Simple Hosting for Nextcloud

在 Gandi 建立你的 Nextcloud 雲端儲存空間

在 Gandi Simple Hosting 自動安裝 Nextcloud 雲儲存方案。



每月只要 HK$38.75

Choose your Simple Hosting profile

若要在 Simple Hosting 中使用 Nextcloud,您必須要在 Gandi 內擁有網域名稱。

當您首次購買 Simple Hosting 主機 (1、3、6 或 12 個月),您可獲得 50% 的優惠折扣。

每一種方案 都包括

  • 儲存空間最高可達 1TB (HK$1.94/GB)
  • 免費的 TLS/SSL 憑證
  • 電子郵件的技術支援
  • 無限制的頻寬
  • 可使用 Nextcloud 相容的行動應用程式
  • 自動連結您的網域名稱


香港 價格,以 HKD (HKD) 計價,適用 A 費率。

Gandi 並未提供 Nextcloud 的技術、客服支援,該服務與產品由 Nextcloud GmbH 提供。


Gandi has been an independent actor on the internet for over 20 years, and we are always looking for new ways to help our customers be as independent as possible. This is why we are now offering you the ability to have an easy access to your own shared storage space. Nextcloud is currently recognized as an open-source alternative to platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.

Nextcloud lets you host your own cloud based file sharing and storage platform, whether you are an individual that just wants to store the photos from your smartphone, or a group that is looking for a way to share files.

With Nextcloud Simple Hosting, we want to facilitate access to this solution by providing you with a Simple Hosting instance that comes with Nextcloud already installed and ready to go. You are then free to administer it according to you needs.


如果您想要尋找一個方便儲存與分享照片的方法。請選擇 Simple Hosting M 方案。
  • 容易安裝
  • 最大可擴充至 1TB
  • Nextcloud 手機應用程式可安裝於 Android 與 iOS
我需要 M 方案


我需要 M 方案
若您需要簡單與可靠的方法分享檔案或照片給其他人,請選擇 Simple Hosting L 方案。
  • 自動連結至您的網域名稱
  • Nextcloud 是一個用於分享檔案與使用簡單的應用服務
  • 沒有限制使用者數量,您就是管理員
我需要 L 方案


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我需要 L 方案
建議使用在 小/中 型商業模式
  • 最大可擴充至 1TB
  • 可兼容大部分的 Nextcloud 應用程式
  • 輕鬆管理如何分享檔案
我需要 XXL 方案

對於 Nextcloud 的進階使用者,您可以使用專門的工具來儲存、分享與協作任何檔案。

我需要 XXL 方案

所有 Nextcloud 代管服務已包含

  • 容易安裝

    選擇您的網域名稱,自訂網址,接下來系統會自動完成所有步驟。您只需要點擊確認信的驗證連結,就可以建立自己的 Nextcloud。

  • 連結到您的網域名稱

    Having your Nextcloud platform at Gandi along with your domain names allows us to automatically link them together. Because of this, the platform will be accessible in no time at all.

  • 具備彈性

    若要變更您的主機方案 (升級到 S+ 至 XXL),都只需要一鍵即可升級。很容易的符合您的需求或暫時性的高峰流量。

  • 網站加密:免費的 SSL 憑證

    使用 小型+SSL (S+) 以上的方案,您就可以免費使用 SSL 憑證來保護您的網站與客戶的資料傳輸。了解更多關於 SSL 憑證

  • Nextcloud 應用程式

    Take advantage of the many apps that you can add, to extend the possibilities given, such as shared calendars or integrated chat.

  • 可擴充的儲存空間

    Add up to 1TB of additional storage to your instance.

  • 保障你的資料隱私


  • 行動應用程式

    You can use Nextcloud mobile apps available from the stores to access your files and synchronize photos and documents with those on your smartphone.

  • 高穩定的代管服務

    Gandi 的資料中心位於法國與盧森堡。當你建立 Nextcloud 代管服務時,預設會使用法國的機房。

如何安裝 Nextcloud

  1. 若您需要 Nextcloud 的代管服務主機,我們推薦使用 M 方案。
  2. Log into your Gandi account and select the domain name that you want to associate with your Nextcloud storage space.
  3. 請輸入您網站的全名 (例如。
  4. Complete the checkout process and validate the email we send for the SSL Certificate.
  5. You will then receive an email with the information that you will need to finalize the configuration of your Nextcloud space.

常見問題 - FAQ

What is Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is an open source and free software that allows you to host and share your files easily on internet. As it is open source you are free to install it on your own server, or on a Gandi simple hosting, or why not on a Gandi Cloud server. More information about what is Nextcloud.

我該選擇那一種 Simple Hosting 方案?

No worries, at Gandi, our hosting solutions are very flexible and let you quickly and instantly upgrade to a higher plan.
We therefore recommend that you start with an M plan in this case, and upgrade if you need more power in order to handle your changing needs.

我可以使用 Nextcloud 的應用程式嗎?

Yes, once your Nextcloud platform has been installed, you are its administrator. You have access to all of the apps that are available and compatible with your version. Just be careful to not add too many so that you needlessly slow down your Nextcloud platform.
Furthermore at the moment the collaborative extensions such as 'collabora' and 'Online Office' are not supported

I am having some difficulty in accessing or using my Nextcloud storage. What can I do?

If you have any issue to access to your Simple Hosting, you can find the login information of your Nextcloud platform on your Simple Hosting page in your Gandi account. If you still have problems, feel free to contact our technical support: contact our support team.
If you meet any difficulty in the use of Nextcloud, you should get in touch with the community through public forums or tutorials. Gandi is not affiliated with Nextcloud GmbH or the Nextcloud community. Gandi customers have no access to Nextcloud Enterprise and the security and stability advantages that offers, nor do Gandi customers have access to Nextcloud experienced engineers for support.

我該如何更新我的 Nextcloud?

可以。並且您應該要經常更新您的 Nextcloud 版本。您可以直接透過 Nextcloud 的管理介面升級。

You can check what is the latest version directly on the website.

我在 Gandi 沒有網域名稱,要如何安裝 Nextcloud 儲存空間?

If your domain name is with another registrar, you can choose a Simple Hosting instance and manually install Nextcloud on it. You must then manually configure the DNS records at your provider.
If you don't have a domain name at all, it is necessary to first register one before you can install your site. You can do this here.

您在 Gandi 的雲端儲存空間

選擇一個您在 Gandi 的網域名稱,接者就會自動安裝。您的 Nextcloud 將在幾分鐘內就會完成。

每月只要 HK$38.75