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Choose a domain name + Hosting + WordPress package and enjoy this welcome offer for 12 months: 50% off hosting and a .fr domain name for free!


From  ₹822.90  ₹411.45/month

To create your site, you need three main components

  • A name:

    this is the .fr domain name included for free in this offer.

  • An address:

    that's the half-price hosting where your site's data are stored.

  • Content:

    that's everything you will be able to put online thanks to your WordPress site.

WordPress is the most used solution in the world for creating websites, and now it's just a click away.

The Gandi advantage: Your .fr domain name, free for the first year + 50% off your web hosting + WordPress automatically installed. How to benefit from this offer? You can read the conditions of the offer in our detailed documentation.

Take advantage!

Pricing Plan



 ₹822.90  ₹411.45 /month
  • 2 sites max recommended
  • 1 CPU/up to 256MB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 ₹1,234.35  ₹617.18 /month
  • 5 sites max recommended
  • 2 CPU/up to 512MB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 ₹1,645.80  ₹822.90 /month
  • 10 sites max recommended
  • 3 CPU/up to 1GB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 ₹2,468.70  ₹1,234.35 /month
  • 20 sites max recommended
  • 8 CPU/up to 16GB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)
Pricing Options Prices for India, taxes excluded, in ₹ (INR)

Included Features

  • Data stored in France
  • PHP preconfigured
  • Automated MySQL
  • Choose the size according to your site's traffic and expected use
  • Your configuration can be adjusted at any time without restrictions
  • Install WordPress from your interface (see "Follow these steps" below)

The many advantages of choosing Gandi

  • HTTPS included

    The free SSL certificate you get with every domain name activates the "https" protocol, adding the lock icon in the address bar. This security measure is essential for ensuring a secure connection between you and your site's visitors and is indispensable for a good search engine ranking.

  • 2 professional mailboxes

    A .fr domain name and an email address along with it are essential to any business's online presence (whether a start-up, a micro-entrepreneur, SME, or a DIYer). Two email mailboxes with 3 GB of storage come with your domain name. Antispam and antivirus included.

  • 24 hour service

    Because there's no time to waste figuring it out yourself, Gandi is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, ready to help on multiple channels. So rest assured, we'll be there to help with your project when you need it.

Your trusted source

Our offer is recommended by the experts at .fr. It fulfills all the requirements for a successful digital experience!

In partnership with Réussir en .fr

Follow these steps to create your site now!

  • Choose your hosting

    Choose the processing power allotted to your WordPress hosting. For a storefront type site, we suggest you get a size S+ or M. You can change the power allotted later at any time.

  • Choose your domain name

    Next, choose a .fr domain name for your site. The domain should be relevant, short, and easy to pronounce and remember. It's all in your shopping cart and the reductions are applied.

  • Simple WordPress installation

    After purchasing your products, you can change the preconfigured language and install WordPress. The installation is automatic and you'll have your first pages online in a few minutes thanks to the many free templates. Your site is now up! Easily put your services and contents online.

Why Gandi?

Web specialists for 20 years, the Gandi team manages more than 2.5 million domain names and 50,000 sites and applications.

Our offices and datacenters, spread across 4 countries on 3 continents, guarantee optimum performance for your site and round-the-clock responsiveness if you need help.

Launch your WordPress site with our exclusive 12-month-offer: 50% off your hosting and a .fr domain name for free!

Take advantage now!

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