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Why should you create a business email address?

An organization's identity is extremely important. It's a means of conveying an image of quality and inspiring potential customers to trust a brand. Building this identity is often the goal of creating an online presence – even when it isn’t the main interaction point between a company and its customer base. One way to foster this ‘corporate feel’ is to create a professional email address. It gives business email exchanges a more serious and official tone.

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Create your business email with our email service — only available for domains registered at Gandi

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What are the advantages of having a professional email address?

Not only will a business email enhance your credibility, but a professional email address will also improve the visiblity of your website. Each time you write to someone using a business email like ‘,’ they will be able to very easily find ‘’ online, just by looking at your professional email address.

When you create a business email address with Gandi, you get a fully customized, professional email address. Yet, you don't have to use the webmail interfaces Gandi makes available to you (Roundcube and Sogo) for your business email. You can always create forwarding addresses and aliases, and your business email inbox can be accessed from your preferred business email client using the POP/IMAP/SMTP protocols. To configure your preferences, you can use SIEVE filters on each Gandi professional email address you create.

In terms of the security of your business email, nothing beats our server-bound anti-virus and anti-spam protection, offering maximum security against malware before it even reaches your business email inbox.

Finally, Gandi provides two webmail interfaces — Roundcube and SOGo — that you can use to connect to your business email inboxes from the browser of your choice. Roundcube is ideal for managing multiple sender identities and gives you the option to send out emails under an alias address, also linked to your business email. In addition, Roundcube offers the option to manage shortcuts, indexes, folders, etc.

How do you create a business email address that's also personalized?

Gandi allows you to create and configure as many email addresses as you like. Thanks to our service's flexibility, you may own up to 1,000 personalized, professional email addresses for each domain name you possess. Just purchase the required number of mailboxes needed so that each collaborator may have their own business email @ your domain name.

For instance, you could implement a system that allows you to use your first and last names in your business emails, using the format ‘’

Gandi always strives to make developing your online presence simpler. That's why we've made it easy to create a professional email address to better reflect your brand. Thanks to the tools we put at your disposal, you can not only create a business email for each of your partners or employees, but you can also customize other elements of your business email accounts as needed.

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Our business email service is only available if you have a domain name at Gandi.

Want to create a business email address but don't have a domain at Gandi yet? You can buy one or transfer one to us.

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FAQ / frequently asked questions

Our email hosting solutions include the following services to help you create business email addresses for your company:

  • Unlimited aliases and unlimited email redirections
  • Easy to access via our webmail
  • Flexible and without commitment
  • Filters and advanced rules

We provide a wide range of professional email address options for your site. Our Gandi Mail service is only available if you have a domain name registered with Gandi. Don't have one yet? You can:

To create a business email, you'll first need to buy a domain name.

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Go to your admin interface to configure your business email accounts
  3. Create unlimited aliases and email forwarding according to your needs

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