什麽是 Nextcloud?

如今,存储、管理、共享和保护各种文件已成为许多人工作的必要条件。 允许用户从任何位置和许多类型的设备访问其文件,云端提供了满足这些需求的灵活解决方案。 儘管云端为此目的提供了有效的环境,云之上还可以建立各种服务,每个服务都具有一组独特的元件,这些元件在简化线上储存空间的过程。 本文重点介绍 Nextcloud及其许多独特功能。

Nextcloud at Gandi

What features are included with Nextcloud?

Nextcloud allows you to securely store various types of data on the cloud via web hosting. The data types stored by Nextcloud include:

  • 档案 (文件、音乐、影片或照片等)
  • 联络人
  • 日曆
  • 代办事项
  • 我的最爱

Nextcloud is a free and open-source software solution that distinguishes itself by being self-hosted. This means instead of having to subscribe to a cloud service that’s hosted on a company’s servers, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud, and many others, you are free to host your Nextcloud instance wherever you please. That way, you have full control over your cloud server and its configuration.

To add more services to Nextcloud’s already powerful file-sharing capabilities, you can also install many add-ons designed for specific purposes. For example, you may integrate other file-sharing platforms into Nextcloud’s interface to help centralize and integrate your file management strategy.

Because Nextcloud was designed with collaboration in mind, its large community regularly releases new plugins. Among available Nextcloud plugins, you can find a complete video conferencing solution, a password manager, a software suite, and more.

OwnCloud 与 Nextcloud:有什麽区别?

Nextcloud started out as a fork of ownCloud. But, today they’re Nextcloud and ownCloud are very distinct products offering different services. While ownCloud has both a free-to-use open-source project and a separate proprietary Enterprise Edition, Nextcloud provides the same core code to both its free and paying users.

当您将 ownCloud 企业版与 Nextcloud 的企业解决方案进行比较时,Nextcloud 具有以下功能:

  • 整合语音通话、视讯会议与线上聊天
  • 群组协作 (日曆、联络人与电子信箱)
  • 视讯验证
  • 辅助功能 (WCAG 2.1、文字阅读等)
  • 白名单
  • 即时通知


如何安装 Nextcloud

Thanks to Nextcloud’s WebDav protocol, you can access your Nextcloud server via the file manager, whether it on Windows, Mac OS or GNU/Linux. These platforms, as well as the mobile operating systems Android and iOS, also feature synchronization software that may be used to mirror the contents of your Nextcloud server onto your physical device.

Self-hosting (installing Nextcloud on your own webserver) should only be done by those with sufficient knowledge to properly secure their instance. For everyone else, we recommend an hosting with an automated installation of Nextcloud, which you can get from a regular web hosting service like Gandi’s Simple Hosting.

Once set up, you can access your Nextcloud instance using any modern web browser through a dedicated URL, using your Nextcloud username and password. You may also use software to synchronize your Nextcloud with your local files so you can access your files directly on your computer.

选择您的 Simple Hosting 方案


新户有礼 首年半价优惠 您的 M 价钱 31.50元 / 每月
  • To store your own files
  • 50GB storage (expandable)
  • 1 user recommended
  • 2 CPU/up to 512MB RAM
  • Store your photos and files while assuring your privacy


新户有礼 首年半价优惠 您的 L 价钱 64.00元 / 每月
  • For an association with several users
  • 50GB storage (expandable)
  • up to 5 users recommended
  • 3 CPU/up to 1GB RAM
  • Synchronize files across several devices and share them with your team


新户有礼 首年半价优惠 您的 XXL 价钱 128.50元 / 每月
  • 50GB storage (expandable)
  • To store and share your files and use advanced features
  • up to 10 users recommended
  • 8 CPU/up to 16GB RAM
  • Use advanced features and extensions and work efficiently with your colleagues
价格选项 地区:中国,税率:excluded,货币:¥ (CNY)


  • Storage expandable up to 1 TB (€0.18/GB)
  • 无限制的频宽
  • 免费 TLS/SSL 凭证
  • 可使用 Nextcloud 手机版
  • 电子邮件的技术支援
  • 自动设定网域名称

FAQ / 常见问题

Our open source Nextcloud service enables you to store files, share them, and work collaboratively on them. It couldn't be easier to take back control of your data.

We've made it easy to configure and use the open source Nextcloud platform. Nextcloud enables you to save, share, and easily collaborate on documents. It's a fantastic way to manage your information online.

At Gandi, our PaaS hosting services offer a web development environment adapted to your needs. Here's how to get a PaaS server up and running in just a few minutes.

顾名思义,虚拟私人主机是一种专用的虚拟主机,可以提供给使用者最高的控制权,同时保持最优惠的价格。Gandi 提供了最 弹性的虚拟私有主机 方案。

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