ENDED - A 12-month-hosting package + .fr domain name for your site!


Bring your project to life with a .fr domain name, free with your 12-month-hosting! 50% off Simple Hosting and a .fr domain name, free for the first year.


From  $10.00  $5.00/month

Flexible and scalable hosting — transparent pricing

Choose the size according to your site's traffic and expected use. How to benefit from this offer?
You can read the conditions of the offer in our detailed documentation.

Take advantage!

Pricing plan



 $10.00  $5.00 /month
  • 2 sites max recommended
  • 1 CPU/up to 256MB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 $15.00  $7.50 /month
  • 5 sites max recommended
  • 2 CPU/up to 512MB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 $20.00  $10.00 /month
  • 10 sites max recommended
  • 3 CPU/up to 1GB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 $30.00  $15.00 /month
  • 20 sites max recommended
  • 8 CPU/up to 16GB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)
Pricing Options Prices for United States, taxes excluded, in $ (USD)

With included features

  • PHP preconfigured
  • Automated MySQL
  • Data stored in France
  • Choose the size according to your site's traffic and expected use
  • Your configuration can be adjusted at any time without restrictions.

All the usual Gandi advantages still included for free

  • SSL Certificate and email

    When you register a .fr domain name, you're immediately entitled to a free SSL certificate, essential for creating a secure and well-ranked website as well as 2 free email mailboxes with 3 GB of storage, imperative for professional and coherent communications.

  • 6 compatible languages

    The standard hosting configuration is PHP + MySQL but you may choose from among the programming languages most commonly used for website development. Simple Hosting is compatible with PHP, Python, Node, Ruby, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

  • Highly skilled customer service

    Gandi's Customer care team is not a call center. So what's the difference? The support agents who answer you are experts who know the products inside and out and regularly consult with our developers. Gandi will answer you 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Web hosting for private individuals and professionals

Get your project off the ground with a Simple Hosting S+ instance

(50 GB of storage, PHP/mySQL, server located in France or in Luxembourg) paired with your own free .fr domain name!

Get your free .fr

Included with all Gandi Simple Web Hosting plans

  • Automatic linking to your domain names

    By choosing Gandi as a web host, if your domain is also registered at Gandi and uses our LiveDNS platform, the link between your domain name and your hosting is made easy, since we can update the DNS records automatically for you upon the creation of your site.

  • Extensible Storage

    Most of the time, during the creation of a personal website or blog, a few GB of storage is enough, but if you need more, you can add up to 1TB of additional storage to your instance (€0.18/GB/month).

  • Simple WordPress installation

    If you want to install a WordPress website on your instance, it is done automatically for you, and takes only about 1 minute.

  • Flexibility

    You can change the power (from S+ à XXL) allocated to your instance with a simple click in order to meet the needs of a spike or general increase in traffic.

  • Choice of language and database

    Choose between PHP, Node.js, Python, and Ruby for your programming language, as well as your preferred database technology: MySQL or PostgreSQL. You can create an unlimited amount of databases (within the total storage capacity of your instance).

  • Free snapshots

    Easily recover backups of previous versions of your website's files, thanks to our automatic Snapshots system. It's free!

  • Security: Free SSL Certificates

    Today it is absolutely essential to protect your site with an SSL Certificate. With our S+ instances or higher, generate free SSL certificates to secure data transmission and reassure visitors of your sites. Learn more about SSL certificates.

  • Web acceleration/cache

    Gandi's hosting solutions are accelerated by our use of "Varnish" technology. This consists of caching your web pages, images, or other static objects that are most frequently viewed, which reduces the response time, and increases the speed with which your website pages load for your visitors.

  • Located in Europe

    Transparency is at the heart of what we do. Your website is hosted in one of Gandi's European datacenters. You can choose between France or Luxembourg.

Your trusted source

Our offer is recommended by the experts at .fr. It fulfills all the requirements for a successful digital experience!

In partnership with Réussir en .fr

Why Gandi?

Web specialists for 20 years, the Gandi team manages more than 2.5 million domain names and 50,000 sites and applications.

At Gandi, we have a unique approach to web hosting. While it's common to offer shared hosting, we base our offers on dedicated resources. That means you're guaranteed the best performance for your sites and applications, without having to worry about how much load anyone else is putting on the service!

Take advantage now!

WordPress/Prestashop compatible, 50 GB of storage space included, unlimited number of databases, SSL supported, and unlimited bandwidth. 12-month-offer now 50% off with a free .fr domain name included.

Take advantage now!

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