We are currently experiencing a problem with the domain name registration process with some of our extensions.  

We are doing everything possible to return the service to normal as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.


15:00 GMT: The service is returning to normal

The originally scheduled maintenance at 16h00 has been brought forward to now (14h30 CET / 13h30 GMT).  Only customers who have received a notification email from Gandi will be impacted by this maintenance.  Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

As a result of a large denial of service attack followed by transit BGP routing updates, we encountered network instability (several interruptions lasting a few minutes) at 16:30 GMT and then again between 17:00 GMT and 18:00 GMT.  The situation is now stable and we are analysing the root cause of the issue.

One of our hosting filer units has stopped responding, likely due to a hardware fault.  We recommend that you do not attempt to restart your server if it is not responding, and to wait until the incident is resolved.  Our teams are on site to investigate and we will keep you informed of developments.


Update: 11:38 CET (10:38 GMT):  The issue involves a control head on our old storage system.  A fault on the disk controller has resulted in an interruption of service.  We are currently recovering the storage volume.


Update 12:12 CET (11:12 GMT): We have corrected a kernel bug which in the event of a hard fault on the controller, will enable use to resolve the situation rapidly.  We will be restarting the service shortly.


Update 13:01 CET (12:01 GMT):  We have restarted the service on this filer.  We are monitoring the controller for now, and will apply a patch during the afternoon which will incur a brief outage of this filer which is not expected to last more than a minute.

We have experienced a partial power failure at Equinix PA2 at 10:07 CEST this morning.  The power failure lasted a few seconds, but had a knock-on effect on some equipment, notably some older generation equipment with single power supply causing them to reboot, and lose network connectivity with some backend services.


Our teams are working to restore all affected services.

One of our Paris datacenters has experienced a partial electrical outage that impacted some of our servers.

If one of your Gandi services has been impacted by this outage, please refrain from taking any action: we are in the process of recovering it.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Centralnic, a well-known provider of alternative domain extensions, is offering you their 26th extension: .COM.DE

As usual, the .COM.DE extension is available to you at Gandi for $15.00 (£10, or €12) excl. VAT under A rates, and is open to everyone (see the full price list).

Due to large DDoS attacks against hosts within the Gandi Network, network connectivity is suboptimal.  We are seeing peak traffic in excess of 30Gbps as part of this attack.  We are attempting to mitigate the effects of this attack, but some of these actions will result in sub-optimal routing between the Gandi network and some of our customers as long as the attacks persist.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Snapshots now use 50% less quota than before, and  since the use of quota is divided in half, the operation is twice as fast!

This also means that you don't need as much available quota as before in order to take a Snapshot. For example, before, if you wanted to take a snapshot of a 10GB disk, you would have to have 10GB of unused quota available in your account. At present, however, for the same disk, you just need 5GB free.


See our Snapshot documentation here.

The problem encountered yesterday on a hosting filer is occuring on another unit since 13:45 (GMT).  We had planned a maintenance window to apply yesterdays patch across all storage unites, but due to this urgent situation we will be applying the patch immediately to the affected filer, and then on the remaining ones as quickly as possible.


Once again we apologise for the inconvenience caused.



14:30 GMT (7:30 AM CET): The patch is installed, and the filer is rebooting

14:38 GMT (7:38 AM CET): The filer has rebooted, we are inspecting the affected servers


15:17 GMT (8:17 AM CET): The service has returned to nominal operation and this emergency maintenance has been completed.

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