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Node.js is a cross-platform development environment powered by the programming language JavaScript. Node.js is a popular option when it comes to developing websites and advanced web apps. However, while the development environment itself is free Node.js hosting is still necessary in addition to the development environment itself. In other words, Node.js requires a compatible Node.js hosting solution which includes all the necessary features for it to work optimally. We offer a Node.js hosting solution that is both flexible and easy to use.

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Free Node.js hosting features included with your plan:

  • Storage expandable up to 1TB (€0.18/GB).
  • Free TLS/SSL certificates.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Automatic linking to your domains.
  • Varnish web accelerator.
  • Technical support by email.

Node.js hosting at Gandi

When should I choose Node.js hosting?

If you just want to create a basic website to develop you or your business’s online presence, a simpler tool like WordPress will be more than enough for your needs and will be easier to set up than Node.js hosting. But if your goal is to create a complex, dynamic website, or a feature-rich web app that requires asynchronous real-time updating, then Node.js is the language for you.

Node.js websites and web apps are written in JavaScript and require a Node.js hosting solution, that is, hosting that is capable of interpreting this programming language. Because it requires a hosting environment, free Node.js hosting is not generally available.

After choosing Node.js as your development environment when configuring your Simple Hosting instance, you will be all set to dive in to your new project on your new Node.js hosting as soon as possible.

What is Gandi’s Node.js hosting solution all about?

To start running your websites and web applications with Node.js server hosting at Gandi, you only need to subscribe to one of our Simple Hosting packs and select the appropriate setup options. While Node.js does not cost anything, you will need a web hosting solution like Simple Hosting. Free Node.js hosting is not available. You will then have access to 50GB of storage that may be increased to up to 1TB if you need extra space for the files and databases you need for your Node.js server hosting. In order to meet the specific needs of your Node.js hosting, as determined by your number of websites, web apps, and visitors, our Node.js server hosting solution is available in several different "sizes," or plans, from S+ to XXL. Because we offer you unlimited bandwidth, you will never be charged any extra fees in case of a sudden spike in traffic on your Node.js server hosting.

To help you set up your Simple Hosting pack, you can refer to our free Node.js hosting online documentation. There, you will find many tutorials and videos explaining how to configure your Node.js hosting to help you get started as quickly as possible. And if ever you find yourself struggling with a particular problem, you can always contact our technical support for help with any Node.js server hosting question you may have.

Can I couple my Node.js hosting with a domain name?

Whether you purchase a domain name at Gandi or already have a domain name you purchased somewhere else, linking it to your Simple Hosting Node.js hosting instance can be easily done through our integrated DNS configuration. Furthermore, our Node.js hosting solution comes with a free SSL certificate which encrypts data transferred between your visitors and your Node.js server hosting, increasing both the privacy and security of your visitors.

Select your Node.js hosting plan


 $10.95  $5.48
per month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your S+ hosting for $5.48/month

  • 2 sites max recommended
  • 1 CPU/up to 256MB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 $14.60  $7.45
per month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your M hosting for $7.45/month

  • 5 sites max recommended
  • 2 CPU/up to 512MB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 $29.20  $14.60
per month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your L hosting for $14.60/month

  • 10 sites max recommended
  • 3 CPU/up to 1GB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 $58.40  $29.20
per month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your XXL hosting for $29.20/month

  • 20 sites max recommended
  • 8 CPU/up to 16GB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)
Pricing Options Prices for New Zealand, taxes excluded, in $ (NZD)

Free Node.js hosting features included with your plan:

  • Expandable storage up to 1TB (€0.18/GB).
  • Free SSL/TLS certificates.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Automatic linking to your domains.
  • Varnish web accelerator.
  • Technical support by email.

FAQ / frequently asked questions

Carefully choose a Node.js hosting pack large enough to support the traffic your site will receive. Here's how to get your PaaS Node.js server hosting online with us in just a few minutes.

Choose your Node.js hosting from the following packages:

  • Small + SSL: perfect for static sites and personal blogs
  • Medium: ideal for CMSes and blogs with a low amount of traffic
  • Large: great for dynamic sites or e-commerce sites with a moderate amount of traffic
  • XX-Large: for high-traffic e-commerce sites and blogs

Not sure which to try? Try a 10 day free Node.js hosting trial.

With our IaaS solution, create and organize your hosting to your liking using the ultra-flexible Gandi Cloud hosting options. Here's what we offer:

  • Payment by the hour without commitment
  • Get it immediately
  • Infinite configuration possibilities
  • Resize resources at will
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