The European Union will turn 23 this November, but the .eu extension turns 10 this month. And to celebrate, .eu domains will be on sale from 7 April until 16 April 2016. You can register a new .eu domain for 10 years for €60.00 before tax.

Register a .eu?


A store can be many things: hangout spot, a weekend job, a side-business, or a way of life. Or maybe you just want a place to store a few things. In any case, a .store domain can be any and all of these things for you now that this extension is entering the Sunrise phase on April 6, 2016 at 9:00 AM PDT.

You can get a .store domain if you have a TMCH registration during this phase until June 5, 2016 for $846.90 first year. Then, between June 12 and June 14, 2016, .store enters the Landrush phase, when it will be available for $342.90 for first year before .store finally enters the GoLive phase on June 14, 2016 at 9:00 AM PDT, at which point the normal price becomes $76.95 per year at A rates.

BUT, luckily for you, you are in .store for a price of just $14.99 per year until August 14, 2016. That means that you can pre-register a .store domain right now and take advantage of this deal, or register normally after the GoLive phase starts up until August 14.

What's in .store for your future?



Here's a look at upcoming, ongoing and past events at Gandi.

Pascal at Holberton
Gandi CTO Pascal Bouchareine at Holberton School (also pictured: DNS gods)

The Root Zone.

We like DNS.

That’s why we’re collaborating with Cloudflare on a new Meetup. We’re looking to talk about anything and everything related to DNS and hopefully in the process inspire some new ideas for this backbone system of the Internet.

We also hope to educate the general public on issues as low-level as record types and as complex as DNSSEC.

We’re inviting Network Administrators, Ops, DevOps, Systems Engineers, Internet Enthusiasts, and anyone else who’s interested.

This event is put together by Gandi and Cloudflare and the location will alternate between our San Francisco offices.

The Root Zone.

Our first event will be at the CloudFlare office on April 12 at 6:00 PM. We’ll be hearing from Dr. Paul Mockapetris, the original founder of the Domain Name System (aka DNS).

Paul also built the first ever SMTP server, ran networking at ARPA, served as the chair of the IETF, and is an honored member of the Internet Hall of Fame.

Check the meetup page for more information and updates.

Gandi talks to Holberton School

This past month, CTO and Gandi US VP Pascal Boucheraine visited Holberton School for a couple of talks. One was about DNS, the other was just about Gandi in general.

Holberton <3 @gandibar
Aww thanks Holberton School

Holberton, for those who aren’t aware, isn’t a coding bootcamp or online courses but an alternative to college. It’s based on peer learning and project-based learning and it aims to produce the best of the next generation of full-stack software engineers.

Even cooler, Holberton is all about increasing diversity. They have an automated, software-driven admissions process that has produced a 40% ratio of female students, among other diversity benchmarks.

Pascal Explains things

And the admissions process for their next class of students in October, which is open to everyone 18+ regardless of education and experience, has just opened up. If you're interested, you should apply.

We're looking forward to when we can team up with them again.

Until then, remember to first ask the DNS gods.

UX Speed Dating: User Testing Night

Every third Wednesday we host a User Testing Night at our San Franciso office with the UX Speed Dating meet up group. This is a monthly event, formatted like a speed dating event, where tech professionals get to present a user test to three users for in-person responses.

This month’s event will be April 20 at 6:00 PM PDT.

Check out the specific rules and see the Meetup page or the UX Speed dating site for details.

A lot of big cities eventually start to just get called “the city,” after awhile. In the Bay Area, the City is San Francisco (Oakland is still the Town), on the East Coast, it often means New York. And in Turkey, it means none other than Istanbul. But Istanbul is unique in that people have called it “The City” for so long now that it’s name literally means “The City,” in Greek (the original Golden Gate was also in Istanbul).

Of course, it was Constantinople and Byzantium before (but that’s nobody’s business but the Turks). It’s been the capital of empires and religions, and now it has its very own TLD. Well, two—.istanbul and .ist:—both of which are now available in the Landrush phase at Gandi.

During this phase, you can buy a .istanbul or a .ist domain for just $151.38 per year. Or you could wait until the GoLive phase starts on May 10, 2016 and get them for $23.33 per year (at A rates).

And .ist isn’t just great for lovers of Istanbul's iconic architecture, luxurious gardens and many bridges, but also to adherents of any kind of -ism (Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year in 2015).

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


Mother’s Day is May 8 this year. What are you getting your mom? Is it a domain name? How about a whole lovely bouquet of domain names?

You might be interested to know that .mom is entering the GoLive phase soon. Previously, we said that was going to happen April 26, but the date has changed and is now May 3, 2016 at 9:00 AM PDT: the Tuesday before Mother’s Day. The regular price for .mom domain names once it enters the GoLive phase will be $48.22 at A rates.

And just to sweeten the deal, because we know you love your mothers very much, until May 6, 2016, you’ll be able to get a .mom domain for just $1.00 per year. Even better, this also means that if you pre-reserve in the GoLive phase now, you can pay the $1.00 price.

What are you getting for your .mom?


Some 29% of English words have a French origin. Sometimes these are words for specific concepts like laissez-faire or déjà vu, but it’s also a lot of words that have a more boring-sounding English way to say them but have that certain je ne sais quoi in French.

You could have a fun night out, but make it a soirée and it’s just that much more sophisticated. Or maybe you’re bored? Call it ennui and turn it into a philosophical condition.

From April 1 through June 30, 2016 we have a few extensions like this on sale for just $10.00 a piece (per year) that give your domains the same allure.

For example, don’t just open a store, make it a .boutique (normally $32.49 at A rates). A trip becomes that much more epic when you make it a .voyage (which goes for $52.65 at A rates). And maybe you knew .maison is French for house?

We should also mention a couple that maybe haven’t quite crossed over into English yet: .immo and .sarl (usually $38.34 each) that are both on sale. The former is for the real estate industry and the later is the equivalent of “LLC” in a company name.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


Cinco de Mayo, the day we all know as when the Mexicans defeated the French, is just around the corner and all month this April, .mx domains, the country TLD for Mexico, is on sale for $16.00 per year. That’s a third off the normal price of $48.00,  from April 1 through 30 (at 5:00 PM PDT), so don’t delay.

Register a .mx?


With a lot of new gTLDs honing in on particular niches, two TLDs have aimed for the generic: .website and .site.

Of course, you can use a domain name for many different things. But there’s one use that is so closely associated with the idea of a domain name that it’s easy to confuse the two terms. We’re talking, of course, about websites.

And what better TLDs, then, to build a website on than a .website or a .site? Well, now could be the time to do it because both are on sale from April 1 until April 30, 2016 (at midnight UTC or 5:00 PM PDT) for just $1.99 per year (normally $17.87 for .site and $16.81 for .website per year at A rates).

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


Starting today, April 1, domains through the FFM registry will be available for just $2.00 per domain per year. And this is no April Fool's Day joke. In case you don’t have that list memorized, here it is:

This promotion lasts from now until the end of the year, so you have time to take advanate (but don't wait too long).

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


A few of the notable strings added to the root this month (that is, newly-added TLDs) provide a glimpse into some of the factors that ICANN considers when it decides to approve or not approve new gTLD applications.


.tunes — February 25

Amazon’s application for .tunes prevailed against a Community Objection from the American Association of Independent Music. The Community Objection process allows “communities” to file a formal objection with ICANN against a certain application.

In this case, AAIM filed an objection because it felt that it was anti-competitive for Amazon to manage the .tunes TLD.

ICANN’s experts, though, didn’t buy it. To begin with, ICANN found that AAIM couldn’t legitimately claim to represent the entire “tunes” community. In fact, they took issue with the idea that “tunes” is specific enough to qualify as a community.

They also dismissed AAIM’s claims that Amazon would abuse its market power or support pirate networks as “purely speculative.”


.passagens and .vuelos — March 2

Passagens is Portuguese for fare or ticket and vuelos is Spanish and Portuguese for flights. In both cases, the application for these TLDs came from Despegar Online SRL, which describes itself as “a branch of the largest online travel agency in Latin America.”

Altogether, Despegar applied for five new TLDs. In addition to these two, they also applied for .hoteles (Spanish for hotels), .hoteis (Portuguese for hotels) and .hotel. All of their applications were met with a GAC objection. Of these, .hoteles was added last June.

Not only can industry groups and other “communities” file objections but so can ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), which is how world governments provide input into the process.

The objection claimed Despegar’s application was anti-competitive. When a TLD applicant gets a GAC objection, the GAC recommends certain actions to mitigate that. For both .passagens and .vuelos, Despegar was required to “specify transparent criteria for third party access to the TLD.”


.gmbh — March 9

For those who are not familiar, GmbH is a German abbreviation for Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, which is more or less the German equivalent of an LLC. ICANN received numerous applications for this TLD but in the end, Donuts prevailed.

Interestingly, a community TLD application was received for this TLD from TLDDOT GmbH. A Community TLD is a type of TLD ICANN created to allow certain “closely related” communities to opt to manage their own TLDs.

In this case, TLDDOT was created specifically to represent the business community in German-speaking countries. Ultimately, the community TLD application was withdrawn.

However, in the end Donuts was required to add a PIC to their application. A PIC is a Public Interest Commitment. These are ways for ICANN to amend an application to make sure that a registry uses a TLD the way it thinks it should. In this case, the PIC was primarily to make sure that Donuts had a process for limiting registrants to companies who are in fact GmbHs.


.stream — March 18

There were two competing applications for this TLD. Last year Famous Four Media beat out Hughes Satellite System Corporation for this TLD when it was put up for auction. Because .stream is obviously oriented towards video streaming services, ICANN required a PIC for this application as well.

This time it wasn’t to ensure registrants were part of a community, as was the case with .gmbh, but to address concerns that .stream would become a hotbed for illegal streaming.

The PIC for .stream includes provisions for an Acceptable Use Policy allowing the registry to quickly lock down and revoke registration of any abusers. It also includes a “Rights Protection Mechanism,” which commits Famous Four Media to make abuse prevention one of it’s “core objectives.”

You can keep track of future developments on this page from ICANN.

Remember: these are new TLDs on the cutting edge of having been added by ICANN. As such, any discussion of one of these TLDs should not be interpreted as meaning any of these extensions will be imminently available on Gandi (though we, of course, try to offer all the extensions we possibly can).

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