SSL/TLS Certificates

Communication between websites & users should be kept secret.

Secure your transactions with Gandi's SSL certificates and enjoy HTTPS.

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使用 Gandi 的 SSL 憑證確保您的交易安全

  • 256 位元加密


  • 99% 的瀏覽器可辨識

    超過 99% 的瀏覽器(IE/Edge、Firefox、Chrome, 等) 都可以辨識我們的憑證。

  • Certification Authority

    Gandi is a hosted Certification Authority operated by Comodo for our Standard and Pro certificates, and is therefore able to issue standard certs rapidly.

  • 隨域名贈送一個免費憑證

    每個 網域名稱 都可以享有首年免費的標準款 SSL 憑證免費。

  • 自動安裝

    All our certificates can be automatically generated and deployed on your Simple Hosting instance.

  • 自動憑證管理機制

    Our Free offer allows you to automatically generate your certificates, deploy them on your Simple Hosting and renew them for free each year.

  • 兼容國際化 (IDN) 域名


  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

    如果您不滿意我們的憑證,您可以在購買憑證的 30 天內全額退費。

The SSL certificate, a now mainstream online feature

First created in 1994, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate was initially only used on e-commerce and banking websites. Nowadays, obtaining an SSL certificate has been made trivially simple. For that reason, it is being used by the vast majority of the websites you visit on a daily basis. You may identify the presence of an SSL certificate on a website at a glance, by simply looking right next to the address bar in your web browser. If you see the “https” prefix instead of the older “http” as well as a lock icon, you know the page you’re currently visiting is protected by a valid SSL certificate.

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Why do I need an SSL certificate for my website?

Having an SSL certificate ensures that any data sent from a user to your server or the other way around is being properly secured thanks to the use of public-key cryptography. What this means, is that any piece of information being transferred in this fashion is made protected from any entity attempting to steal it or edit it.

Furthermore, the SSL certificate should be used on absolutely any type of website, including personal homepages, as it is such an omnipresent feature of the modern internet. Your website will appear to be more trustworthy to your visitors, putting you a level above more amateurish projects.

What are the different SSL certificate types?

Https certificates exist under three main types designed for different use cases. Our solutions are designed to adapt to your needs and your degree of expertise.

標准 SSL 憑證

標準 SSL 憑證是我們最簡單的方案。如果您使用 Gandi 的 Simple Hosting 可以免費申請標準 SSL 憑證。使用我們整合好的管理介面即可申請並且會在憑證到期前自動續約憑證。使用 Gandi 的系統,您無須自己整合其他系統就可以快速建立高安全性與信任的網站。標準 SSL 憑證是任何網頁都需要的安全保護,無論是進階或入門的網也開發人員都應該使用。

進階 SSL 憑證。

進階 SSL 憑證 適用於企業或是小型的法人實體。進階 SSL 憑證的其中一個優點是具備安全交易保證,能在憑證發生問題時,為您提供 250,000 美元的保險。進階 SSL 憑證是企業用戶作為網站加密憑證的理想選擇。若您需要涵蓋其子域名,您也可以使用 多重網域或萬用字元

企業 SSL 憑證

"企業" SSL 憑證 專門提供給企業和公司。此憑證由 Sectigo 驗證。企業 SSL 憑證能提供與進階 SSL 憑證相同的保險,並且還能提供 保護一個以上的網域名稱。此憑證適合多伺服器或多網域名稱的使用者。 “企業” SSL證書也專門提供給企業和公司。 該證書已由Sectigo安全驗證。 商業SSL證書為您提供與專業SSL證書相同級別的財務保護,以及其他選項,例如保護多個域名之外的能力。 該SSL證書非常適合使用許多服務器和域名的大型企業。

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