From July 3rd until July 5th at 9:00 AM Paris Time, our banking partener, CyberMut, encountered a problem in the payment validation process for all orders paid by credit card on our website during this period.

All payments that were made during this incident will be completed by early this afternoon. In the event that this problem persists, please contact our support team.

We apologize for inconvienence this may have caused.

If you are one of the many people that have not been able to get your Gandi T-shirt in XXL, cheer up! Our new collection (or rather, our new model :)) has arrived! All mens' sizes from XXL to S and womens' from L to S are now available for €12 including tax and delivery*!

Like with the former collection, our T-shirts are, in addition to being geek and somewhat provocative, a way to show our colors and to support the projects that Gandi has chosen to help.

We would like to thank you on their behalf :)

* Delivery is only possible in France, the United Kindgom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

Following a slew of problems with our current webmail application, which, in all honesty, is reaching the end of the line, we have decided to offer you a portal of open-source webmail platforms for your mails.

We are starting with the well-known RoundCube platform. It is accessible at

As a reminder, each domain at Gandi comes with 5 free email address mailboxes that you can use with your favorite email program, or via webmail.

For those that would like more addresses, you can subscribe to the Mail Pack for as little as €1 per month under A rates ( 50 cents for the other price rates). You can then have up to 1,000 email mailboxes.

As always, please don't hesitate to let us know of any bugs that you might encounter.

We have encountered an issue with one of the GandiMail filers. A limited number of customers may be unable to access their mailboxes on the affected filer from yesterday evening at 8h24 PM. Our technical team worked to resolve the issue yesterday evening but a forgotten configuration defect was only fixed today at 1h20 PM.

The service is now fully functional. Emails from the night are currently being delivered to these mailbox.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this abnormally long incident.

We have just reactivated the possibiliy of registering .ru domains. Following changes made by the registry, we were no longer able to provide this extrension.

Once your domain name has been registered, the administrative contact will receive an email that explains how to validate the owner information at the registry.

As a result of increasing levels of misuse of our Gandi Mail service, we are obliged to take immediate measures to protect not only our infrastructure, but also the integrity and quality of the Gandi Mail service for all of our customers.

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