WordPress Hosting Create a website in a few minutes

Do you plan on launching a blog or professional website? With WordPress, you can create a website without any programming knowledge. Focus on the content of your website, we'll handle the complex technical part.


開始価格  825円  412円/month

3 simple steps, and your WordPress website is online

During the purchase of a WordPress pack (in which you register a new domain as well), you will pay for the first year of your hosting and domain name. You are then free to renew them together or separately (your domain for one or several years, and your hosting either per month or per year).

  • Choose the size of your WordPress hosting plan

    Start small, you can increase the power of your WordPress hosting as the popularity of your website grows.

  • Choose your domain name

    Go for a domain that is easy to remember for both you and your future visitors. You can register a new one as part of a WordPress pack, or use one that you already have.

  • Everything is ready to go in just a few minutes

    Gandi takes care of automatically linking your domain name, your web hosting, and your WordPress.
    It's like magic!

1. Choose the size of your WordPress hosting


WordPress hosting that is perfect for blogs or portfolios
 825円  412円 /Month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your S+ hosting starting from 412円/month

  • 50 GB of storage, extendable up to 1TB
  • Free TLS/SSL certificate
  • 2 mailboxes of 3GB each included with your domain
  • Technical support by email and chat
  • WordPress extensions: up to 5 plug-ins recommended
  • Up to 1 CPU / 256MB RAM
  • 2 PHP workers
  • Adapted to ~300,000 visits per month


WordPress hosting adapted to professional websites
 1,100円  550円 /Month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your M hosting starting from 550円/month

  • 50 GB of storage, extendable up to 1TB
  • Free TLS/SSL certificate
  • 2 mailboxes of 3GB each included with your domain
  • Technical support by email and chat
  • WordPress extensions: up to 10 plug-ins recommended
  • Up to 2 CPU / 512MB RAM
  • 4 PHP workers
  • Adapted to ~600,000 visits per month


WordPress hosting ideal for intense traffic
 4,400円  2,200円 /Month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your XXL hosting starting from 2,200円/month

  • 50 GB of storage, extendable up to 1TB
  • Free TLS/SSL certificate
  • 2 mailboxes of 3GB each included with your domain
  • Technical support by email and chat
  • WordPress extensions: up to 15 plug-ins recommended
  • Up to 8 CPU / 16GB RAM
  • 32 PHP workers
  • Adapted to > 5,000,000 visits per month
価格オプション 日本向け価格 (税: excluded) 通貨: ¥ (JPY)

2. Choose your domain name

It must be a name that will be the easiest for your visitors to remember: it should be simple and obvious. With Gandi's intelligent domain suggestion engine, you are sure to be able to find one that is easy to remember among the most popular and useful extensions. You'll make the right choice.

Start simply

3. Let the automatic installation do the work

Gandi will automatically install your website on your WordPress web hosting and will link it to your domain name in just a few minutes. As soon as your website is ready, it's your turn: configure your WordPress website how you like it, give it a name, create its structure, and start adding content to the pages of your website.

Let's go

Personalize your website!

Benefit from one of the largest online communities in the construction of the website that best meets your needs.

Create a website

Install your WordPress at Gandi in just a few clicks!

Need help? Here are ways you can contact us

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Do you have a suggestion or feedback? Write to us at feedback @ gandi.net. We read everything, and will always reply.

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Included with your WordPress hosting at Gandi

  • Simple installation

    Select your domain name, choose a name for your WordPress website and the rest is done automatically for you. You just need to confirm the security email we send to you and your website will be ready to go thanks to Gandi's WordPress hosting.

  • Centralized interface

    You manage your domain name, hosting, and WordPress all at the same location.

  • Free TLS/SSL certificates

    To secure connections, reassure your visitors and search engines!

  • 2 mailboxes included with your domain name

    2 email mailboxes with 3GB of storage each to accompany your website with a professional and personalized email address.

  • WordPress plug-ins

    The large choice of WordPress extensions allow you to easily add additional features to your website.

  • Hosting in Europe

    Your WordPress website and its content are hosted in Gandi's datacenters in France.

  • Powerful hosting

    Gandi's web hosting is built upon containers, which guarantees high performance and extreme reliability.

  • Extendable storage

    If you need more space, you can increase the amount of your hosting storage up to 1TB.

  • Flexibility

    The power of flexible hosting is that you can increase or decrease its power depending on your needs.

Your guarantees at Gandi

  • Data hosted in Europe

    Your WordPress website is hosted in one of Gandi's datacenters in France. You also have the possibility of hosting a website in Luxembourg if you choose our Web Hosting plan.

  • Security is priority

    Spike in traffic, hacking, technical outage, etc. are all unforeseen events that we do our best to guarantee the continuity of service of your projects.

  • Expert customer support

    Our in-house expert customer support team is ready to assist you and can be contacted via multiple communication channels.

Do you already have your website in mind?

Free your creative spirit from technical constraints. Our automatic installation is there to handle that.

Publish your WordPress site online with your personalized and pertinent domain name.

Save your energy for the most important part: your website.

Get started

WordPress hosting with Gandi


Arguably the greatest CMS on the market, WordPress combines power and excellent SEO capabilities all while allowing those who don’t master programming languages to develop a high-quality website on relatively cheap web hosting. Suitable WordPress hosting is essential to ensure your website will be as responsive and safe as possible without missing out on any aspect of WordPress’s impressive performance set.

Gandi provides a simplified automatic installation and administration solution with your WordPress hosting.

WordPress サイトのホスティングに必要なこと

Among the advantages provided by Gandi for your WordPress hosting, flexibility is the most important. Being able to adjust your Web Hosting WordPress offer at any time to have as much power as you need during a spike in traffic, whether it is temporary or permanent.

Not all websites have the same needs in terms of storage. This is why we offer up to 1TB of additional storage space for your WordPress hosting so that we can be sure that even the heaviest websites can run at optimal levels.

Gandi reinforces its WordPress hosting offers by using a"Varnish" cache. The pages that are most frequently viewed on your website are cached. This provides your visitors with a more fluid and pleasant experience.

Gandi generates, as well, SSL (TLS) certificates for your WordPress hosting for free.


Gandi helps you create your WordPress website in just a few clicks via our cheap hosting solution. We offer a WordPress hosting solution that is completely automatic.

The installation just needs a simple security email to validate and in a few minutes, your personal WordPress website is ready to go.

By opting for this solution, the link between your domain name and your WordPress website is done automatically. Because of this, you can be free of mistakes and you can count on the security and reliability of the link between your WordPress hosting and your website.

Our support team is there for you. We provide you with a service that helps make your hosting easy to use.

Even more possibilities with Gandi!

To store files

To store files

Store and share files on the cloud has become a necessity for any team that works remotely, whether within a professional, association, or family context. Nextcloud is an application that is free and open source. You are free to use it without any fee, and without your personal data being monetized. You are in control.

Discover Nextcloud hosting

To sell online

To sell online

Are you launching an online store? No need to hire a developer or web agency: thanks to the PrestaShop module, you can publish your store online by yourself and even the secure online payment process!

Discover PrestaShop hosting

To analyze your website's traffic

To analyze your website's traffic

Closely monitor the number of visitors to your websites, while keeping control of the data, thanks to Matomo.
Compatible with WordPress and PrestaShop, it is also available as an automatic installation with our hosting.

Create a Web hosting

FAQ (よくある質問)

あなたのウェブサイトに何人くらい訪問者が来るか予想できなくても心配ありません! Gandiのウェブサイトからインスタンスのサイズを簡単に変更できます。S +またはMプランのいずれかから開始し、必要に応じて後でプランを変更することをおすすめします。


The login information related to your WordPress hosting installation is available on the administration page of your Web Hosting instance on Gandi's website. If you are totally stuck, you can always contact our support team.

If you want to use another content management service such as Drupal, Joomla, etc. you can install them manually on a web hosting instance without any problem.

ドメイン名をまだお持ちでない場合は、ウェブサイトを公開する前にドメイン名が必要になります。 Gandiでドメイン名を登録できますのでお試しください。ドメイン名を他のレジストラで登録して、Gandi でホストされている WordPress サイトにリンクすることもできます。手動で WordPress をインストールするのに役立つチュートリアルがあります。 他のレジストラで管理しているドメイン名を使用する場合、サーバーインスタンスを指すようにDNSレコードを手動で更新する必要があります。

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