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Newsletter February 2016: Leap Year, Leap Forward

This month may be short, but we have plenty of updates. First off, we won an award from the registry of .cn domains, also we have a PHP update rolling out for Simple Hosting, which as a bonus included the offering of Composer dependency manager.

Going in depth this month, we're looking at ICANN's EBERO plan, and a brief history of Debian.

And of course we have this month's release calendar and promo round-up available for your perusal.

Also, don't miss our events coverage. Last month we were at SCaLE and this month we'll be at M3AAWG.


Summary: At a Glance

1. Gandi receives award from Chinese registry
2. Recently-Approved TLDs
3. Parking page ads and UDRP
4. Events at Gandi
5. Events outside of Gandi
6. Update: PHP update on Simple Hosting
7. Update: Composer on Simple Hosting
8. Update: Gandi notifications


In Depth: EBEROs
Tech Fundamentals: Debian

And as always, we'll be wrapping things up with

This month's release calendar and
Promo Round-up.

It may be the shortest month of the year but it’s starting to heat up (well, not necessarily literally) and things are starting to really cook.

Since our last newsletter, a lot has happened: we went to SCaLE in Pasadena, we were awarded the award for most promising registrar by the registry for .cn domains, which we see as a really promising de…  Read more...

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