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An SSL certificate (or “Secure Sockets Layer” certificate, also known as "Transport Layer Security" or TLS) is the technology responsible for encrypting all communication and data transfer between your users and your website. It provides your website with many advantages in terms of security and data confidentiality. Today, SSL certificates are essential for any website, regardless of whether it is a small personal blog or the online portal of a large corporation. Get free https with your free SSL certificate at Gandi!

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Why do I need an SSL (TLS) certificate?

Using an SSL (TLS) certificate on your website guarantees that every piece of data transferred between your users and your server is protected and unaltered. A TLS or SSL certificate is what enables connections to your website using https instead of http. Because SSL (TLS) certificates are a ubiquitous part of the modern web ecosystem, not using an SSL (TLS) certificate on your website might cause people to view your site as unprofessional, and could also pose a potential security risk. A free SSL certificate, then, also provides free https that helps to secure your website.

Get free https with every new domain name you register with us

Register your domain name at Gandi from among the hundreds of different domain name endings (TLDs) in our catalog, and once you’ve completed the domain name registration process, you will automatically qualify for a free SSL (TLS) certificate using the Standard validation method, enabling you to use free HTTPS on your website.

You can then place your order for a standard, free SSL certificate, and a 100% discount will immediately be applied to your order. Then, your free SSL certificate will go through an online validation process and become available to use for free HTTPS very shortly afterward.

You can use your free SSL certificate for free HTTPS anywhere you like. It is not limited to use with Gandi Web Hosting. Gandi’s Standard free SSL certificate encrypts data at the most secure level while also being compatible with every modern web browser (IE/Edge, Firefox, Chrome…).

Cuando su certificado SSL gratuito esté a punto de caducar, tendrá la oportunidad de comprar un certificado SSL estándar para renovar su certificado existente y asegurarse de que siga funcionando durante otro año completo.

What is the free SSL Certificate that is included with every Simple Hosting plan?

Every Web Hosting instance may include an unlimited number of free SSL certificates for free HTTPS on all your websites hosted at Gandi. These SSL (TLS) certificates are only compatible with domain names linked to a Hosting instance, meaning that you can only use this free HTTPS option with websites hosted on our platform.

Unlike our other free SSL Certificate offer which is included with every new domain name purchase, this type of free SSL certificate remains free as long as you’re subscribed to our Web Hosting solution. They are renewed automatically, for free, without further action needed on your part.

You can check if your free SSL certificate is working properly at any time, by just opening up your website in a modern web browser. If you see the "HTTPS" prefix instead of the non-secure "HTTP", and a lock icon next to it, then your free SSL certificate is valid and correctly installed.

Our SSL certificates are also perfectly compatible with domain names with accented characters, like in languages such as French or German. That way, you can maintain a high degree of flexibility with your free HTTPS without ever having to compromise when it comes to your non-English speaking visitors and customers.

FAQ/preguntas frecuentes

An SSL certificate helps you protect a web address, or a group of web addresses, in the case of Wildcard and Multi-domain certificates. Secure your transactions and give your users peace of mind. Customers who have Gandi hosting can get a free SSL certificate that can be automatically installed on each of the sites they've defined in their instance for free HTTPS navigation.

  1. Proporcionamos servicios de hospedaje de diferentes tamaños correspondientes al tráfico de su sitio.
  2. Una vez que tenga el alojamiento, tendrá una dirección de servidor FTP (, un usuario (username) y una contraseña.
  3. A continuación, puede subir los archivos de su sitio al servidor.
  4. Para que su sitio tenga una dirección, también necesitará comprar un nombre de dominio

Gandi's free SSL certificate provides assurances of the security of your site by displaying:

  • Un recuadro verde en la barra de direcciones (el texto se muestra en letras verdes o toda la barra es verde, dependiendo del navegador)
  • "https: //" aparece con un icono de cadena
  • El nombre del propietario del sitio web
  • El nombre de la Autoridad de Certificación (CA)

Esto es para lo que se utiliza cada tipo de certificado SSL que ofrecemos:

  • Standard SSL certificate: protects websites that don't make financial transactions. This is the only type available as a free SSL certificate
  • Certificado SSL de Wildcard: protege varios sitios web que no realizan transacciones financieras
  • Certificado SSL multidominio: protege una interfaz administrativa, un espacio de miembros, una intranet, un portal de correo electrónico, etc.
  • Certificado SSL profesional: protege un sitio web que realiza transacciones financieras o intercambia información sensible. Este tipo de certificado sólo está disponible para empresas u otras entidades legales
  • Certificado SSL Business (EV): protege a ciertas organizaciones que pueden ser objeto de ataques, como los bancos, por ejemplo, o las grandes marcas que quieren asegurar a sus clientes que están visitando su sitio web oficial en lugar de que un doble intento de robar su información. Este tipo de certificado sólo está disponible para las organizaciones con una cuenta de tipo "Empresa" o cualquier otra entidad jurídica.
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