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Minecraft Server

Create and host your Minecraft server using GandiCloud VPS, the most flexible VPS server solution.

Why host a Minecraft server on a VPS?

If you plan to deploy a Minecraft server to host games with friends, you might ask yourself: why choose a VPS Server over a Dedicated Server (aka bare-metal)? The VPS advantage is flexibility brought by virtualization. On a VPS server you can change the amount of CPU, RAM, and disk storage allocated in just a few minutes without migrating servers as you would on a dedicated server.

On top of that, Gandi VPS Servers are less expensive than a dedicated server and don't require any contractual obligation. You can host your Minecraft server for a month — or less.

You'll have total control on your servers: you decide which version of Minecraft — and which plugins (Spigot, Paper, Forge, Fabric and many more) — that you wish to install.

Choose the right setup for your Minecraft VPS server

A good option to start with is a VPS with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, recommended for a 5-player online game. If that's not enough, it's easy to upgrade your setup to up to 4 CPU and 8 GB of RAM. Our payment system is very flexible, so you can also just create a VPS for a month or even a few days. Or you can, of course, keep your VPS server for years, too, if you want :)

Deploy your GandiCloud VPS

Activate your access to GandiCloud an create server with in a minute, and start deploying Minecraft.

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How to install Minecraft server on a Gandi VPS

It's very easy to install Minecraft server on a Gandi VPS :

  1. The first step is to activate your GandiCloud account and create a VPS. Gandi VPS are provided with GNU/Linux distribution Debian or Ubuntu installed.

    The server will be created and booted in less than 2 minutes. You are then ready to install Minecraft on your VPS server.
  2. The next step is to install Java on your VPS :
    • sudo apt update
    • sudo apt install default-jdk

Once done, the only step left is to install Minecraft itself and setup the port for players to access your server. And if you do not want to lose your diamond's safes through improper handling, it can be useful to setup a regular backup.

Share access and management of server with friends with Gandi Organizations

Gandi user interface provides an Organization system very useful if you want several users to manage your server(s). You can create an organization from the Gandi interface, setup teams with different permissions, such as create and manage resources.

If you are an association, it can be very useful to share access to Minecraft server management.

Gandi VPS features for Minecraft servers

  • SSH access & root account
    On a Gandi VPS server you can fully manage your server with SSH access.
  • Linux Ubuntu & Debian
    The latest versions of Ubuntu and Debian are available during your Gandi VPS server's creation.
  • Evolving resources
    Resources are fully flexible. You can increase or decrease the power of your VPS at any time, as required by your Minecraft games.

Create your first Server

GandiCloud VPS are delivered within 5 minutes. Quickly create your first server and start to deploy your application!

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