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企業向け (Corporate)

.post is an extension reserved to postal services.



This extension requires subscribing to Gandi's Corporate Services.

This extension is only available for customers that have subscribed to a Gandi Corporate Services contract. For more information please contact our Corporate Services team.

Rules and particularities of .post domain names

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Terms & Conditions

Assigning: .‭POST is a restricted Sponsored TLD: All applications must complete a verification process and‬ 30-day opposition period without any filed objections. .POST is intended for stakeholders in the‬ postal, logistics and supply-chain sectors. In November, 2023, the UPU added eligibility for all‬ trademark owners to register second-level. ‭

Three conditions must be met before a domain is registered:‬

  1. Verification documentation provided‬
  2. ‭30 days have passed without objection‬
  3. ‭Payment has been received‬

. POST applicants must upload documentation of their business identity, such as license‬ number, VAT or Employee Tax ID.‬ I‭n addition, Trademark Sunrise applicants should include evidence of rights in their applied-for‬ strings.‬

All .POST applications are published for a minimum 30-day opposition period.‬ ‭ Submitted applications are published on the Notices page at ‬‭https://trust.post/requested-domains‬ immediately upon submission.‬ I‭f anyone objects to an application, they must complete the Dispute form located on the Notices‬ page.

Syntax: From 3 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place).

IDN (accented domain names): Yes.

Registration period: 1 to 10 years.

Second-level extensions: Yes.

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