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-50% the first year.

Your hosting starting at 3,48 €/month

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Enthalten in jedem Plan:

  • Storage expendable up to 1TB (0,21 €/GB)
  • Kostenloses SSL-Zertifikat
  • Unbegrenzte Bandbreite
  • Automatisch mit Ihrem Domainnamen verknüpft
  • Varnish Web Beschleuniger
  • Technischer Support per E-Mail

Pricing options

Preise fürGermany,16% MWSt Steuern in € (EUR), für A Sätze.

Versuchen sie Gandi's Hosting, kostenlos für 10 Tage.

Testen Sie kostenlos 10 Tage lang Ihre erste, beliebig große Web-Hosting-Instanz.

No credit card required. No committment necessary.

WordPress compatible.

Simple Hosting Instanz für alle Zwecke

At Gandi, we have a specific approach to web hosting. Instead of the usual shared webhosting and its sharing of resources, we have chosen to base our offerings on dedicated resources. This guarantees you the highest performance for your websites and applications , regardless of the load caused by other customer's websites.

Transparency and quality of service are at the heart of our concerns, and so we offer solutions that are flexible for a good price. Finally, our technical support can be reached by email 24/7 to help you with your critical problems.

Transparency is one of the fundamental values of Gandi, and for this reason we strive to provide a range of offers that are simple, flexible, and reasonably priced.

Web hosting for individuals and professionals

For who? Individuals, Bloggers
If you want to publish your personal resume online, or host a personal blog, we recommend the S+ Plan.
  • Easy to link with the domain
  • Automatische Installation
  • Located in France or Luxembourg
I need a S+ plan

Our offers are designed to be used by everyone, and to facilitate the publishing of your website online

I need a S+ plan
For who? Online stores
Start with an M Plan, install Prestashop or Woocommerce, and then upgrade to a higher plan as traffic requires.
  • Varnish acceleration for optimizing web page loading time
  • Flexability in increasing the power allocated to your hosting and to meet the needs of usage spikes
  • Unbegrenzte Bandbreite
I need a M plan

Our Simple Hosting solution is very flexible and can evolve with your activity

I need a M plan
For who? Agencies
You need to automate the deployment of your web pages or host a large number of sites. Host all of your clients' websites on the same Simple Hosting instance. Buy several instances, or host them all on the same instance with an XXL Plan.
  • Upload files via git or sftp
  • bis zu 50 Sites möglich
  • Kostenloses SSL-Zertifikat
I need a L plan

We propose robust and flexible solutions that meet the needs of web professionals

I need a L plan
For who? WordPress
You are looking for someone to host a WordPress website. Use our WordPress Simple Hosting instance to install it very easily. You need to automate the deployment of your web pages or host a large number of sites. Host all of your clients' websites on the same Simple Hosting instance. Buy several instances, or host them all on the same instance with an XXL Plan.
  • Mit Ihrem Domainnamen automatisch verknüpft
  • Automatische Installation
  • Kompatibel mit WordPress Plugins
I need a WordPress plan

Our WordPress Simple Hosting solution takes care of the installation of your WordPress site, and linking it to your domain name at Gandi.

I need a WordPress plan

Inklusive bei allen Simple Hosting Plänen

  • Automatisch mit Ihrem Domainnamen verknüpft

    By choosing Gandi as a web host, if your domain is also registered at Gandi and uses our LiveDNS platform, you simplify the link between your domain name and your hosting, since we can update the DNS records automatically for you upon the creation of your site.

  • Flexibilität

    You can change the power (from S+ à XXL) allocated to you by a simple click, in order to meet the demands of a spike or general increase in traffic.

  • Sicherheit: Kostenloses SSL-Zertifikat

    Today it is absolutely essential to protect your site with an SSL Certificate. With our S+ instances or higher, generate free SSL certificates to secure data transmission and reassure visitors of your sites. Learn more about SSL certificates.

  • Erweiterbarer Speicherplatz

    Most of the time, during the creation of a personal website or blog, a few GB of storage is enough, but if you need more, you can add up to 1TB of additional storage to your instance (0,21 €/GB/month).

  • Wahl von Anwendungssprachen und Datenbanken

    Choose between PHP, Node.js, Python, and Ruby for your programming language, as well as your preferred database technology: MySQL, PostgreSQL. You can create an unlimited amount of databases (within the total storage capacity of your instance).

  • Web-Beschleunigung/Cache mit Varnish

    Gandi's hosting solutions are accelerated by our use of "Varnish" technology. This consists of caching your web pages, images, or other static objects that are most frequently viewed, which reduces the response time, and increases the speed with which your website pages load for your visitors.

  • Simple WordPress installation

    If you want to install a WordPress website on your instance, it is done automatically for you, and takes only about 1 minute. More info.

  • Kostenlose Snapshots

    Easily recover backups of previous versions of your website's files, thanks to our automatic Snapshots system. It's free!

  • Located in Europe

    Transparency is at the heart of what we do. Your website is hosted in one of Gandi's European datacenters, you can choose between France or Luxembourg.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

What is the difference between Gandi's Simple Hosting and a traditional shared-hosting offer?

Our hosting solution is built a little differently as each instance has its own private Linux container (LXC). The reason for doing this is to guarantee you the best possible performance for your websites and guarantee this performance in the long run, and to securely isolate your hosting environment from other customers.

The other difference is that our system allows hosting plans to be scaled to meet your needs (not all websites require 200 GB of disk space), all the while offering you a maximum degree of flexibility. In this way, each of our web hosting plans allow you to add storage space and even temporarily (in the event of a spike in traffic) or perminantly change the power allocated to your hosting.

Can I host more than one site on the same Gandi Simple Hosting instance ?

Yes, you can create several websites on the same Simple Hosting instance. This is also one of the advantages of Gandi's hosting offer. You just need to be sure to choose a hosting plan that is powerful enough to meed the needs of all your websites.

Can I install a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or PrestaShop?

Yes. For WordPress, this can be installed directly during the creation process of your WordPress Simple Hosting instance, or even after that, by using the special option on Gandi's website. For the other CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc. these can be manually installed on your Simple Hosting instance. We have some guides to help you with this, in addition to others that you can find directly on the internet related to the installation of your CMS.

How do I know what language and database configuration to choose?

If you are not at ease with the notions of language and database, we recommend that you choose the "standard" configuration, which comes with the PHP language and MySQL database. These technologies are the ones used the most frequently by websites.In this case, choose "Standard" on the order page.

Ich weiß noch nicht, wie viel Datenverkehr für meine Website anfallen wird. Welches Simple Hosting-Paket ist für mich am besten geeignet?

If you don't know how many visitors will go to your site, no worries. We recommend that you start with an S+ or M planPlan and upgrade to a higher plan if you see that you need more power to handle the number of visitors to your websites. Note however that if you choose "France" as a datacenter location, you will not be able to move your website's hosting to a different datacenter location (you would need to create a new instance in the desired datacenter location).

Create your WordPress blog at Gandi

Select one of your domains at Gandi and follow the instructions.

Installation is done automatically after your order. Your WordPress will be ready in 2 minutes.

Starting at 3,48 €/month.