Web bootcamp: 15 days to create your professional website

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    By breaking this seemingly insurmountable project into 15 micro-steps where you'll be guided step by step, you can move forward without fear and as slowly as you like. The emails will stay in your inbox, you can go at your own pace.

  • You won't miss a single step

    By following each of the bootcamp modules, you'll be sure not to miss any essential steps or any internet best practice. Your site will be trustworthy and professional, with all the tools you need centralized in one single interface.

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    Gandi is committed to the security and confidentiality of your data. By signing up for this program, you won't receive a single unsollicited email, either from us or from a third party or partner.

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Skills block 1: Design

Module 1: Consider the pre-project

Module 2: Imagine and design your site

Skills block 2: Go online

Module 3: Register a domain name for your website

Module 4: Create an email address associated with your site

Module 5: Generate SSL certificate

Module 6: Choose a platform to host your site

Module 7: Choose a template for your website

Module 8: Put your first products or services online

Skills block 3: Maximize

Module 9: Measure the performance of your website

Module 10: Prioritize mobile navigation

Skills block 4: Secure

Module 11: Set up redirects

Module 12: Protect your brand

Skills block 5: Promote

Module 13: Learn about search engine optimization

Module 14: Create your first advertisements

Keep in touch

Module 15: Ask for help

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Our offices and datacenters, spread across 4 countries on 3 continents, guarantee optimum performance for your site and round-the-clock responsiveness if you need help.

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