From October 1st to December 31st 2011, Eurid is offering a €2 discount on all .EU domain creations for 1 year. Renewals and transfers are not included in this promotion.

.EU domain prices at Gandi go from €12 to €10 excl. VAT under A rates, and from €6 to €4 excl. VAT under E rates. Customers paying in USD and GBP will see a $2 and £2 discount.

Due to the effects of a a number of large spam botnets, customers will have experienced delays in mail delivery.  The delays are due primarily to the farm of mail filter servers, which are in place to weed-out the spam, virii and malware attached to emails, becoming heavily loaded dealing with the mails received by these botnets.  Specifically these botnets appear (at first analysis) to be related to a large number of trojans infecting mobile devices around the world.


Our teams have been working to, initially, add additional mail filter servers and incoming spools to keep with the increased load caused by these botnets.  Over the coming hours and days we will be working to implement more robust solutions to combat this kind of anomalous traffic.

We apologise for the inconvenience that these delays may have caused.

30 to 40 minutes mail delivery delays are expected today.


We will receive tomorrow (Tuesday 27th) new machines which will serve to resolve the recurring mail delays we have been experiencing since the last few days.


Please accept our sincere apologies for those inconveniences.


The Gandi team

Due to a problem with Gandi's internal DNS, all of Gandi's services that use its domain name have been impacted. We are currently in the process of bringing them back online.
No server or customer domain name have been affected, nor have any emails been lost; there will be a delay in the reception of mails, however, as there are many waiting in the queue to be delivered.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

On Wednesday, September 14th starting at 21:00 GMT (2PM PST / 5PM EST) and lasting for a maximum of 3 hours, Gandi's RoundCube webmail platform will be unavailable.

There will not be any interruption in the reception of emails, and you will see them in your RoundCube interface once it is made operational again.

During this time, you may consult your mails via another webmail, or any client mail (Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.).

We are currently experiencing an anomaly with the GandiMail service affecting mail reception.  Our technical team is investigating the issue.  Incoming mail is currently being deferred while the affected subsystem is being diagnosed.  Outgoing mail is not affected by this incident.


We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.


Update 11:00 CET:  Mail reception has resumed, and incoming mails are being delivered, though with a bit of delay whilst the backlog is cleared.


Update: 15:30 CET:  The incoming mail systems have now been returned to normal operation.  The interruption was due to a dysfunction of the anti-spam/policy subsystem which created a backlog of mail queues on the inbound spools.  The backlog has now been cleared.

We will need to suspend activity on our website twice this week, in order to perform some maintenance on our databases.

The first maintenance will occur on Wednesday September 7th at 1:00 AM GMT (Tuesday 6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST).

The second maintenance will take place the following day at the same time. (cancelled)

These interruptions will not affect any other of Gandi's services.

EDIT : Maintance ended.

We are currently experiencing issues with the Mail Redirection service for some destination ISPs, notably Wanadoo/Orange and AOL.  Mails redirected to a destination at these ISPs are being refused by the ISP.  We are currently investigating the issue.


Update: 12:00 CET:  We have determined that following a configuration change at Orange/Wanadoo, our mail redirection servers have been blacklisted at that ISP.  We are currently attempting to work with Orange to resolve the situation.


Update: 30 Aug, 12:45 CET:  Orange/Wanadoo has removed the blacklist for our mail servers and the mail backlog caused by the block is starting to reduce.  We estimate the situation will return to normal within the next couple of hours.

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