Git is now available for you to push and upload your code to your Simple Hosting website. The system is currently in beta testing (to evaluate the load), and is reserved to instances in the Paris datacenter (we are waiting for machines to arrive at the Baltimore datacenter).

You can access it via the Access table on your Instance's management page. Complete information is available in our wiki at

Some Simple Hosting instances are currently unreachable. Our technical staff is currently working to identify the issue. It is not necessary to restart your instance. Further updates will be provided here shortly.

Edit : situation back to normal

We will be carrying out maintenance our online documentation at today between 14:00 and 15:00 Paris time. Consequently, the interface will not be available during this period.

Following an incident that occurred during an update, some Simple Hosting websites stopped responding correctly (they display an error message). We have identified the problem and are correcting it at this time. It is neither necessary nor recommended that you reboot your instance.

We will post more information here when we have an update for you.

The following updates are in CET for February 19, 2013:

13:08 The origin of the problem has been found, we are verifying the solution and will apply it shortly

13:14 The operation is still in progress. 25% of the platform is impacted.

13:44 The script did not work. We are correcting it and testing it on several instances before launching it for all the others. We can confirm that no data has been lost.

14:25 The script works. We are applying it to all of the instances affected. This will take about one hour before all of them are fixed.

15:53 The update is taking longer than expected. Estimated time to resolution is 16:50-17:00. 


Incicent resolved. There are the technical details:

The affected instances are all now restarted. Any residual issues we will handle on a case-by-case basis. The deployment of a migration script failed, and all Simple Hosting instances were affected. A configuration change that should have been applied on the next restart was instead applied directly to the Apache service, and the logs were rotated. In parallel, an automatic recovery was executed on the instances in the middle of a migration. The end result was that the instances were started with a partial update applied. Consequently, for us to correct this problem, we had to stop the majority of the instances, and determine which were in an inconsistent state. We then restarted the instances, and forced the migration of the incompletely updated systems. This took longer than expected, which is why our initial recovery estimates were inaccurate. No data was lost during this incident, and your instance should be fully functional.

Please kindly accept our apologies for this incident. This week, we will be discussing how to ensure that this never happens again in this way.

Configuration problems on some of our front-end mail servers caused connection failures to the server. 

The problem was identified and resolved today at 21:15 (CEST).

We apologize for the inconvenience.

1. Gandi's new Private VLANs
2. The Web Accelerator - a load balancer for web traffic
3. New extensions: .CM, .FI and .HU.NET
4. A special promotion for US customers
5. Other promotions in progress
The new year is starting to heat up. Gandi is coming out of the winter cold with a blast of hot new products, and a huge giveaway for US customers that should help you shake off that chill and get ready for spring.

1. Gandi's new Private VLANs
All of you who have been wondering what new innovative product we were going to come out with next can stop guessing and start cheering. We are adding the ability to add private networking to our Gandi Cloud VPS instances. It's so simple to set up and use that you might miss how revolutionary the technology we came up with to do it actually is. When we release it as open source, it will rock the cloud computing world, blowing the doors off networking limitations that we and other cloud providers have been bumping up against.
Best of all, it's free to users of Gandi Cloud VPS systems.

2. The Web Accelerator - a load balancer for web traffic
Making web hosting faster is our passion, and we have done some really great things with caching in the last year or so, mostly by optimizing Varnish on Gandi Simple Hosting. We are leveraging that work to make a web load balancing and acceleration solution available this week in beta test.
This feature will let you add web caching and load balancing speed and redundancy features to your Gandi Cloud VPS web servers. This easy-to-use, yet powerful feature brings the kind of speed and optimization that the big web sites use to your sites, without the big bills of dedicated server farms.

3. New extensions : .CM, .FI and .HU.NET
This month, we are launching three new country-code top-level domains:

The .CM extension from Cameroon is now available at Gandi! Long sought for it's similarity to the ever-popular .COM, this extension can be registered at Gandi for $75 a year, at price level A:

The .FI extension is now available as well, for Finnish residents or companies registered in Finland. You can register a .FI at Gandi for just $26 a year.

The .HU.NET, a great substitute for the official (and hard to register) .HU extension of Hungary, is now available. In contrast to the .HU, which requires Gandi Corporate Services to get, the .HU.NET is obtainable online!

4. A Special promotion for US Customers
Gandi is an international company, and many of us live and work in the USA. We really love talking to our US customers, and we wanted to do something special this year for all of you who subscribe to this newsletter.
Some of you may have noticed already that you have TEN new promo codes in your account. Each of these is good for 50% off of a domain registration in any of the following extensions:  .NET, .ORG, .US, .INFO, .BIZ

You can find the promo codes in your account here:

These will work until April 1. Enjoy them yourself, or pass them out to friends!

5. Other promotions in progress
Heres a quick reminder that we have some other promotions running:

- The .CO extension is also 50% off for the month of February, for all price levels! You can get one for just $16.50 at price level A, and even less for the deeper discount levels.

- Are you a Pro? Check out the .PRO extension at half of the normal price! It's $10 for the month of February, for all price levels:

- The .ASIA extension is available for $10.00 for creation of new domains for a year. This promotion is valid until April 30 2013:

- The .ME (for Montenegro) extension is 25% off, for creation of new domains at all price levels. Valid until the end of March. See:

So dear reader, as always we want to hear from you. Send us your suggestions, comments, praise, criticism, and witticism. We read what you send to with interest.


Thomas Stocking
COO, Gandi US, Inc.

Because the .HU extension is complex to manage (we offer it as part of our Corporate Offer), Centralnic has added .HU.NET to its existing .HU.COM

This extension can be purchased from 1 to 10 years, and is open to everyone (see more info).

Register a .HU.NET :


We are being targeted by DDoS attacks today (starting 13 February around 15h30 CET).

Our infrastructure has experienced two noticeable slowdowns since 15h30, but our teams are handling the attacks as they arrive.

Updates will be provided here.

EDIT 14 feb. 11:36 CET : situation is now stable.

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