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.nu is the official ccTLD of Niue.

It is commonly used by Scandinavian countries for websites discussing recent events ('nu' as in 'now' in Scandinavian languages).

It includes

  • a free SSL certificate to secure your domain
  • LiveDNS nameservers Anycast + DNSSEC
  • 10,000 aliases and forwarding addresses

Why .nu?

What's a .nu domain name?

The .nu domain ending is the geographic domain ending for the small, Pacific island nation of Niue, located 2,400 km (1,500 miles) from New Zealand. Launched in 1997, .nu and mostly used outside of island, .nu is a convenient domain ending that's open for anyone to register a domain name. The term "nu" has a few different meanings, depending on the language, and can be used for different types of website.

A .nu domain name is well suited to several languages

In English-speaking countries, .nu can be used to mean "new." And even though the meaning of "nu" may seem obvious in English, this domain ending can also be used to make "domain hacks", or domain names that use the domain ending as part of a word or phrase, like "me.nu," for example. We leave it to you to find a word that fits for you.

Promote your business with a .nu domain name

By choosing .nu for your domain name, you will be able to freely choose your domain name, since this domain ending is still relatively untapped compared to traditional ones like .com or .net. It's also easy to remember and can improve your search engine ranking.

.nu domain prices



per year
  • For 1 year



  • Does not change the expiration date



per year
  • From 1 to 9 years
Pricing Options Prices for New Zealand, taxes excluded, in $ (NZD)

Other prices and periods


60 days after the late renewal period


the first year, then renewal at normal price

Owner Change


Does not change the expiration date

Period before release

Pending Delete

7 days

after the restoration period

Rules and particularities of .nu domain names

Creation date


Related Contract

View the .nu contract

.nu domain names at Gandi.net

Accreditation: Gandi has been accredited for .nu since October 2007.

Terms and conditions

Attribution: .nu domain names are open to everyone.

Syntax: From 1 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place).

IDN: Yes.

Registration period: 1 year.

Second-level extensions: No.


Registration: During the registration process, you have to provide the following:

  • if you are an individual, your ID number (passport number …),
  • if you are a legal person, your registration number (corporate/business number...),
  • in addition, if you are a legal person located inside the European Union but outside Sweden, your VAT number (if applicable).

Disputes: UDRP.

Change of Registrar: The request is launched from the website of the domain's new registrar. Be sure that you have the domain's auth code (supplied by current Registrar) and that the domain does not expire soon. The expiration date remains unchanged.

Change of owner: Requires Gandi's owner change form, please contact our support team. The expiration date remains unchanged.

Deletion process: Quarantine of 60 days, see this table.

.NU information

GANDI is an accredited registrar for the Niue top domain, .NU. Together with the registry, GANDI is working for positive development of the Internet in Sweden for the benefit of users and society at large. Our common goal is satisfied domain holders, regardless of whether they are large organizations or private persons.

Information about handling of personal information: GANDI handles personal information in a manner that is in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204) and .SE's integrity policy.

Hours of operation: GANDI’s support department answers received questions Monday through Friday, as described here. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible. You can also e-mail your questions to support@doman.nu.

Our address: GANDI

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