2023 Year-long promo on .tech, .site, .online .store and much more !

Ready to launch your website? Until December 31, 2023, 22:59 UTC, get big discounts on these 7 different domain extensions and get everything you need to get started!

Domain names on sale

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  • .fun


    Wanna have some .fun?

    To share .fun content on the Internet! Whether it's to promote an event or sell festive products or services, .fun makes a difference online.

     $42.44  $4.41

    From to

    1 year
  • .online


    Do you see me .online?

    If you want to expand your business and let the world know more about your services, then you must be .online!

     $44.09  $4.41

    From to

  • .site


    Build your own .site

    .site can be used for anyone, any topic, and in any industry — so long as you have a site. If you are planning to start a blog, online shop, or tutorial website, and you haven't found the right name for your site yet, get a .site.

     $51.26  $4.41

    From to

  • .space


    Create a exclusive .space for your online community!

    No matter which community you belong to, an online .space can bring your group together and create a dedicated online location to share everything.

     $42.66  $4.41

    From to

  • .website


    Launch your .website

    Whether you want to share a personal project online or launch the website of a large multinational, the .website is perfect for your website

     $34.94  $4.41

    From to

  • .store


    Open your own .store today!

    If you already have a brick-and-mortar store, why not open one online? With an online .store, you can better reach your target audience, and increase your brand awareness.

     $113.12  $5.14

    From to

  • .tech


    Be a .tech person

    .tech is a domain extension for all things technology. Whether you are an engineer, developer, or technical blogger, you can use.tech for your site and catch your target audience's eye

     $89.36  $5.14

    From to

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Things you should know

Don't know what a domain name is and don't know why it's important to have one for your site?

  • What is a domain name?

    "Domain" is the name after the dot in the URL search bar, and it's the online address of each website.

    Choosing a unique and relevant domain can make you stand out from your competitors.

    Gandi provides more than 800 domain endings (also called "extensions"), check it out and get the right one for your site!

    Pick a domain for your site!
  • Why is it important to choose the right domain?

    A domain name is like the door to your website. Everyone needs to pass through it if they want to "enter" your online space by navigating to your webpages.

    That's why you need to design a great image to appeal to your online target audience!

    Read our tips on how to name your website.

    7 tips for choosing a winning domain name
  • What is included with your domain name?

    For any domain name registered with Gandi, we provide:

    • 2 free email mailboxes of 3 GB
    • Unlimited aliases and redirects
    • Standard SSL certificate

    Everything you need to get started!

    Check out our domain list!

Radix Registry

Radix is a Dubai-based global domain name registry established in 2012. It currently manages 10 popular new TLDs, including .online, .store, and .tech, among others.

Their goal is to create more business possibilities with innovative domain names, and to meet the challenge of making our generation stand out!

Check out their website for more information.

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