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Your Nextcloud web hosting at Gandi. Make collaborative work easy by automatically deploying your Nextcloud file storage solution on a Gandi hosting plan for a Nextcloud self-hosted solution.



Choose your Nextcloud hosting plan

2 months free

Select from a list of over 80 TLDs.


Standard SSL


Free high-performance and robust DNS thanks to Anycast and LiveDNS technology


An image of the files available on a web instance at a given moment. A snapshot can be used to restore this saved version


Allow users to handle a traffic peak by increasing hosting power for 48 hours. Allowed only once every 30 days


Available 24/6

Available languages English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese

価格オプション 日本向け価格 (税: excluded) 通貨: ¥ (JPY)

Included in each Nextcloud hosting plan:

  • Register a free domain name
  • Automatic Nextcloud installation on your web hosting
  • SSL証明書
  • 2 mailboxes with 3 GB of storage included
  • 24 hour email technical support
  • Compatible with Nextcloud mobile applications


Gandi has been an independent actor on the internet for over 20 years, and we are always looking for new ways to help our customers be as independent as possible. That's why we now offer you the ability to have easy access to your own, Nextcloud self-hosted shared storage space through Nextcloud web hosting.

Nextcloud is currently recognized as an open-source alternative to platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. Nextcloud web hosting enables you to host your own cloud-based file sharing and storage platform, whether you are an individual who just wants to store photos from your smartphone or a group that is looking for a way to share files.

With Nextcloud web hosting at Gandi, we facilitate access to Nextcloud by providing you with a Web Hosting instance that comes with Nextcloud already installed and ready to go and accessible via your own domain name. You are then free to manage your Nextcloud self-hosted storage according to your needs.

Which Nextcloud hosting plan is for me?

Nextcloud hosting use cases



When you want to have an easy way to store your files and photos on the cloud, choose the Advanced hosting plan.

  • 簡単自動インストール
  • 50 GB of data storage
  • Nextcloud スマホアプリはAndroidとiOS

In just a few minutes, you will have your own Nextcloud self hosted cloud storage platform that is totally under your control.

Start with Advanced hosting



For when you need a simple and reliable solution for storing documents and sharing them with your team. Choose Pro hosting.

  • Automatically linked to your free domain name
  • Nextcloud web hosting is an easy and intuitive platform to use for sharing files
  • ユーザー制限なし

The intuitive and simple Nextcloud interface lets you easily set up a shared storage solution. When you install your Nextcloud self-hosted data storage with Gandi, you manage your data, so you're in control of your data's confidentiality.

Get started with Pro hosting


Recommended for small and medium-sized businesses

Are you looking for a solution that enables you to store and collaborate on your work documents, both with your team and your customers. With Business hosting:

  • Scalable data storage up to 1 TB
  • Compatible with most of Nextcloud apps
  • Efficiently manage file sharing


Get started with Business hosting

Included with all Nextcloud hosting

  • 簡単自動インストール

    Select your free domain name, choose a name for your website, and the rest is automatically completed for you. You just need to confirm the security email that we send you, and you'll have a Nextcloud web hosting platform ready to go.

  • セキュリティ: 無料SSL証明書

    With Advanced hosting instances or higher, you can generate free SSL certificates in order to secure data transmission and reassure your Nextcloud web hosting visitors.

    Learn more about certificates
  • 自分自身のデータを保護

    You are administrator of your own Nextcloud web hosting platform and can decide how you want to share your files on your Nextcloud self hosted data storage. You can delegate permissions by user management tools or by a shared link for less sensitive files.

  • ドメイン名に自動関連付け

    Having your Nextcloud hosting platform at Gandi, along with your domain names, enables us to automatically link them together. With the linking done for you, the platform will be accessible in no time at all.

  • Nextcloud アプリ

    Take advantage of the many apps that you can add to your Nextcloud web hosting to extend Nextcloud's features, such as shared calendars or an integrated chat.

  • モバイルアプリ

    You can use Nextcloud mobile apps available from your device's app store to access your Nextcloud self hosted files and synchronize photos and documents with those on your smartphone.

  • 柔軟性

    Change the power of your hosting (from Advanced to Business hosting) on the fly, by just clicking on a button. It is easy to meet the needs of a temporary or permanent increase in traffic.

  • Scalable data storage

    Add up to 1TB of additional storage to your Nextcloud Business hosting.

  • 安定したホスティングサーバー

    Gandi's datacenters are located in France to ensure greater control over and complete privacy of your data.

How do you install Nextcloud on Simple Hosting?


Choose the power of your Nextcloud Simple Hosting instance. We recommend Advanced hosting.


Log in to your Gandi account and select the domain name that you want to associate with your Nextcloud self hosted storage space.


Choose the complete address for your Nextcloud hosting (such as




You will then receive an email with the information you need to finalize the configuration of your Nextcloud self hosted space.

Your cloud storage space at Gandi for Nextcloud hosting

Select one of your domain names at Gandi and follow the instructions. Installation takes place automatically after your order. Your Nextcloud hosting platform will be available in a couple of minutes.

Nextcloud ストレージを作成する

よくある質問 - FAQ

Nextcloud is open-source and free software that allows you to host and share your files easily on the internet. Because it is open source, you are free to install it on your own server, on a Gandi Simple Hosting instance, or even on a Gandi Cloud server. Any of these three options are possible options for your Nextcloud hosting.

No worries. At Gandi, our hosting solutions are flexible and let you quickly and instantly upgrade to a higher Nextcloud hosting plan, if need be.

Therefore, we recommend that you start with Advanced hosting plan in this case, and upgrade your Nextcloud hosting if you need more power in order to handle your changing needs.

Yes, once your Nextcloud platform has been installed on your Nextcloud hosting, you are its administrator. You have access to all of the apps that are available and compatible with your version. Just be careful not to add too many so that you needlessly slow down your Nextcloud hosting platform.
Furthermore, at the moment the collaborative extensions such as 'Collabora' and 'Online Office' are not supported.

If you have problems accessing your Nextcloud hosting instance, you can find the login information of your Nextcloud hosting platform on the Simple Hosting page in your Gandi account. If you still have problems, feel free to contact our support team.

If you have any difficulty using Nextcloud, you should get in touch with the community through public forums or tutorials. Gandi is not affiliated with Nextcloud GmbH or the Nextcloud community. Gandi customers have no access to Nextcloud Enterprise and the security and stability advantages that this product offers, nor do Gandi customers have access to Nextcloud's experienced engineers for support.

Yes you can, and you must regularly update the version of Nextcloud that you use on your Nextcloud hosting. This is done directly from your Nextcloud admin.


If your domain name is with another registrar, you can very easily transfer your domain name to Gandi, or choose a Simple Web Hosting instance and manually install Nextcloud on it for Nextcloud hosting at Gandi. You must then manually configure the DNS records at your provider.
If you don't have a domain name at all, you first need to register one before you can install your site (You will find more information in our documentation here).

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