Dominios .ଭାରତ


.ଭାରତ (.xn--3hcrj9c) is the official extension of India in Oriya

¿Qué viene incluido con su dominio?

  • un certificado SSL gratuito para proteger su nombre de dominio;
  • servidores de nombre LiveDNS (Anycast + DNSSEC)
  • 10 000 alias y dirección de reenvío

.ଭାରତ domain prices


10,94 €

per year
  • From 1 to 10 years


9,39 €

  • Renueva el dominio por el periodo mínimo permitido


12,09 €

per year
  • From 1 to 9 years
  • Late renewal (domain suspended): 30 days after the domain's expiration date - 12,09 €
Pricing Options Prices for España, taxes included, in € (EUR)

Other prices and periods


30 days after the late renewal period

38,30 €

the first year, then renewal at normal price

Owner Change


No modifica la fecha de caducidad

Period before release

Pending Delete

5 days

after the restoration period

Rules and particularities of .ଭାରତ domain names

NIXI (National Internet eXchange of India)
Operador técnico
Fecha de creación

.ଭାରତ domain names at

Accreditation: Gandi has been accredited .ଭାରତ since July 2020.

Terms and Conditions

Assigning: .ଭାରତ is open to anyone.
Syntax: from 3 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place).
IDN: yes, .ଭାରତ is only available in ory-Orya.
Registration period: 1 to 10 years.
Second-level extensions: .କମ୍ପାନୀ.ଭାରତ (.xn--ohc2bfp5fn1g.xn--3hcrj9c).


Renewal: domains are deactivated upon expiration. It is possible to renew up to 30 days following the expiration date.
Disputes: INDRP.
Transfer (change of Registrar): the process is started on the new registrar's interface with an auth code. Ensure that your domain does not have a TransferProhibited status and is older than 60 days. The effective transfer renews the domain name for one year.
Change of Ownership: available on our interface, the current procedure consists in email confirmation by both former and new domain name owner. The expiration date remains unchanged.
Deletion process: quarantine of 30 days, see this table.

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