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An SSL certificate (or “Secure Sockets Layer” certificate) is the technology responsible for encrypting all communication and data transfer between your users and your website. It provides your website with many advantages in terms of security and data confidentiality. Today, SSL certificates are an essential element of any website, regardless of whether it is a small personal blog or the online portal of a huge corporation.

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Why do I need an SSL certificate?

Using an SSL certificate on your website guarantees that every piece of data that’s being transferred between your users and your server is protected and unaltered. Because SSL certificates are a ubiquitous component of the modern web ecosystem, not using an SSL certificate on your website may result in it being perceived as being unprofessional, as well as a potential security risk.

Benefit from our free Standard SSL Certificate offer that comes with every new domain name registration

Register your domain name at Gandi from among the hundreds of different domain name extension (TLD) we make available to you. Once you’ve completed the domain name registration process, you will automatically be eligible for our free Standard SSL certificate offer.

You may then purchase a Standard SSL Certificate, which will immediately benefit from a 100% discount. Your SSL certificate will go through online validation and be available very shortly after.

You can use this SSL certificate anywhere you wish. It is not limited to Gandi’s Simple Hosting solution. Gandi’s Standard SSL Certificate encrypts data at the most secure level while being compatible with every modern web browser (IE/Edge, Firefox, Chrome…).

When your free SSL certificate is about to expire, you will have the opportunity to purchase a Standard SSL Certificate in order to renew your existing certificate and ensure that it continues working for another full year.

What is the Free SSL Certificate that is included with every Simple Hosting plan?

Every Simple Hosting instance can include an unlimited number of free SSL certificates. These certificates are only compatible with domain names associated with a Simple Hosting instance, meaning that they can only be used with websites hosted on our platform.

As opposed to our other Free SSL Certificate offer which is included in every new domain name purchase, these SSL certificates will remain free as long as you’re subscribed to our Simple Hosting solution. They will be renewed automatically, for free, without further action needed.

Note that you can make sure that your SSL certificate is working properly whenever you wish, by simply opening up your website in a modern web browser. The SSL certificate’s presence is indicated by the “https” prefix replacing the non-secure “http” in your address bar, and the lock icon appearing next to it.

Furthermore, our SSL certificates are perfectly compatible with domain names made up of accented characters, which appear in languages such as German. You will therefore benefit from a high degree of flexibility, and will never have to make any compromises when it comes to accommodating your non-English speaking visitors and customers.

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We make the Nextcloud open-source platform easy to install and use. It lets you store, share, and easily engage in collaborative work. It's a great way to control your data online.