We are already halfway through the 2016 Alpine Skiing World Cup finals in St. Moritz Switzerland, with just the Giant Slalom and Slalom events to go, and so there’s no better time to get in the spirit and run an excellent promo on .ski domains.

You can be a part of the excitement and you don’t even have to clear any gates.

From today until March 20, 2016 at midnight Swiss time, .ski domains will be available for $8.00 per year (normally $48.31 per year at A rates).

Do you like to .ski?


This Saturday March 19 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm (in whatever timezone you're in) is Earth Hour. Earth Hour, for those who are not familiar, is a movement organized by our friends at WWF (along with other volunteer organizations), with the goal of bringing everyone together for one hour a year to make a statement about protecting our planet.

For just this one hour, we encourage everyone—individuals, families, communities, businesses, roommates—to turn off all non-essential lights; we'll be keeping our non-essential lights off.

And it got us thinking about other ways we can support the environment. For one, in our San Francisco office, we’re working towards a zero-waste office space, composting as much as possible, and recycling as much as we can’t compost. You can find out some of the things you can do for Earth Hour on this page. And we wanted to do something for you to be more bio-friendly as well.

So in honor of Earth Hour, from March 18-20, we’ll be offering .bio domains, the premier TLD for organic food and farming, for just $8.00 per year (normally $63.96 per year at A rates). Get one and spread the word about Earth Hour. Like the larger fight against climate change, this only works if we all pitch in.

Register a .bio?


Today, the registry StartingDot is opening up registration of two-character domains on it’s three TLDs .archi, .bio and .ski.

Not sure what two-character domain you want?

With two characters you can just strip away all those extra, useless characters and focus on the relationship between the dialogue between just those two. What’s their history? What interesting conflicts or harmonies arise between them? With .archi, .bio and .ski domains now you decide.

Even though the rules are loosening for domains in these TLDs by allowing two-character domains, keep in mind that there are still some extra rules for .archi. Be sure to check them out.

Register a dynamic duo domain under one of these TLDs?:


Birthplace of Pablo Picasso, and home of Antoni Gaudí and one of the most famous soccer teams in the world, Barcelona is as much (if not more) a vibrant city as ever.

Today, .barcelona entered the GoLive phase, so now whatever your Barcelona project may be—whether it’s a cathedral hundreds of years in the making or a nightclub that closes at 6:00 am—it can have a home online befitting it’s home on the coast of Catalyuna.

Now that it’s in the GoLive phase, domains in the .barcelona extension will now be available for $85.46 per year (at A rates).

Register a .barcelona?



We are very happy to announce that Node Version Manager, best known as nvm, is now available on Simple Hosting Node.js.

You are now able to run any version of Node.js distributed via nvm and not limit yourself to the ones pre-installed on your Simple Hosting instance.

All you need to do is add a ".nvmrc" file to your project's root directory and deploy your code.

For example, for a project deployed with Gandi CLI:

$ cd myapp
$ echo "4.4" > .nvmrc
$ git add .nvmrc
$ git commit -m 'Use Node.js 4.4'
$ git push gandi master
$ gandi deploy

Simple Hosting's deploy and build process will detect the presence of the ".nvmrc" file and install the required version if necessary.

Please check out the Node.js instance documentation to learn more:


Bonus: Run a Parse server on Simple Hosting!

Facebook has recently announced that they will be discontinuing the Parse service and have released the code as free software. Users can now self-host parse-server.

The "parse-server" package requires the latest version of Node.js 4, which wasn't previously supported on Simple Hosting. Thanks to ".nvmrc", nothing is stopping you from running your own Parse server on your instance.

Follow our complete tutorial and example project to set up your own Parse server on Simple Hosting Node.js:



It’s an unwritten law that today you can pinch anyone caught not wearing green, in honor of St. Patrick and the dynamic, deep-rooted, poetic and beautiful country of which he is patron: Ireland.

St. Patrick's Day, which marks the anniversary of St. Patrick’s death, is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival. People wear green and parade through the streets of cities not just in Ireland but in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Russia, even Japan and South Korea.

The traditional Irish street ballad, “The Wearing of the Green,” remembers a time when it was made illegal across Ireland to wear green or celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The version by playwright Dion Boucicault foreshadows the Irish exodus, especially to the New World:


But if at last our colour should be torn from Ireland's heart,
Our sons with shame and sorrow from this dear old isle will part;
I've heard a whisper of a land that lies beyond the sea
Where rich and poor stand equal in the light of freedom's day

And in fact, some of the biggest and most famous celebrations are in the US. Chicago famously dyes the Chicago River green every year. Many cities, like Indianapolis, emulate this tradition and massive events are held in traditional Irish-American enclaves like Boston and New York.

How can you celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Gandi? Well, we have a few ideas. For one, we have a promotion currently on-going for a word we in the US reserve for specifically Irish bars: .pub (currently $7.00 per year). But you can also wear green with a .green domain (currently $95.30). For Irish Catholics, on St. Patrick’s Day, Lenten restrictions on alcohol consumption are lifted, so why not have a pint of .beer (presently $38.34 per year)? Of course, a .irish domain (currently $47.82) would be a natural choice, as would .holiday (right now $52.65), St. Patrick’s Day being a holiday after all.

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick's Day if you didn’t, at least, have one .dance ($24.44 currently), now, would it? Nor would it be the same without the Irish-American .community (now $38.34) behind it.

So, we can think of a few ways to celebrate Irish heritage.

And while you’re at it, why not throw in some love for other Gallic cultures? For the Welsh, there’s .cymru and .wales ($21.00 each). For Brittany, there’s .bzh
($66.00). For Scots, there’s  .scot ($55.48) and for Galicia, there’s .gal ($114.19).

However you choose to celebrate, happy St. Patrick's Day!

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


.コム (.xn--tckwe) is the translation of the extension .com in Japanese. March 15 to May 15, 2016, is the priority registration period during which current .COM owners can register the perfect match of their domain name in .コム.

If you already have .COM domains, and your website uses Japanese characters, then this is your chance to grab your site a Japanese address.

If you don't have .COM domains yet, you can wait for Landrush period which will start on May 16, when a .コム domain can be registered for US$224.83 per year at A-rate. The Landrush period will then end on June 12.

Starting June 13, .コム will enter GoLive phase when it will be available for everyone for US$16.79 at A rates.

With every new gTLD that pops up it’s like a whole new frontier on the Internet has opened up. And there’s no wider opener space than .space itself.

There’s .space to move, .space to breath, .space to think, or even .space for your stuffed koala collection.

And now for a limited time, from March 15, 2016 until April 14, 2016 at 4:59 PM PDT, you .space is just $1.99 per year.

Make .space?



1. Recently-Added TLDs to the Root
2. Gandi Events
3. Update: One-click upgrade to PHP 5.6
4. In-depth: The Lifecycle of a Domain
5. Tech Fundamentals: IANA
6. TLD release Calendar
7. Promo Roundup


It’s March and that fresh, clean Spring air is coaxing the buds on the trees to open up and cover the branches with soft, green spring leaves. That Spring air seems to have even blown through this month’s newsletter. At least, a crop of fresh, green updates, promos, and new releases are budding.

This month, we’re looking at new TLDs being added by ICANN to the root zone, Gandi is attending and hosting a flurry of events, you can upgrade your Simple Hosting instance to PHP 5.6 with one click and witness the lifecycle of a domain in one glance. We’re also looking into a little bit of Internet history with this month’s Tech fundamental on IANA. And of course we’ve got some great new releases and promos this month, so don’t miss those calendars either.

LAUNCH 2016 stage
LAUNCH Fest 2016, see events for more

Recently-Added TLDs to the Root

We took a look at the TLDs coming down the line that were just added to ICANN in the past month. We won’t necessary end up offering all of them, but we thought you’d at least like to know.

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Gandi Events

This month we attended, are attending and even hosted a number of events, whether in Paris, San Francisco, Luxembourg, Taipei or beyond.

Hyperloop at Launch

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Update: One-click upgrade to PHP 5.6

A one-click upgrade to PHP 5.6 for Simple Hosting instances is now available in Beta.

All you need to do is go to your instance’s control panel and click on the “Update” link.

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In-depth: The Lifecycle of a Domain

We’re also starting a new series of infographics exploring the mysterious recesses of domain name registration, hosting, the Internet as a whole.

This month, we are delving into the life and death of a domain name: from the moment it is first registered and blinks into existence, to its renewal, and then to the mysterious afterlife that lies beyond expiration.

Lifecycle of a Domain

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Tech Fundamentals: IANA

In March 1972, Jon Postel along with Vint Cerf called for the creation of a catalog of socket numbers. The purpose was to create, essentially, a list of all the existing codes and numbering systems allowing computers to network with each other. This was the first step on a road that led to IANA, ICANN’s numbers and names authority.

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TLD release Calendar

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Here's a look at TLD releases at Gandi for the month of March 2016:

Thursday March 3:

.bet (GoLive)

Monday March 7:

.佛山 (.xn--1qqw23a // Foshan GeoTLD) (GoLive)

Tuesday March 8:

.bible (GoLive)

Thursday March 10:

.vip (Sunrise)

Monday March 21:

.barcelona (GoLive)

Stay tuned for updates and, of course, for next month's releases.

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Promo Roundup

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We've got a healthy early spring harvest of promotions this March. Take a look below :

Starting Tuesday March 1:

.me $4.00 per year through March 14

Super Tuesday: .democrat, .republican, ($25.00 per year) .vote  and .voto ($50.00 per year) through March 7

.cloud $9.00 per year through December 31

.club 50% off through March 31

.co.com $19.99 per year through May 31

.online $4.99 per year through March 31

Spring has sprung: .xxx, .porn, .sex, and .adult $12.00 per year through May 31


Starting Monday March 7:

St. Patrick's Day Promo: .pub $7.00 per year through March 18


Ongoing promotions:

.asia 70% off, through March 31

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Well, that's all for this month. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line with your impressions and feedback on any of our services or our newsletter. We’d love to hear from you.

Otherwise, see you in April.

Please, please, behind the velvet ropes.

Back up, back up. We’ve got a very important TLD coming through: .vip. Today it enters the Sunrise phase, which will last until 4:59 PM PDT on May 8, 2016. This TLD is obviously VIP-only, the Sunrise phase is really for the top crust. Domains in this extension will sell for $1078.74 per year, and you’ll have to show us your SMD file (from TMCH) to prove you’re VIP enough to own the trademark on it.

There won’t be any Landrush phase for this TLD, but it will enter the GoLive phase at 9:00 AM PDT on May 23, 2016, when the doors will open to all VIPs for just $38.65 per year at A rates.

Are you a .vip?


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