A Cheap Domain Name? It’s Possible!

Purchasing a domain name is often the very first step when launching a brand-new website or blog. The main reason explaining this approach is that each domain name is completely unique. Indeed, since a domain name serves as a means of identifying your website amongst all the other sites present on the web, it requires its own individual name.

What Lies Behind the Price of a Domain?

Several factors contribute to the end cost of a domain name.

A domain name’s base price is determined by the registers depending, among other variables, on how long its extension is. Management fees are then added, particularly when the register doesn’t offer automatic communication and the processes must be carried out manually. Finally, some domain names are considered as ‘premium’, which also has a direct influence on prices.

How Can One Find a Cheap Domain Name?

Domain name prices may vary quite significantly based on how expensive the extension is from the register, whether or not it requires to be managed manually and if the name in question is considered as ‘premium’. It is therefore possible to slightly adjust a domain name to go from a premium price to a regular price or to choose an extension whose price is lower to bring down the overall cost of the domain name.


In 2007, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) launched a programme aiming to expand the domain name system. Thus, new domain name extensions came into effect as of 2013, allowing for the creation of many additional top-level domains.

Geographical extensions (such as ‘.fr’, ‘.co.uk’, ‘.de’, ‘.ie’, etc.) as well as more generic extensions (such as ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’, etc.) now coexist with much more specific options. These new extensions, for instance, give more precise geographical information (such as ‘.paris’, ‘.nyc’, etc.) while others have to do with an industry (‘.radio’, ‘.hotel’, ‘.bank’, etc.). Companies and brands can even ask for their own name to be turned into a new, exclusively dedicated extension.

These extensions offer better online visibility and provide new opportunities to those wishing to adopt a more significant domain name.

It is worth noting that some extensions are more expensive than others and may have an influence on the overall price of a domain name.

Our Services

Registrars such as Gandi don’t all offer the same services along with their main offer. When you purchase a new domain name, look at all the services included with the offer. Gandi’s offers include a number of options. If you have more specific needs, several additional possibilities are available.

Mailboxes, DNS management, technical support, compatibility with various devices… Pay attention to the elements which may or may not already be included in the price.


Sometimes, a promotion is the perfect solution to save money on your dream domain. Gandi offers lower prices on a regular basis, particularly on a lot of TLDs, with prices going as low a under €2.00 the first year: keep an eye out!

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