.nz Domain Names

Registry: InternetNZ DNC (Domain Name Commission Limited) and NZRS (.nz Registry Services)
Origin: New Zealand
Date of creation: 1987

Description: .NZ is the official extension of New Zealand

Whois: http://whois.org.nz/
(updated in real time)


.NZ domains at Gandi.net

Accreditation: Gandi has been accredited by the New Zealand registry since August 2011
Price: See the .NZ price list
Associated Gandi contract: https://www.gandi.net/contracts

Terms and Conditions

Attribution: .NZ are open to any individual older than 18-years old and to any registered organization
Syntax: From 2 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place)
IDN: Yes
Registration period: 1 to 10 years
Third-level domain: yes, Gandi provides .CO.NZ, .NET.NZ, .ORG.NZ, .AC.NZ, .GEEK.NZ, .GEN.NZ, .MAORI.NZ and .SCHOOL.NZ
Private domain registration: No


Opening of .NZ second level domain names : the holders of a .NZ 3rd level domain name, depending the registration date of their domain name, can have a priority registration right for the corresponding .NZ 2nd level domain name. The registration of a domain name with a priority right can be made on our website via a transfer-in request with the auth-code (UDAI) of the corresponding 3rd level domain name. You can verify the status of a .NZ 2nd level domain name via a tool available on the Registry website: : http://anyname.nz
Renewal: domain deactivated upon expiration, late renewal is possible up to 4 days after the domain's expiration
Disputes:DRS DRS Process File a complaint
Transfers (registrar change): the transfer needs to be requested on the interface of your new registrar. Be sure that you provided the authorization code, and that your domain does not expire soon, and was registered or renewed no sooner that 5 days prior. The transfer must be confirmed (via email). The transfer adds 1 year to the domain's expiration date.
Owner change: Please fax us Gandi's owner change form, accompanied by the necessary proofs of ID as instructed on the form. The owner change does not change the expiration date.
Deletion process: 90-day quarantine period, please refer to this page in our wiki for deadlines.
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