandi also comes with a free 1-year Standard single-address certificate.

  • Easy to use anywhere, free for Gandi customers

    Gandi certificates can be purchased and easily used for any domain name. Simple Hosting customers with an "S+" size instance or larger get unlimited free and automatically-installed SSL certificates for their sites.

  • 30-day Money-back guarantee

    In the event that you are not satisfied with your certificate, we will give you a full refund within 30 days of your order's validation.

SSL Certificates pricing

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Secure your transactions with Gandi's certificates

256-bit encryption

Our certificate encryption key is available at the maximum level of security supported by existing web browsers.

Free with your domain name

Each domain name registration comes with a free 1-year Standard certificate.

Compatible with accented domains

Our certificates are also available if your domain name has accented characters (IDN).

99% browser recognition

Our certificates are recognized by over 99% of all the web browsers available on the market (IE/Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

Automated installation

All our certificates can be automatically generated and deployed on your Simple Hosting instance.

30-day Money-back Guarantee

In the event that you are not satisfied with your certificate, we will give you a full refund within 30 days of your order's validation.

Certification Authority

Gandi is a hosted Certification Authority operated by Sectigo for our Standard and Pro certificates, and is therefore able to issue standard certs rapidly.

Automated certificate management

Our Free offer allows you to automatically generate your certificates, deploy them on your Simple Hosting and renew them for free each year.

The SSL certificate, now a mainstream online feature

First created in 1994, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate was initially only used on e-commerce and banking websites. Today, obtaining an SSL certificate is extremely simple. For this and other reasons, SSL certificates are used by the vast majority of the websites you visit on a daily basis. You may identify the presence of an SSL certificate on a website at a glance, simply by looking next to the address bar in your web browser. If you see the “https” prefix instead of the older “http”, as well as a lock icon, you know the page you’re currently visiting is protected by a valid SSL certificate.

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Operation and types of SSL certificates

Why do I need an SSL certificate for my website?

Having an SSL certificate ensures that any data sent from a user to your server, and vice versa, is properly secured thanks to the use of public-key cryptography. With an SSL certificated in place, any piece of information you send online is protected from any entity attempting to steal it or edit it.

Furthermore, an SSL certificate should be used on all types of websites, including personal homepages, as it is such an essential part of the modern internet. Your website will appear to be more trustworthy to your visitors, putting you a level above the others.

What are the different SSL certificate types?

SSL certificates exist under three main types designed for different use cases. Our solutions are designed to adapt to your needs and your degree of expertise.

Standard SSL Certificate

The Standard SSL Certificate is our simplest option. You may create it for free if you subscribe to one of Gandi’s Simple Hosting offers. This certificate can be generated using our intuitive interface and will be renewed automatically by our system before its expiration date. With Gandi, you will be able to enjoy increased safety and a higher level of trust from your users without putting in any extra work. Thus, the Standard SSL Certificate is the ideal product for individuals who want to develop their online presence, whether they’re just getting started or are seasoned web developers

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Professional SSL Certificate

The Professional HTTPS Certificate is only available for business accounts and other similar legal entities. One advantage of the Standard SSL Certificate is that it comes with a financial warranty of up to $250,000 that will be paid in the event the certificate fails to provide you with the security it guarantees. The Professional SSL Certificate is the ideal option for any business or corporation wanting to protect its users’ confidential data. As an option, you can also protect a domain name and all its subdomains.

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Business SSL Certificate

The “Business” SSL Certificate is also exclusively offered to businesses and corporations. This certificate is securely validated by Sectigo. The Business SSL Certificate offers you the same level of financial protection as the Professional SSL Certificate, as well as other options such as the ability to protect more than a single domain name. This SSL certificate is perfect for large businesses who are making use of many servers and domain names.

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FAQ / frequently asked questions

To get a URL starting with https and to secure your website, you can add any of the following SSL certificate types :

To help secure your website and get a URL starting with https, make use of an SSL certificate from among the large choice of certificates we offer, from Standard to Wildcard to Business extended validation certificates, all at great prices. Each domain registered at Gandi also comes with a free 1-year standard single-address certificate.

For customers with a Gandi Simple Hosting instance (size S+ to XXL), we provide a free standard certificate that can be automatically installed for you.

Otherwise, you are free to use your certificates anywhere you need, by generating your own CSR, and following the complete procedure on the certificate installation on your website.

Gandi's SSL certificates provide assurances of the security of your site by displaying:

  • A green box in the address bar (either the text is shown in green letters or the entire bar is green, depending on the browser)
  • «https: //» appears with a chain icon

The user can access the details of the certificate by clicking the chain icon

  • The name of the owner of the website
  • The name of the Certificate Authority (CA)
  • The certificate validity dates
  • Etc...

All the SSL certificates we offer are delivered by a Certificate Authority and guarantee a high level of security, no matter what type of SSL you choose for your website. That being said

Here's what each type of SSL certificate that we offer is used for :

  • Standard SSL certificate : protects one or several websites. Only the domain name is verified through an online validation process. It can be used on personal sites, content sites, or showcase sites not directly handling payments as it has no warantee on finacial transactions. - NB : if transactions are managed trough an external app (ex : Paypal) you can use this type certificate.
  • Professional SSL certificate : secures one or several websites with a warantee regarding financial transactions. Professional certificate offers a higher level of validation. It validates the organization itself, and therefore can only be purchased by companies that can prove their true legal existence. Thus, this type of certificate is only available for businesses or other legal entities.
  • Business SSL certificate (EV) : secures one or several websites with a higher warantee regarding financial transactions. It offers the highest degree of security as it requires the most extensive verification of your identity. This type of certificate is only available for businesses or other legal entities.

You can add options on this types of certificate to protect more than one address :

  • Multi-domain - available for Standard / Business certificates : The multi-domain option can prove more cost-effective than purchasing and managing multiple single-address certificates.
  • Wildcard - Available for Standard / Pro certificates : The Wildcard option not only does everything a single-address SSL certificate does, it also protects every subdomain for any given domain. It is easier to manage if you have many subdomains to secure, and can reveal to be quite cost effective.
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