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Starting at $5.35 per month!

Individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies—ensure the availability of the email addresses of your choice while keeping control of your data! Standard addresses start at $5.35 per month!

Choose the perfect email address for you

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Email addresses for all purposes!

  • Family

    Equip the whole family with secure email addresses, while keeping your data under your control.

    Get 5 additional standard email addresses, starting at $2.00 per month.

  • Entrepreneur

    Professionalize your online presence by creating a dedicated email address for each of your key services.

    Get 10 additional standard email addresses starting at $4.00 per month.

  • Company

    Guarantee the availability of your employees' email addresses, and those to come.

    20 additional standard email addresses from $8.00 per month.

Why use a custom email address?

1. Secure your communications

Gandi has a long history of promoting data security and privacy. By using Gandi for your email addresses, you automatically benefit from the latest updates and protections for the security of your communications: two-factor authentication, anti-virus protection, anti-spam algoritms, and a backup system—a comprehensive solution that guarantees the security of your electronic communications.

2. Ensure future-proof and scalable messaging

Don't depend on the availability of an email address provided by an internet service provider. With your own domain name and email, you can create as many custom email addresses as you want. Whether the family is growing or you are recruiting new talent, move forward with peace of mind.

3. Gain online credibility

Having an email address associated with your domain name connects your website and your private correspondence. That makes a custom email address an excellent way to build your identity and professionalize your online presence. As a bonus, each email sent from this address will give visibility to your website and contribute to its reputation.

Add as many addresses as you want in just 1 minute!

Let's do it!

Why choose Gandimail?

  • It's economical

    While others charge by the number of users ($6.00 per user for Google Workspace!), we charge by the number of addresses and offer unlimited aliases and redirections.

  • It's flexible

    Access your emails however you want using our free webmail service (SOGo and/or Roundcube) or with your usual email client (Outlook, etc.).

  • It's easy

    Access your email from any computer or mobile device and use the accompanying features (shared calendar, task lists, directory, etc.)

  • It's fast

    Our service is completely flexible! Do you want to add a new email address? It couldn't be easier. Have another address that's no longer useful? There's no commitmen —you are free to delete it whenever you want, in just one click!

  • It's comprehensive

    Manage your emails with fine-tuned management tools, however you see fit. Define your filters and rules for sorting and filtering emails however you may wish.

  • It's supported

    Because there's no time to waste figuring it out yourself, Gandi is available 24 hours a day, 6,5 days a week, ready to help on multiple channels.

Don't have a domain name yet?

You can only create an email address at Gandi if you have a domain name with us. If you want to take advantage of our free webmail and email services, you'll need to buy a domain name or transfer a domain name to Gandi.

Choose a domain name

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