Create your non-profit's website quickly, easily, with all the tools you need!

Are you part of a non-profit and, naturally, want to showcase your work and your projects, attract new talent, and even collect donations, all for as little expense as possible (since you are, after all, a non-profit)?



Spread the word about your non-profit with a website

1 - What will your non-profit's website be named?

Define your online identity from among the most expansive catalogs of domain extensions (.org, .com, .net, etc.) on the market.

No need for technical knowledge to create a website to highlight your non-profit's work and projects. With a website pack, you'll have everything you need to get started: a domain name + hosting + CMS + SSL certificate.

  • Automatic installation
  • Secure connection
  • No minimum subscription commitment
Get started now with WordPress, the most popular solution.

2 - Create email accounts for you and your members

Your old email address has lived well, but it's time for a more credible, custom email address. Best of all, with redirections and aliases, redirect your communications to members of your non-profit to make your life easier.

Gandi email address hosting

3 - Manage your website through collective collaboration

Domain name management, hosting configuration, invoices: with our powerful rights management system, every member of your team can have their own account and associated access rights in order to effectively work in their area of competency without getting in the way of anyone else. That way you can spread out the work and responsibilities. Powerful, free tools like Nextcloud can also help you organize your non-profit's work.

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2 months free


Welcome Offer New Hosting Client

Pay by the year and get 50% off your first web hosting.

$14.70 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 1 website maximum
  • Up to 1 CPU/ 512 MB
  • 20GB storage
Most popular


Welcome Offer New Hosting Client

Pay by the year and get 50% off your first web hosting.

$22.05 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 5 websites max recommended
  • Up to 2 CPU/up to 1 GB
  • 50GB storage


Welcome Offer New Hosting Client

Pay by the year and get 50% off your first web hosting.

$29.40 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 10 websites max recommended
  • Up to 3 CPU/up to 2 GB
  • 100GB storage


Welcome Offer New Hosting Client

Pay by the year and get 50% off your first web hosting.

$36.75 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 15 websites or more
  • Up to 4 CPU/up to 4 GB
  • 200GB storage (upgradable to 1 TB)
Pricing Options Prices for Australia, taxes excluded, in $ (AUD)

Gandi guarantees

  • Made in France since 1999

    More than 20 years of experience built on customer trust and word-of-mouth, to provide you with the best the web has to offer.

  • Data managed in Europe

    Your site will be hosted in one of Gandi's European datacenters, where you have the choice between hosting your data in France or in Luxembourg.

  • Support all day everyday

    Gandi is available 24 hours a day, 6.5 days a week, ready to help you across multiple channels. And, to create a website for your non-profit, you benefit from free coaching by email.

Gandi and non-profits: a long history of collaboration

Since 2006,Gandi has actively supported a large number of non-profits that support the same humanitarian and societal values we do. We don't publicize it much, but many large non-profits in the French and European internet community count on us to help them defend digital rights of citizens and freedom of speech, not to mention Open Source, and enviornmental and animal rights! Benefit from this solid experience to advise you on the best tools for your non-profit or project.

Why create a website for a non-profit?

Collect donations to help keep your non-profit running

You should first of all take into account the public site, which should be easy to create, with a modern look and where your active members can easily collaborate to add or update content. WordPress is an easy to handle CMS, especially thanks to our step-by-step guides, while at the same time it's very powerful!

Add content and tell your stories

Text, sound, video—any type of content is possible on your website. A non-profit website is an online showcase where you can share your values, communicate your non-profit's mission, and share your successes. By exhibiting your activities, you demonstrate your seriousness and bring together a community around your non-profit's projects.

Improve your search-engine result ranking

With a website, you will be able to gain greater visibility for your non-profit. Your pages will position you on keywords that search engines identify as important for people who are searching for projects like yours. This visibility on search engines makes it possible for them to get to know your organization, and attract volunteers and partners.

Need support? Here are all the ways you can reach us

Step-by-step guides for and explanations of how to use all our products and services: Check out our documentation

Help from our Customer care team: Open a support ticket

Chat live with our Customer care team: Open a chat window

Do you have a suggestion or a comment? Send it to feedback @ We read and respond to every email.

Frequently Asked Questions

A website is the best way to showcase your non-profit's activities and demands but also make calls for volunteers and donations. With a website, you can easily communicate to a wider audience about your organization's goals—a simple link can serve to communicate all your ideas. The same site can also serve as a central meeting point for all your members, with the option of having a shared calendar but also a forum space for public or private messages. As a non-profit, the fact of having your own domain name will give you access to custom email addresses, and as many aliases as you want, so you can communicate as professionally as possible.

Before even beginning to design a website, we strongly recommend creating an "Organization" dedicated to your non-profit through your personal Gandi account. This will enable you to avoid mixing your personal digital property with that of your non-profit. Once you've created your organization, choose a website pack and we'll guide you through the rest. The easiest for someone new to website management is to start with a WordPress site. To get going quickly and easily, we recommend signing up for our Web Bootcamp for free.

The disk space initially planned for our packs meets the needs of most non-profits. However, depending on how you want to use it, you may want to adjust it. For example, for a brochure website on WordPress presenting your organization, even if there are many pages, 20 GB will be plenty of space. If, however, you want to add an application like Nextcloud in order to share documents or store media (photos, films, audio, and presentations), you'll need to increase the amount of space allotted (and the power of the site). Our hosting plans start as high as 200 GB of storage space, extendible up to 1 TB!

Now anyone can create a website. Choosing the best adapted solution mostly depends on the type of website that you want to put online and your technical abilities. For beginners, we recommend:

  • Creating a blog: create a WordPress site. You can start publishing in just a few minutes.
  • Create a brochure website: WordPress is also the best solution for creating a brochure website to help people get to know your non-profit.
  • Open an e-commerce site: for an e-commerce website where you sell products online, you have the choice between WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin and Prestashop.

Whatever your project, if you decide to create your website with WordPress, we recommend you launch your project with a Starter website pack and expand your pack if (and when!) your project grows.

Your domain name is the foundation of your non-profit organization's web presence. It creates the impression that your website visitors will have of your non-profit.

  • Choose something that's easy to remember
  • Add keywords (when it makes sense to)
  • Make sure not to encroach on a registered trademark
  • Choose the best domain extension for your project. A .org and .net are the most popular in the non-profit sector
  • Use a domain name suggestion engine if needed

The price of a website for a non-profit depends, essentially, on the power that you need. The average budget can oscillate between $10–$100 and several thousand dollars. A non-profit website at Gandi starts at $7.44 per month.

It includes:

  1. Your domain name to define your online identity
  2. Your web hosting for implementing your website
  3. Your CMS (content management system) for putting your content online.
  4. A TLS/SSL certificate to guarantee your website's security

And if you are a new customer, you get 50% this price!

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