.no ドメインの価格


.NO is the official ccTLD of Norway


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.no ドメインの価格



  • For 1 year






    • For 1 year
    価格オプション 日本向け価格 (税: excluded) 通貨: ¥ (JPY)


    再取得 (復元)

    最終更新期限から 90 日間



    Legal rules and specificities of .no domain names



    .no 契約書を確認

    .NO domain names at Gandi.net

    Accreditation:Gandi has been accredited by Norid since 2009.

    Terms and Conditions

    Assigning: .NO domain names are open to:
    - organizations that are registered with Norway's Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities and have a Norwegian postal address,
    - individuals who are registered in the Norwegian National Registry (Folkeregisteret) with a Norwegian national identity number (fødselsnummer) and have a Norwegian post address.
    Attention: the maximum number of .NO domain names per organization is limited to 100 and per individuals is limited to 5.
    Syntax:from 2 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place).
    IDN (accented domain names): yes.
    Registration period:1 year.
    Second-level extensions:not supporting by Gandi.


    Registration:during your registration request on our website, you have to provide the following information:
    - for organization: your organization number with Norway's Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities,
    - for individuals: your personal identifier (PID). This number must be previously generated with the Registry via its dedicated interface: PID automat.
    After launching your registration request on our website, you must fill out the applicant declaration form on the Registry's website, it must be completed by a legal representative of your organization if the domain name is registered for an organization or by the individual owner itself if the domain name is registered for an individual. At the end of the procedure, you shall have to recover the completed declaration form and send the documents recovered to Gandi by email at reg.no-process@gandi.net, with, if the domain name is registered for a legal person, the certificate of registration of the organization. Your request will be validated and your domain name registered after the receipt and the validation of these documents
    DNS: specify at least 2 nameservers (DNS) that are correctly configured, according to the Registry's «zonecheck» standards
    Renewal:no later than 2 days before the expiration date
    Disputes:Domain name policy
    Transfer (change of Registrar): the request is launched from the website of the domain's new registrar. Be sure that you have the domain's auth-code (which you must get from the former registrar) and that it does not expire soon. The transfer must be confirmed by email and the expiration date of the domain name remains unchanged.
    Change of Ownership:please contact our customer service department
    Deletion process:quarantine of 90 days, see this table

    FAQ (よくある質問)


    どのように自分に合ったドメイン名を選べばよいですか? 選択肢を確認しましょう。


    Gandi ではオープンソースのオンラインストレージソフトウェアである Nextcloudを簡単にインストールして使えるようにしています。Nextcloud を使うと簡単にファイル共有やオンラインでの共同作業を行うことができ、ファイルは大手ウェブサービスのサーバー上にアップロードされないため、ファイルの所有権も全て自分でコントロールすることができます。


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