How to check if a domain name is available?

A necessary step before purchasing any new domain name is to make sure that it’s available. As there are countless domain names on the web, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of them all. Then, how can you know whether a domain name is available or not? Using Gandi’s search engine, you can quickly determine the availability of a domain name for each of hundreds of different extensions (TLD) such as “.com”, “.net”, “.fr”, “.be”, “.eu”, “.wf” and many more!


Our tool works the same way as any other search engine. All you have to do is to input the domain name you want to look up and click “Search”. You can then use our filters to customize your query in order to look for specific keywords, discounts, etc. The search engine also allows you to look up several domain names at once. Needless to say, making proper use of our tool will considerably speed up your search for a domain name that’s both available and that you find desirable.

Select your domain name among many available TLDs

After looking up a domain name with our search engine, you’ll be presented with a list of all the different domain name variations and extensions you may purchase. If you’ve already decided on a particular TLD, say “.com” for example, you can choose to filter out all the other TLDs during your search. Our search engine features over 750 different extensions, leaving you with a plethora of choices. In most cases, .com is the most popular extension and the one users will remember the easiest. That being said, you should definitely consider other extensions as they all have interesting properties. Choices such as .org and .net are also very popular, and may be more appropriate for your domain name depending on the nature of your website.

You may purchase multiple instances of a domain name, using different extensions: this is often done in order to secure every popular extension to protect your website’s brand name, and to set up URL forwarding to your main domain name. Thanks to Gandi’s domain name bundles, you will benefit from many discounts on the combined purchase of multiple domain names.

Pick the best result

The whole purpose behind the use our search engine is for you to find the most advantageous domain names to acquire. Some domain names are very expensive, while others are a lot more affordable. Gandi’s search tool will let you see which domain names are subject to discounted prices. Thus, comparing prices and finding the best deal is made really simple! But beyond pricing, which are the attributes to consider when it comes to picking the best domain name for you?

A domain name that’s easy to memorize...

Out of the hundreds of domain names you will stumble upon during your search, you should pick one that really sticks out. Your website needs a domain name that’s easy to remember, spell and pronounce.

... and to type!

But that’s not all! Your domain name should also be easy to type. Who really wants to spend half a minute typing a site’s web address? Nowadays, in the age of fast loading times and rapid execution, your domain name should be short and quick to input.

To put it simply, Gandi’s search engine has been created in order for you to find a domain name that’s both available and ideal for your website. All you need to do is enter a few relevant keywords and select the domain name you like best!

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