Get free web hosting for 10 days at Gandi!

When you first make a Gandi account, you have the opportunity to try out our Simple Hosting solution for a pack of any size, free. The trial period lasts for 10 days, after which you can renew your subscription using yet another promotional offer of 50% off for the first year on your first pack purchase.
Learn more about this unique opportunity to try out our hosting solution and establish your presence online.

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Am I required to give Gandi my banking information to use this offer?

You do not need to do anything besides create a new free account on Gandi to benefit from our free 10-day offer. You will not have to make any payments or even provide us with your credit card information. Our free 10-day offer will be available to you as soon as you finish the registration process. We will only ask for your bank information if you're fully satisfied and decide to renew your subscription beyond the 10-day offer.

What is Gandi’s free web hosting about?

Gandi’s free 10-day offer can only be used for the first Simple Hosting instance you create. Plans of every size ranging from S+ to XXL come with 50GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth, ensuring that you will never be charged any extra fees, even for unexpected traffic spikes.

Our Simple Hosting solution also includes a free SSL certificate for each domain name attached to it, allowing you to encrypt all interactions between your users and your websites. If you purchase your domain name on our platform, it will automatically be paired with your web hosting instance.

What are the programming languages Gandi’s web hosting solution is compatible with?

When creating a new Gandi Simple Hosting instance, you will have the choice between the Standard configuration or a customized setup. The Standard configuration option is perfectly suited for hosting most websites, and is immediately compatible with popular technologies such as WordPress. It runs the most current versions of PHP and MySQL.

However, you might need a different setup for your website, and that’s completely possible thanks to our customization options. You can choose between the following programming languages: PHP, Node.js (JavaScript), Python and Ruby.
For your database, you may choose between MySQL and PostgreSQL. This great flexibility is what allows us to accommodate all types of websites on our web hosting platform.

What should I do if I’m running into problems during the setup process?

Our control panel, which you will become familiar with during our free web hosting offer period, has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. However, there is always a chance that you might run into a few problems while setting up your Simple Hosting instance. For this reason, you may contact our free technical support at any time via e-mail to get proper assistance with configuring your web hosting solution.

FAQ / frequently asked questions

What hosting plan should I choose?

Gandi offers several different types of quality web hosting that are easy to use:

How do I choose the right domain for me?

Explore our various services:

How can I secure my website?

What solutions do you have for online file storage?

We make the Nextcloud open-source platform easy to install and use. It lets you store, share, and easily engage in collaborative work. It's a great way to control your data online.