.ir Domain Names

Registry: IRNIC
Origin: Iran
Description: .IR is the official extension of Iran

Whois: http://whois.nic.ir/WHOIS

Important note: This extension is only available for customers that have subscribed to a Gandi Corporate contract. For more information please contact our Corporate team.


.IR domains at Gandi.net

Price: see the .IR price list
Corresponding Gandi contract: https://www.gandi.net/contracts

Terms and Conditions

Assigning: .IR domains are open to everyone, the domain name must be reasonably connected to the registrant
Syntax: from 3 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place)
IDN: no
Registration period: 1 to 5 years
Subdomains: Gandi provides .CO.IR (reserved to commercial enties and the domain name must closely correspond to the official name of the registrant, once your registration request made on our website, you have to send us your business certificate)
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