Find out how to create a WordPress website in few clicks!

Create a Wordpress Website

Are you looking to start your own blog, online store, or any other web project, and you want to use the WordPress CMS? With the WordPress platform, it is possible to create a website without any technical knowledge or mastery of the PHP programming language.

You can choose your domain name, create a WordPress website and the rest is done automatically for you. All you have to do is confirm the security email we send to you. Creating a WordPress website takes just a few minutes with Gandi's WordPress hosting.

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Choose the web hosting plan that you need for your WordPress hosting.


 7,26 €  3,63 €
per month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year. Your S+ hosting for 3,63 € incl. VAT/month
  • For personal blogs and small websites with light visitor traffic
  • 1 site recommended
  • 50GB storage incl. Can increase to 1TB
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Technical support by email


 9,68 €  4,84 €
per month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year. Your M hosting for 4,84 € incl. VAT/month
  • For website showcases and sites with moderate traffic
  • 2 to 5 sites max
  • 50GB storage incl. Can increase to 1TB
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Technical support by email


 38,72 €  19,36 €
per month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year. Your XXL hosting for 19,36 € incl. VAT/month
  • For online stores, and websites with heavy or highly-variable traffic
  • 20 sites max recommended
  • 50GB storage incl. Can increase to 1TB
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Technical support by email

Installing a Wordpress Website

To create a WordPress website, first choose your domain name

The most crucial information in developing a website is your site's custom domain name. It should be attractive, brief, and easy to remember because it is the first thing any visitor sees.

Choose my domain name

Let us manage the hosting installation for your Wordpress Website

Once you've chosen and registered a domain name, you need a web host for your WordPress website. We recommend that you subscribe to the M plan for your WordPress website. Our WordPress hosting is fully adaptable and can evolve as your business grows.

Choose my WordPress hosting plan

Install WordPress for your Website

Once you've got everything set up, it's time to deploy WordPress on your server. Don't worry, this procedure is very easy at Gandi.

Choose the WordPress platform from our list of options: WordPress will be installed automatically on your hosting as soon as you click. The last step is fully automated: Gandi manages the connection between your domain name, your hosting, and Wordpress for you. Let us guide you through the process of connecting your newly-acquired domain name to your website.

Go to my web hosting dashboard

The configuration of your WordPress website


Choose a theme WordPress

Now is the time to select a design theme for your WordPress website. There are thousands of themes from which to choose, some completely free and some paid for. Make sure your theme is suitable to both your topic and the desired layout and content of what you want to publish.


Create your pages in your new Website

Create your contact, about, privacy policy, and terms and conditions pages before you focus on adding content to your website. These pages also serve to protect you and your visitors. Some themes already include examples to get you started. You can edit any of your pages by adding your own material and creating new pages. You can test and see your changes at any time before saving them.


Install WordPress extensions for your Website

One of the most interesting aspects of using WordPress is the ability to add additional plugins. These are extensions that allow you to create new features that you can add to your WordPress website. A contact form, speed, and security optimizers, and other online marketing aids like SEO or an online store are examples of extensions for your Wordpress Website.


Add your content to your Wordpress Website

You are now ready to publish all the content that you want for your sites, pages, posts, products etc. Format your text and add pictures and videos easily into your content with the visual editor included with WordPress. This editor help you design a web page without needing to know any programming languages.

If you need any help with the WordPress installation, we have a step-by-step video tutorial and a complete documentation. Also, if you need assistance, you can contact our Customer Care team on the top right of this page.

Create a WordPress Website with Gandi

With Gandi's hosting solution, you can also enjoy the benefits of a turnkey solution including hosting, domain names, email addresses, and quality technical support. Customer support is exclusively handled internally, by employees located on 3 continents at our regional offices.

Also, at Gandi, any web hosting subscription includes unlimited free SSL certificates and 24-hour support.

Create a WordPress website

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